So long, farewell

Readers of The Tech Report,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am stepping down as the site's Editor-in-Chief, effective as of the end of this week. You'll still see my byline appear on future articles from time to time as we take on some projects and wrap up others, but I will no longer be participating in executive or editorial decision-making for the site.

In my stead, Seth Colaner will be joining The Tech Report as interim managing editor. Seth is a seasoned, capable, and passionate watcher of this industry. He's served as a writer and editor for fine publications that you may already know of, including HotHardware and Tom's Hardware. Of late, he's worked as Editor-in-Chief of the mechanical keyboard enthusiast site KeyChatter. I believe Seth is an excellent choice to take up the mantle of The Tech Report's mission, and I hope that you'll continue to support him and TR honcho Adam Eiberger as they begin this new chapter in the site's history.

It has been a great pleasure and honor to serve as your eyes and ears in the PC hardware world for over four years. I never would have imagined that I would come to head one of the most respected sites in the industry—one I read faithfully for many years before throwing my hat into the ring as a humble freelance writer. That opportunity has been a dream come true for me, even as I pass the torch today.

In turn, running a site like The Tech Report incurs many debts of thanks. First and foremost, I would like to thank you, our readers, for making every day in this role challenging and engaging. Your feedback and questions have made me a more thoughtful and inquisitive writer, and the community around The Tech Report is without a doubt the finest on the web. I will miss writing for you dearly.

I would also like to thank TR founder Scott Wasson for allowing me to take the reins of his baby of sixteen years when he joined AMD's Radeon Technologies Group some time ago. While The Tech Report may have run into the occasional bumps and bruises along the road since, I would like to think we did our best to uphold the core principles that Scott established as he built The Tech Report into the fiercely independent and inquisitive site that we all know and love.  

My thanks as well to the freelance writing team that I had the pleasure of managing during my time in the Editor-in-Chief's chair. Zak Killian, Wayne Manion, Nathan Wasson, Tony Thomas, Eric Born, and Eric Frederiksen all brought unique voices and perspectives to The Tech Report, and it was a pleasure to watch them grow as writers as we worked together.

Endless gratitude is due for Bruno Ferreira, our Swiss Army knife of a coder, sysadmin, editor, and general pinch hitter. Among many, many other development projects, Bruno undertook the critical work needed to make TR's benchmarks easier to run and the results easier to digest, and the products of that work have been a resounding success. I have been much more productive of late thanks to his efforts, and making our testing methods more portable and accessible will be invaluable to the site going forward.

My thanks as well to Adam, who did the essential work of keeping the lights on for us in a relentlessly challenging business environment. In turn, a round of applause for Corsair, Gigabyte, G.Skill, Adata, Toshiba, and the many other loyal sponsors who understood the value of The Tech Report's work and continued to support us even as our methods may not have cast their products in the best light.

Finally, I'd like to thank TR alums Geoff Gasior and Cyril Kowaliski, whose combined knowledge and considerable patience I had the good fortune to draw upon while I learned the ropes of writing and editing within this industry. I wouldn't be where I am today without their tutelage.

If you'd like to stay in touch, you can email me at or give me a shout on Twitter. Once more, it's been a true honor and privilege to serve you as TR's Editor-in-Chief. I'll see you around the 'net.

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