Thermaltake website leaves me dazed and confused

The marketing of enthusiast-class PC hardware tends to be all over the map, from extreme branding that targets overcaffeinated gamers to stodgy corporate attempts at hipster relevance that rarely hit the mark. And, of course, there are the bizarre foreign imports that tend to lose something in translation. Take the latest graphic running on Thermaltake's website, for example:

Apparently, Thermaltake thinks this image invokes excitement. Never mind that raising your hands in imaginary victory on an empty and quiet country road is perhaps the least exciting thing you can do on a bike. Or in spandex.

Even more perplexing is the fact that Thermaltake seems to think that cycling will resonate with its core audience. You know, because nothing says PC enthusiast like physical activity, being outside, wearing skin-tight clothing, and men shaving their legs. And I say this as an avid cyclist with six bikes, a wardrobe filled with lycra, and more hair on my face than on my quads.

The next frame is rather appropriate, since I find this graphic truly fascinating. But nothing compares to the money shot:

Keep constantly high? Seriously?

I can only suspect that Thermaltake has leveraged its expertise with water-cooling kits to build some sort of ultimate bong. After all, the use of mind-altering substances would easily explain the company's latest enclosure concept. And I mean that in a good way.

Perhaps Thermaltake is simply trying to broaden its audience to include doped up cyclists. As a bike geek living in Vancouver, Canada—the home of BC Bud—I thoroughly approve. Although I'm still confused.

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