Partly made on a Mac

This week, The MacHole is going international. No, not to the House of Pancakes, but to Vancouver, British Columbia. Which is neither part of Britain or Columbia, but is instead located in America's main source for sketch comedians and semi-punk pop stars, Canada.

And it's flippin' beautiful here. Let's just hope it stays that way.

I am not currently sitting in the Loden hotel in downtown Vancouver pecking out this blather on the dime of the Tech Report. Herr Damage knows better than to let me fritter away Toonies on McKenzie Brothers bobble heads. I'm here on official business for my employer, helping to produce two television commercials for Interstate Batteries. Yes, I wrote them. Yes, they shall rock. But only partly because I wrote them. Mainly because we have a ton of people working on them who all know what they're doing. And as those of you who go to an office every day know, that's very rarely the case.

Since I've been in the Land o' Hockey Hair for a few days now, I missed all of the hullabaloo over AT&T finally activating MMS for the iPhone. I realize the excitement of seven-year-old technology finally reaching the iPhone is something not to be ignored, like a retrospective on the films of Jan-Michael Vincent, but well, I am ignoring it. Yes, I duly updated my carrier file and noticed the "add pic" icon in the iPhone's messaging app. Woo. Hoo. I'm sure I'll use it at some point, but not whilst AT&T wants to ding me $19.95 for every half a kilo of data I send while I'm on a walkabout. Sorry, wrong country. While wearing flannel, eh.

Anyway, back to me. Over the next week, we'll be shooting two spots. Both outdoors, hence the need for continued nice weather. Once spot is actually being shot over two nights, even though it has nothing to do with a rave, vampires, or Taco Bell drive-thrus. And every single part of the spot is being created on a Mac. Except for most of it.

I wrote the spots on my trusty, if slightly creaky in a Steven Seagal kind of way, MacBook Pro. After that, I'm not really sure of the Mac's involvement in things. The spots will be edited on an Avid system that may or may not use Macs as the host machines. Visual effects will be done on Autodesk Flame and Inferno systems running out of Linux. Audio will more than likely be done on a ProTools rig that's powered by a Mac, but again, I don't know for sure.

Why don't I know? Because I don't care.

Out in the real world where real money is spent by real clients who want real results for trusting you with their buckets of ducats, you don't really care what people use to get the job done—you just care that they get it done and do it well. Sure, I'll ask what an editor or post house is using, but that's because I'm gear dork. In my already-too-many years in the business, I think I've run into one person who was such a gear snob that he wouldn't work somewhere over platform issues.


When it comes to what I use, give me a Mac. When it comes to what you use, you can bust out the abacus if it delivers the goods. In other words: talent talks, fanboy jackassery walks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an Alex Trebek's moustache fan-club meeting to crash.



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