TR's news page gets a makeover

As some of our more loyal readers might know, TR used to have a blog-style layout where news took up the whole front page. Because we wanted to put a greater focus on our articles and other content, we abandoned this layout when transitioning to our new site design a year and a half ago. However, your suggestions allowed the blog-style layout to live on in the form of our news page.

Ever since then, the news page has featured only our latest article at the very top—a reminder for folks who wanted to bookmark the news page instead of our new front page. But that design posed a problem: old-school readers could easily miss a new article simply because we had posted two in quick succession. Our increased productivity as of late has exacerbated this problem.

Well, we've now addressed the problem. I spent the better part of today implementing a new featured article widget that highlights our four most recent articles. The widget is still crammed away at the top, so the news comes front and center, but readers should no longer miss new articles if they don't visit the front page.

On top of that, we've reorganized the right column to better highlight our blogs and image gallery items, since we've also been posting more of those lately.

Enjoy! As always, feel free to post your suggestions and comments below, and do let us know if you run into any problems with the new design.

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