Need a Replacement Segway Battery? 5 Things to Consider

It’s tricky to decide where to get your replacement Segway battery from. Many factors have to be considered in your decision.

Upon hitting the market in the early 2000, Segway seemed to be on par with the Jetsons with how it would change the way we traveled. Now more than 20 years since its introduction, Segway maintains its innovative technology with its numerous uses such as for vacationers, police officers, city travel, etc.

Its utility and evolution means a Segway is hearty enough to get you across most terrains. Plus, its efficient and noiceless battery keeps its environmental impact low. Yet, when wanting to travel those many city blocks, making sure your Segway can keep up with your sense of adventure is crucial. Making sure your battery is fully charge and that it is not at the end of life are two basic maintenance steps in keeping your Segway like new.

Similar to a battery in your car, when it is time to get a new battery for your Segway, you want to make sure you get a top quality replacement. This keeps the entire vehicle ready for all of your traveling needs. Let’s look at some things to think about when purchasing a replacement for your Segway battery.

What to Look for in a Segway Battery Replacement?

First things first, you have to realize how purchasing a subpar quality of replacement battery can cost you more in the long run. Ultimately, you most likely would be purchasing another one within a few years. If you spend a few more dollars now for a great replacement, your Segway will possibly have even more range then when it was brand new.

Extended Range

While you will find plenty of stock batteries in the market, there’s one problem with them. Their range is pretty limited, which can restrict how far and how long you’re able to go on your Segway. This is one of the last things you want to have to worry about while on the go, running errands, working, etc. So, consider first where you’re buying the battery from. Is it a business with Segway licensed accessories? Or are you looking at businesses selling off-brand replacement parts? This could make all the difference in the overall life and condition of your machine.
One of the best batteries on the market are extended-range lithium-ion batteries for your Segway. In terms of range for your machine, these batteries offer high-caliber longevity. For instance, the travel capacity of Segway with i2 is 24 miles with a regular stock battery. However, if you buy an extended-range lithium-ion battery, the travel capacity increases to 36 miles.

Quality of Battery

Perhaps, this is the one thing that matters most. It’s clear Segway believes in the durability of their products, but your peace of mind matters more. Luckily, a one-year warranty for a Segway licensed battery typically is offered in case anything happens to go wrong.
If you choose to go with the lithium-ion batteries, they are designed to provide you with optimal convenience and efficiency. Indeed, they can operate at temperatures as low as 14º F/-10º C. Therefore, even if you live in a cold winter climate, you can get to where you need to go with efficiency.

Maximum Compatibility

Before purchasing a Segway battery replacement, you need to consider its compatibility with the Segway model you own. Making sure it is highly compatible keeps your machine in optimal condition
Lithium-ion batteries are designed for most Segway model requirements. Hence, they are highly compatible. This holds true for models including Gen 1, Gen 2, and SE models. They also seem to function well with models including i2, x2, i2se, X2SE, XT, i180, i170, i167, and more.

Wait Time After Purchase

Once your Segway battery is dead and you’ve purchased a replacement, you want it delivered quickly. Most of us have been pampered by the wait time, or lack thereof, of shipping items thanks to Amazon. Depending on the type of replacement battery you choose and where you buy from, you might be waiting a bit as some companies offering batteries have their products made and shipped from overseas.

If you’re wanting it faster than some companies are able to provide, look local. In many cases, purchasing local can speed up the shipping process and timeline due the Segway replacement battery being shipped from America. This way you can be back up and running as soon as possible.

Making the Best Choice for Your Segway

Let’s face it. A Segway is definitely not a cheap device, and you’ve already committed quite a bit of money to it. Once you buy it, you expect it to last for a long time. Not only that, you wouldn’t want efficiency to be compromised either. A battery plays a significant role in the functioning of this electric vehicle. Keep in mind that in frequent efforts to save some money, people often make deals that leave them with the short end of the stick. Therefore, we recommend not taking any chances when it comes to purchasing your replacement Segway battery. This way, you’ll be back on the roads in no time.

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