In the Lab: Logitech’s G Pro X switch-swapping keyboard

If you spend all day at a keyboard, you’ve probably developed some opinions about what makes a good keyboard (or maybe you should’ve!). You might have opinions about the angle and placement of your keyboard, the height, the material of your wrist rest. You might also have opinions about the style and even maker of the switches beneath your keycaps. Cherry or Kailh? Clicky or linear? Logitech’s latest keyboard, the Logitech G Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard makes some of those choices a moot point, and we’re testing it this week with a review to come soon.

The Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard (or LGPXMGK for short) is a tenkeyless gaming keyboard that allows you to swap out individual key switches to suit your preferences. Logitech is using its GX switches for the Pro X keyboard and offers three switch textures: blue clicky, brown tactile, and red linear. But let’s say you don’t like those loud clicky switches as much as you thought you would. Or even worse, your League of Legends keys start wearing out. With the Pro X, you can buy a set of 92 replacement switches in any of the three textures from Logitech and swap one, two, three, or 92 keys out for an entirely new experience.

Logitech isn’t the first company to make keyboards with swappable switches, but it’s definitely the biggest, which suggests that there’s a growing demand among gamers for the ability to self-service and hot-swap their key switches.

The standard Pro X keyboard is available in all three switch types for $149. If you want to swap out those switches, you can drop another $49 to buy a full set of switches. Logitech hasn’t said anything yet about offering switches in smaller batches. If you just want a new tenkeyless Logitech plank, you can also get the same keyboard with hardwired switches for $129. For comparison, the is just a hair under $110 right now.

We’re looking at the keyboard right now (and typing on it, too) with plans to bring you a review in the coming days. We’ll dig into how tough it is to swap out switches, how those self-dropped switches feel, and how the whole package feels for that price tag.

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Can you confirm if this takes standard Cherry MX type keyswitches, as well as Logitech’s totally-not-an-MX-honest-guv switches?

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