TR goes social

You may have noticed a small change in the TR layout this afternoon. If you look at the bottom of articles, news posts, and blog posts, you'll see TR has joined the ranks of the many publications that feature links to popular social bookmarking and sharing sites.

We experimented with common sharing widgets like AddThis last month, but none of them seemed lightweight, customizable, or open enough for our tastes. So, I took it upon myself to write one pretty much from scratch using CSS and (very) minimal JavaScript. The result looks like so:

In an effort to be as non-annoying as possible, I made it so you need to click the button to bring up the sharing menu. That way, you won't see a menu pop out of nowhere when you're just trying to browse the site—a pet peeve I have with some of the common prefab widgets. Otherwise, it behaves just like you'd expect: click on the name of a given service, and you'll be able to promote whatever page you were reading through that service.

As always with new TR features, we invite you to give it a shot and give us your feedback in the comments below. If we left out your favorite social bookmarking or sharing site, do let us know! And if you need to sound off about how terrible all those web-2.0 sites are... well, that's cool too.

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