TR subscribers get Macrium Reflect for 20-40% off

We haven't said much about TR subscriptions for a little while, after the rush of the launch, but this little experiment is so far off to an excellent start. You all proved that reader-supported content can work, and you saved our bacon after weak sales in early 2014. We learned some lessons from the initial introductory period, and now we're making additions and changes to the subscription service in response.

One thing that we've wanted to do is add more value for subscribers, so that more of you who are regular readers will find it worth your time to sign up. To that end, we're very happy to announce our first external benefit for TR subscribers: some handsome discounts on software purchased from the Macrium website, including the outstanding Macrium Reflect backup and imaging solution.

Anyone who subscribes for any amount of money at all, down to $1 payment in our pay-what-you-want system, will get a code good for 20% off at Those folks who beat the average and get a Gold subscription will receive a code for a whopping 40% off, instead.

If you're a TR Silver or Gold subscriber now, your discount code is already waiting for you. Just go to the user control panel and look for it under the "Features" tab. The code should be redeemable throughout the next year.

I'm very pleased to be able to offer a subscriber discount on a product as good as Reflect. I make use of Reflect in Damage Labs constantly thanks to your recommendations. The program writes a bootable WinPE utility onto a thumb drive, and I use it for imaging all of my test systems. I also back up my own PC with Reflect, and it has saved me from an SSD failure with a flawless restore of a weekly image backup. Not only that, but I've received free updates from Macrium for more than a year now without once being held hostage to a required, paid upgrade due to an "incompatibility" with an upgraded version of Windows—unlike *ahem* some imaging companies.

We have more subscriber benefits in the works along these lines, so do yourself a favor and sign up now. You'll also get all of the other subscriber perks, including single-page article views, print templates, comment reply notifications, a subscriber badge, and access to the Smoky Back Room. Beat the average to get triple upvote/downvotes and access to our four-megapixel image galleries, as well.

Finally, remember, if you like what we're doing, you can always add to your subscription amount to support the cause. Thanks!

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