Podcast scheduling update

I promise we’re not making this a habit.

We’re delaying the podcast by one more week. I know you were expecting an episode, but I wanted to see Prometheus this weekend, I had some sweet NYC rooftop parties to attend, and we all just didn’t feel like doing a podcast. Ya know?

In all seriousness, Geoff has been at Computex, Cyril is traveling currently, and we wanted a more complete scoop from both for you the listener. So we’ll see you next Sunday/Monday.

I never did see Prometheus, by the way… didn’t have time with all the parties and whatnot.

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    • dashbarron
    • 8 years ago

    [b<]C-[/b<] : it's just on the edge of being a watchable film. Convoluted script, plots, and characters; confusing, jarring scenes, and idiotically and unnecessarily obscene; and the movie goes nowhere. To quotes someone else responding to the criticism that the audience had to be "intelligent" to enjoy" the movie: [i<]It's not about being able to think for oneself or the need to be spoon-fed. It's about clumsy storytelling and problems that have nothing to do with the subtext, message or overall story. It diminishes the power of the end result to the point that you don't care about what's being said because it's being said in such a clunky and inane way. It makes it seem like the film thinks it's smarter than it actually is. [/i<]. Save the money.

    • DeadOfKnight
    • 8 years ago

    This should be an exciting episode. Hopefully they have enough time that they don’t have to rush through it. I don’t mind listening to an hour now and an hour later.

    • sonofsanta
    • 8 years ago

    Just don’t go in expecting an Alien movie. It’s a fine sci-fi film, but if you keep waiting for the “this is where everyone starts getting stalked and killed” bit, you’ll only end up feeling unfulfilled. It teases it a couple of times but never goes down that route. Better to just go in and enjoy it for what it is and try not to think about Alien too much.

      • alwayssts
      • 8 years ago

      When I saw this post come up on my RSS, I had the feeling I was going to need to repress going in with the Lindelof-defending flame-thrower…the poor chap is turning alcoholic before our eyes on Twitter.

      I fully understand millions of people do not like, nay, RESENT his style after the end of LOST, and now Promethius. I, and many others, embrace it because so few other writers take that path and we find it much more fulfilling than just the story (for any given episode and now movie) on-screen. This is not a matter of intellect/sophistication (as many frame it) but a simple preference. People also sometimes forget it was better to (by the opinion of seemingly at least 6.5 million people) lose at Lost, then to have never been LOST at all. Those haters got some satisfaction out of all the mystery/allusions at some point, perhaps to the end, and that is better than it never happening. At least 6.5 million+ people know who he is enough to dislike his style, and that says something. Promethius may, over time, get some respect. It also may not. The audience for this was undeniably different than his television show, and that may explain the huge back-lash.

      Thank you for pleasantly surprising me with your even-handed first comment before this probably explodes into a hate fest, which is the fashionable opinion right now.

        • [TR]
        • 8 years ago

        There’s plenty more wrong stuff with the parts of the movie that can be attributed to Lindelof than the ambiguity. Stupid characters that do the most dumb clich├ęd things in sci-fi movies this side of 1990, for
        [b<](AND THIS IS WHERE I BEGIN SPOILERS)[/b<] [spoiler<]The part where the geologist is the one that gets lost in the tunnels, for instance, right after flipping out and proclaiming "I love rocks, but this...", opening the way to the utter mind-numb idiocy that follows. If anyone there knows their way around tunnels it should be this guy! The completely botched attempt to have a big emotional revelation that Shaw is infertile, where she goes from "wonder of discovery" to "my life is useless" in less than a second. And this one didn't even need to happen and just telegraphs what happens later. And there's a lot more that's wrong with the script and characters.[/spoiler<] [b<](AND THIS IS WHERE I END SPOILERS)[/b<] The fact the Ridley Scott went ahead with the movie as it is is a surprise to me. I can only hope the director's cut makes it a lot better, like with Kingdom of Heaven. In the end, I was really disappointed that all these talented people couldn't see the things that are wrong in the movie and correct them, especially because they're wrong in the worst ways possible.

          • alwayssts
          • 8 years ago

          I cannot argue there is a ton of ridiculousness in this film, although I did like the contrasting IDEA with NR’s character (even if I did not like how it was delivered.) It is the same way I cannot argue I wanted to see a magic light cave wth gigantic cork 2 years prior, but at the end of the day it is forgivable to me.

          The why is simple.

          With RS, you’re going to get a visceral experience expertly crafted and shot. You are also going to get themes completely beyond what is expected in typical genre fare at any given societal moment, but at the end of the day his films still are that; genre films. It is the oxy-moron that is RS: He makes beautiful schlock with ideas that punch above his, and his films’ weight. Lots of people love that mix, and it is gloriously unique.

          With DL, you can expect ambiguity. You can expect to have lots of questions posed both within the film universe and about one’s own life life, with different interpretations that can be purposely drawn from what he gives you. You can also expect some pretty terrible resolutions when he does give them. He is an expert at plot setup, terrible at the pay-off. Across The Sea; Black Ooze Alien Jesus.

          At the end of the day, does Promethius give you what you probably love about R. Scott? I think it does.

          Does it give you what you may like about Damon Lindelof? I think it does.

          Does it suffer from both their weaknesses? Yes, it does.

          I personally don’t care. I got a pretty movie I loved watching even if at the end of the day was beautiful schlock. It gave me a ton of conversation and things to think/talk about afterwards even if the plot had a lot of preposterous moments. Both men succeeded at delivering what I love about their work.

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