An almost iPhone 4-free blog post

I promised myself I wouldn't write a blog about the new iPhone (a.k.a. iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 and ranch on the side), as there has been both exhaustive and exhausting coverage on other, actual newsish sites, as well as weeks of basically correct speculation about the device leading up to WWDC. Nothing unveiled by WonderJobs was really a surprise. Except, perhaps, that he felt it necessary to hype an iPhone version of Farmville, which I'm pretty sure won't let you churn butter using the iPhone's accelerometer or nifty new gyroscope.

Yes, the new iPhone is awesome. Yes, I want one. No, I will not be getting one as I'm only a year into my 3GS contract. Such is my monastic life. Let's move on.

Hmmmm. Uhhhhh. Wanna hear about by Hackintosh battles some more? About how my fix for getting iTunes to authenticate then broke Time Machine and I can't get the stupid thing to work regardless of what kexts I install or system files I edit? How about how I can't even get a fresh install of OSX to even boot? No? You don't want to read another 600 whine-intensive words? You used to be a good time.

Truth is, I'm about to call it a day on the Hackintosh project. I mean, when your wife literally says, "You're spending too much time trying to get this thing to work. I know it's expensive, but why don't you just get a real Mac?" who am I to argue? Especially when the root of the Time Machine problem is actually a well-known Hackintosh issue known as the UUID 35 error. An error for which there are myriad fixes and patches. None of which have worked for me.

Of course, I'll be biding my time until Apple announces the new dual-processor, six-core Core i7 Mac Pros next week. Assuming it actually does, that is. The new Mac Pros were supposedly coming out last March, but Intel got nasty drunk on St. Patty's Day and puked all over the wafers or something. At least that's what I gathered from

Anyway, the Technicolor (but mostly green) rainbow residue has been hosed off the silicon, and Intel is pumping out Gulftown processors like nobody's business. Seriously, they won't tell anybody how many they're pumping out. At least they wouldn't tell me when I called. Curse you, Becky the Receptionist. You may be a formidable gatekeeper, but I am Vince Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer.

The question, for those like me who prefer things cost-effective (no snickering from the "Macs are too expensive" crowd, thank you), is whether to get the new model, the previous (or current as of this writing) generation or a 27-inch i7 iMac. Yeah, I know, the latter isn't exactly my top choice either, but it'd actually be just as fast as my Hackintosh without all the pesky fail. Nonetheless, knowing that I'll need to hold onto this machine for a few years makes want a tower.

I now return you to either the World Cup or oil spill coverage.



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