The TR Podcast: Help us celebrate 100 episodes

If you're a regular listener of the TR Podcast, you're probably aware of the fact that our next episode, set to be released this Sunday night (the 13th), will be our 100th. We have a variety of ideas for ways to celebrate such a milestone, but due to all the usual reasons (each of our key editors slaving away at secret reviews and pulling record all-nighters), we've had to postpone any elaborate plans for celebration. In future episodes, you will likely see some belated commemorative extras, but for our recording session for episode 100 tonight, we'd like to keep things simple and hear from you, the listener.

If you have any thoughts, questions, memories, or other such fitting milestone sentiments that come to mind, please post them in the comments below before 9:30pm ET this evening when we record. We'll use anything you submit as fuel for a short celebratory session to kick off the episode. Otherwise, you can expect a good 'ol fashioned session of PC hardware reviewed, just like always.

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