Remote Work Software Solutions: Today’s Top Five

Do you have to complete work outside of the office? With the right remote work software solutions, you can remain productive even on days when you work from home.

Days spent working from home are becoming more widespread as a result of technological advancements and other factors. Therefore, workers are now working from home more than ever before. Working remotely allows employees to work while caring for family members, sick, or simply running errands for the company.

Having the ability to work from home is indeed a wonderful perk. However, you and your team must have the necessary remote work software solutions in place. You want to ensure that you can still meet your objectives even while working from home.

Unexpected events can force you or a member of your team to miss a significant amount of time at work. Therefore, it is extremely important to bear in mind the importance of good remote work software solutions. Things can happen to a single person or an entire organization, as we have seen with the Coronavirus outbreak.

With that in mind, here are the five types of remote work software tools you and your team will want. These solutions will help you to be productive while reaping the benefits of working from home:


1. Project Management for Remote Work

Suppose you are working on many projects with a diverse team who are each responsible for a distinct task. This might make it difficult to keep on track and maintain your focus. Further, working from home may make it even more difficult to keep track of everyone’s schedules.

Project management solutions, such as online dashboards, allow users to track project road maps in real-time. This implies that even when working remotely, you’ll still be aware of the tasks that have been given to you. Furthermore, you are always aware of the current status of the other activities in the project.

Trello, ProofHub,, and Workfront are some of the best project management solutions available.


2. Real-Time Communication Software

It is always important to ensure that teams know what they must do. At the same time, however, you must also ensure that all lines of communication are open and easily available. Accessibility is particularly crucial.

If someone taking a day to work remotely misses an important conversation, this could cause a problem. If they are unable to access the information, they will fall behind in their work. Real-time communication technologies enable teams to post messages within appropriate groups.

This makes it simple for a remote worker to contribute to a conversation. In addition, it is relatively easy to catch up on previous communications if they were busy earlier in the session. Other tools, such as internet phone conversations and video chats, allow you to communicate as if you were speaking face-to-face.

Skype, Slack, and Zoom are among the most popular real-time communication applications.


3. Remote Work Collaboration Software

When a group of people is working on a task together, it might be difficult to collaborate. This is especially true when one or more individuals are working remotely. Collaboration software enables remote workers to contribute to files while still being able to collaborate with their colleagues in real-time.

Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and Confluence are some of the most popular and useful collaboration applications.


4. Team Monitoring and Management Software

This is mostly for the team’s captain. If you work from home, or if members of your team work remotely, it’s critical to maintain monitoring and management capabilities. In other words, you must ensure that everyone on your team is engaged and contributing to the project.

There are technologies available that allow you to survey your team members. You may easily check on their level of engagement and how they feel about their jobs. Additional technologies can tell you how active your staff is by tracking mouse movements, keystrokes, app usage, and other indicators.

These tools assist you in motivating your employees. Additionally, by alerting you when a team member is falling behind in their work, they help with managing your team.

Officevibe, Hubstaff, and JotForm are examples of software solutions for team monitoring and administration.


5. Software for Remote Access

Have you ever found yourself unable to access a critical file or application because you weren’t in the office? Remote access software allows you to access your work computers from anywhere at any time. Therefore, you can connect to your work computer from anywhere in the world.

In addition, you may use your computer just as if you were sitting in front of it physically. While remotely accessing your work computer from another device, you can open any file. In addition, you may use any application on your work computer.

Splashtop Business Access is the top remote access tool for people who work remotely. Additionally, Splashtop is giving remote access discounts for bulk licenses. This allows entire teams to work from the comfort of their own homes.


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