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A little over two years ago, Scott Wasson, the founder and long-time Editor-in-Chief of The Tech Report, began a new role with AMD to make life better for gamers using Radeon hardware and software. After his departure, Scott maintained his ownership of TR's parent business while searching for a new caretaker that would let us continue to enjoy the editorial independence that's been a hallmark of our work from day one.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that search has come to an end. The Tech Report will remain an independent publication under the ownership of Adam Eiberger, our long-time business manager. I will be staying on as The Tech Report's Editor-in-Chief. We're excited that this arrangement will allow us to sustain and grow the project that Scott started almost two decades ago for many years to come on terms of our choosing.

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It is critical to note that during the past two years, Scott exercised no control over the editorial side of TR. What we chose to cover and not to cover, the testing we performed or didn't perform, and the conclusions we reached or didn't reach were entirely under my direction. That remained the case even when our methods led to conclusions that favored products from AMD's competitors, and when we wrote articles that were complimentary to AMD's products.

These facts will not surprise anybody who has paid attention, but this final passing of the torch should put to rest any lingering concerns about our editorial independence.

With new ownership, the inevitable first question will be what else is going to change. Happily, the answer is nothing. You've already seen what The Tech Report looks like under my leadership over the past two years, and we'll continue to bring you the day-to-day news and in-depth reviews that we've always produced. We may explore new platforms and new audiences, but the core reporting and reviewing work that made The Tech Report famous will remain the bedrock of our work going forward.

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Although we're excited for the opportunity to continue what Scott started in 1999, this changing-of-the-guard comes at a tough time for online media. While we enjoy (and are deeply grateful for) support from a wide range of big names in the PC hardware industry, advertising support simply isn't as lucrative as it once was for many online publications, and The Tech Report is no exception. At the same time, there's more going on in personal computing and technology than ever, and we want to remain a leading voice in what's new and what's next.

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If you believe in The Tech Report's work as strongly as I do, there is no better time to help us build the foundation for the next steps on our journey. Please, for the love of all things holy, whitelist us in your ad blocker. Subscribe for any amount you like. Comment on our articles, participate in the forums, and spread our work far and wide on Facebook and Twitter. Help us help you. Thanks in advance for your continued readership and support.

I'd also like to share a message from Scott regarding this news, as well:

To the TR community:

As you may know, I left my position as TR's Editor-in-Chief to take a job in the industry just over two years ago. In the time since, I have technically retained ownership of The Tech Report as a business entity. Naturally, I've had to stay well away from TR's editorial operations during this span due to the obvious conflict of interest, and I have been looking for the right situation for TR's ownership going forward.

I'm happy to announce that we completed a deal last week to sell The Tech Report to Adam Eiberger, our long-time sales guy. The papers are signed, and he's now the sole owner of the business.

I think this arrangement is undoubtedly the best one for TR and its community, for two main reasons.

For one, I'm still passionate about the virtues of a strong, independent media. With this deal in place, TR will maintain its status as an independent voice telling honest, unvarnished truths in its reporting and reviews.

Second, putting the site into the hands of a long-time employee gives us the best chance of keeping the TR staff intact going forward. Jeff, Adam, Bruno, and the gang have done a stellar job of keeping The Tech Report going in my absence, and I'm rooting for their continued success and growth.

I want to say thanks, once again, to the entire community for making our incredible run from 1999 to today possible. I'll always look back with gratitude on the way our readership supported us and allowed me to live my dream of running an independent publication for so many years. With your continued support and a little luck, TR should be able to survive and thrive for another couple of decades.


The TR staff would like to extend our thanks to Scott and the many TR alumni for their hard work in building not only one of the finest technology sites around, but also one of the best audiences any writers could ask for. We wish Scott the best as we part ways and carry TR's mission forward.

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