The Most Innovative NFT Projects We Could Find

With the massive amounts of new projects and technologies, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is truly worth paying attention to. Plus, with everyone’s busy lives, it can be easy to miss out on new trends. However, one trend that is hard to overlook is the massive surge of virtual currencies. Additionally,  cryptocurrency projects and innovative NFT projects are generating wealth and media notoriety for some at historic levels.

While much of the hype around these new technological trends can be exaggerated, there is a real opportunity for everyday people to make substantial investment gains. In this blog, we will focus on NFTs, and some of the most innovative NFT projects today.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, can be considered as a variety of different things. In a sense, they are artwork, identification, and virtual currency all bundled into one package. Each non-fungible token is completely unique featuring its own serial identification number. This serial number verifies the authenticity of the NFT, as well as verifies you as the owner.

NFTs can take on any number of forms, encompassing everything from artwork and music to sports and memes. Each NFT is limited in quantity produced, and it is in these limited quantities that they begin to take on investment opportunities.

In a similar fashion to cryptocurrency and the stock market, NFT investment is all about timing. If you can time your buy and sell windows correctly you can stand to make massive profits. But don’t think of NFTs as a singularly financial product. The potential scope of NFTs and what they can do is nearly limitless. In the rest of this article, we will take a look at some of the most innovative NFT projects. Plus, we’ll discuss the massive opportunity the non-fungible tokens present.

NFT Supercars?

One of the coolest examples of the limitless potential of NFT projects comes from the supercar company, Lamborghini. Earlier this year, Lamborghini sold the first-ever NFT supercar. Along with their purchase of the completely unique NFT, the buyer also got a 1:1 Lamborghini Aventador. Not only that but with Lamborghini shifting their focus to electric and hybrid engine designs, this will be the last gas-engine Aventador ever built.

Along with the NFT and actual Lamborghini, the NFT’s buyer also got a meet and greet with artists Steve Aoki and Krista Kim. Each had a hand in the design of the custom Aventador. With a selling point of $1.6 million, this NFT project is definitely not budget-friendly, but it is one of the most innovative projects to date.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club

One of the most notoriously well-known NFT projects is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Acting as a sort of membership pass, the Bored Ape NFT prices are skyrocketing. Recent sales show low-end Bored Apes selling for around $400,000 USD. You will often see these NFTs in use as online avatars or profile pictures for their owners.

While it may seem ridiculous to some to spend so much money on a digital token, members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club receive some very cool perks. One of the most notable perks is access to exclusive events and concerts, such as the Lil Baby concert held recently. When focusing on the most innovative NFT projects it is impossible not to mention the Bored Ape project.

NFT Horses

Another really interesting NFT project currently gaining traction is NFT horses. Customers can purchase non-fungible horse tokens that correspond to real-life race horses. Owners can then not only visit their horse in the metaverse but can even get access to real-life events at no charge. This is so long as their horse is participating in the race or event.

The NFT owners can even go behind the scenes and visit their horses in the stables before or after the event. In a growing market, there are a wide array of NFT horse options for buyers to choose from. Each includes its own unique advantages. If you’ve ever thought it would be cool to own a racehorse, then this NFT project may be perfect for you.

Crypto Coffee

The final NFT project we will take a look at is the Crypto Baristas project. Perfect for coffee lovers and humanitarians alike, Crypto Baristas is one of the most innovative projects to date. Owners of a Crypto Barista NFT receive perks such as discounted pricing at all Coffee Bros stores now and in the future.

But perhaps the best part of the Crypto Barista project is its humanitarian work. Owners of these NFTs can take pride in knowing that their purchase helps to support farmers and citizens of Honduras. The Crypto Barista project provides funding and also draws awareness to the issues facing these Honduran citizens. With a new season of baristas on the market this year, Crypto Barista is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

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