It's a mad, mad Internet

A relative recently created, which showcases unique social media profiles.  My favorite is a Facebook group called "The Bertrand Russell group for people who aren't a member of any group."  Once you join, you're automatically expelled.

So is this web 3.0, or beyond?  Have we gone a bit too far if even our social media profile pages have an aggregator now?  It's nothing more than bizarre infosnacking-style entertainment — a celebration of the odd, sensational and often perverse personalities of web addicts.  Of course, it has its own social element by allowing the "Odds" to be viewed, shared, voted up or down and ranked accordingly.  Narcissism rewarded.  

While we're wasting time, I was embarrassed to find myself scrolling through the pictures submitted to  Good for a few chuckles, that site certainly doesn't feed our better natures.  I had to stop after a couple pages for fear that I'd come across a close relative or neighbor.  Somewhat funny? Sure.  But that's partially because it allows me to feel superior to others.  And just ask my wife, it's nothing short of phenomenal that there are this many people who have worse fashion sense than me.

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