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Cougar’s Conquer 2 chassis will conquer your desktop

Sometimes, you want your computer case to fade into the background so that you can focus on the important part—computing. Other times, though, you want a piece that’ll keep everyone who enters your office talking for months. The first crowd should check out Fractal’s [amazon_textlink asin=’B07HQKF7F2′ text=’Define R6 case’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’techreport09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f5db015-cde3-4e5f-a2d8-16033cd7ff29′], but for those of you who want to call attention to your computers, you’ll want to check out Cougar’s Conquer 2 full-tower PC chassis.

If you were paying attention during Computex 2019, you might remember this besat of a case, and it’s made the transition from planned product to actual retail product intact.

The case features a “chassis within a chassis” design where the cosmetic part of the case acts more like an outer shell while an inner steel chassis holds components within a more traditional form-factor.

Outside, you’ll find aluminum and tempered-glass panels and tons of ARGB lighting options. The whole chassis measures 368 mm x 631 mm x 744 mm (14.4″ x 24.8″ x 29.2″) and weighs in at 18 kg or 39 pounds. Remember to lift with your back!

Under the hood of the Cougar Conquer 2

Cougar Conquer 2

The inner chassis is split into two compartments. The upper compartment can hold a CEB or ATX motherboard along with smaller form-factors, and a graphics card up to 400mm (15.7″) in length. There are 8 standard expansion slots and two vertical slots available.

Down below, you can fit a power supply up to 220mm (8.7″) in length. You’ll also find room for two 3.5-inch drives and two 2.5-inch drives (mounted behind the motherboard tray). I actually expected more in a full-tower case!

On the cooling front, the chassis can take two front-mounted fans and three top-mounted ones. There’s also room for a radiator up to 240mm on the front of the case and up to 360mm along the top. The case comes with a front-mounted [amazon_textlink asin=’B07L7TD8CM’ text=’Cougar ARGB’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’techreport09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0daaeb61-3513-484e-9e41-60931b2fddac’] fan already installed. Cougar doesn’t mention in the specs exactly how much room there is for an air cooler, so that should tell you something about their expectations.

Finally, the front IO on the case includes one USB 3.1 Type-C, two USB 3.0, one each of mic and audio jacks, and buttons for power and RGB control. Cougar hasn’t yet published a price for this chassis, but the Conquer and Conquer Essence are going for just shy of $300 these days. Set your expectations accordingly.

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  1. Yeah, I mean, the design isn’t bad…internally, anyway. The idea of slide-out motherboard trays and such is good. I remember seeing it in the late 90s or early 2000s when I was a sales guy at a local Microcenter wannabe.

  2. I prefer mATX with cases that are small, opaque, and as quiet as possible both audibly and visually. This is not a case for me.

  3. The hollowness of this thing bothers me, the empty bragging around entirely normal components, square components.

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