A new addition in Damage Labs

The results of my latest project are somewhat complicated to interpret at times but very positive overall.  Ladies and gents, please welcome Charles Jacob Wasson, born Sunday morning at 8:39AM.

"C.J." weighed nine pounds, two ounces at birth.  He and his mom are both happy and healthy, and we're all at home now.  This baby promises to be relatively easy as these things go, because, well....

Helpers!  His big brother and sister are often contending over who gets to hold him, and they've both been great help so far.  I've not yet instituted diaper-changing training, but that's on the agenda when the time is right.  For now, the whir of systems in Damage Labs has ground to a halt as I take care of C.J. and his mom.

On a related note, congrats to Marco at HotHardware on his new addition, too.  We are brothers in lack of sleep.

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