Slight delay on this week's podcast

We're looking at another great TR Podcast episode for this week, with discussions ranging from the affects of GPGPU on GPU lifespan to the atrocious bandwidth caps coming to a city near you. However, we'll be releasing this episode tomorrow, on Sunday, instead of our normal Saturday posting.

Rather than spend the day editing audio and writing show notes, I'll be doing live coverage of the AppalachLAN gaming event hear in my home town of Boone, NC for my radio program. Dispite our small town status, the local university manages to host one of the largest gaming events in the south east and as part of my radio show - Digital Life Radio - I'm doing live video/audio streaming coverage. If you want to tune in, I'd suggest listening in around 3pm ET when we'll do an hour of gaming discussion, product reviews, and tech news. Head over to for more info.


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