Taking the reins

Many readers are already aware that The Tech Report’s Editor-in-Chief, Scott Wasson, is leaving us to help AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group use the "inside the second" methods he pioneered to improve its hardware and software products. If you’ve been under a rock for some reason, you should go read his farewell post for all the details.

Though Scott is leaving us, the site he built isn’t going anywhere. I’ve agreed to become TR’s Editor-in-Chief to continue the mission he started 16 years ago. It’s a great honor and a tremendous responsibility for me to carry on the site’s traditions of staunchly independent reporting, deep technical knowledge, and innovative, data-driven reviews. Those values will continue to shape our coverage going forward.

In my time writing for the site—first as a freelancer, then as Managing Editor—Scott, Geoff, and Cyril all worked with me to instill the same principles they wove into The Tech Report’s DNA from the beginning. I have been immeasurably lucky to learn this trade from some of the best minds in the business.

Above all, it’s my hope that you, dear reader, will stick with us. We cannot do what we do without your support and feedback, and I know firsthand just how bright and passionate a community has grown around TR over the years. I look forward to bringing you many more years of news, reviews, and more. Thanks for your continued support.

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