Exposing my Spaces

At the risk of treading on the toes of our resident Mac blogger, I'd like to take a minute to rave about my aluminum MacBook. The more I've used the machine since reviewing it last November, the more I've come to appreciate Mac OS X, its functionality, and even some of its quirks.

Today's blog post is about Spaces—Apple's virtual desktop implementation. Since I use a reasonably spacious dual-monitor setup with my Vista desktop, Spaces is pretty much the only way I can use my MacBook's 1280x800 display for actual work without getting frustrated. I've used Spaces for a while in conjunction with Exposé, but only recently did the two come together for me.

Indeed, it took me an embarrassing eight months to notice that I can set up a corner of my screen to trigger the Spaces overview. Somewhat unintuitively, Apple put that option in the Expose control panel, which I never had to use before. Since the MacBook has a touchpad gesture to trigger Expose, I can now zoom back and forth between virtual desktops and windows by just gliding and tapping my fingers across the touchpad.

I've documented the result in the YouTube video below:

These features come together so well that I've found myself using the MacBook while at my desk, with my two big monitors displaying the screen saver. At this point, I almost wish Apple made a sub-$1,000 desktop machine with room for a discrete graphics card and a few hard drives... and I believe I'll stop here before ruining my enthusiast street cred forever.

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