Tech Share moves forward thanks to large donation

Earlier this year we shared how the students at Ebenezer Educational Center have been able to spend some time with the Eee PCs you helped us procure and ship half way around the globe.  Although they’ve been using them on an occasional basis, daily access was not possible because the school lacked reliable electricity and a room secure enough for them to feel comfortable leaving the computers unattended.

After my last update one of The Tech Report’s regular readers contacted me about what could be done to help these kids get more hands-on time with the netbooks.  The school administrators confirmed that upgrading their electrical service and installing secure windows and a door on one room would allow them to establish a dedicated lab in which the students could have regular time with the computers.  These upgrades would cost around $1000.  The guy who had contacted me indicated without hesitation that he would donate the money to make the upgrades possible.

So with the funds wired to the school in Uganda, the improvements are under way, and I hope to hear soon that the computers are getting used daily.  The donor insisted that his identity be kept anonymous, but I can promise you that anyone who hangs around in our forums would instantly recognize his nick.  

Thanks again to all who have helped, especially to this latest philanthropist.  We’ll let you know when we get another update from the school.

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    • FireGryphon
    • 10 years ago

    This is rock solid and heart touching!

    Next time you talk to the admins at the school, ask ’em for some pics. Everyone loves pics of kids learning.

    • d0g_p00p
    • 10 years ago

    Hearing things like this makes me happy to know that there still are people in the world who are not self centered, greedy and lack empathy for people less fortunate. It’s hard to see these things being surrounded with nothing but greed 24×7 and working in San Francisco sure does not help ;0.

    Good job whoever you are.

      • MadManOriginal
      • 10 years ago

      Lots of fart-smellers where you are huh?

    • Jigar
    • 10 years ago

    To unnamed gerbil: Thanks a ton mate.

    From all the TR gerbils. 🙂

    • khands
    • 10 years ago

    The unnamed gerbil knows how to spread the awesome sauce.

    • indeego
    • 10 years ago

    Is it Larry David or Ted Dansong{

      • jobodaho
      • 10 years ago

      Obviously Ted Danson…

    • UberGerbil
    • 10 years ago

    Very cool. Look forward to hearing more about the kids using the machines (and about the kids using the machines more).

      • DrDillyBar
      • 10 years ago

      Very cool Indeed.

      • Ragnar Dan
      • 10 years ago

      Nice diversion attempt. 🙂

      Nice guy, too.

      The electricity improvement seems much less expensive than I’d have thought, though I may not be up to date on the situation.

        • zqw
        • 10 years ago

        Possibly just some UPS w/ power filtering? I think the power needs would be very low.

          • Inkling
          • 10 years ago

          These little Eee PCs have very minimal power needs, and their power supplies do a good enough job of dealing with spikes and brown-outs.

          But currently all the school except the office gets by on an extension cord run from a neighboring building. 😐 What this donation is making possible is to have another room hard-wired with outlets.

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