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What NFTs should you purchase on OpenSea

Considering the huge number of different NFTs that are available on the crypto market, but also a large number of new NFTs that appear every day, it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing to invest in them. But, those who have been following the crypto market situation for a long time, and especially those who are new to this field, struggle with finding the best NFT and the best NFT exchanges to buy NFTs. When we say “best”, we actually mean the one that gives the best chances to provide you with some significant income in the future. To help you with this dilemma, today we answer the question: What NFTs should you purchase on OpenSea?

Here are the top 5 picks:

  1. Tamadoge- Best NFT that Sold $19 000 000 Presale
  2. Battle Infinity– One of the Best NFTs to Buy
  3. Lucky Block NFT– One of the Cheapest NFT Projects
  4. Silks- 15th best-selling Ethereum Sports NFT on OpenSea
  5. FaceTransPlants- NFT collection for art and satire fans


Tamadoge- Best NFT that Sold $19 000 000 Presale

When we talk about top picks when it comes to NFTs, the first place is firmly held by Tamadoge. This P2E crypto platform has become extremely popular and loved by a large number of users in a very short time, and although it has already experienced huge successs, it will show its full potential in the coming period. In Tamadoge Universe, NFTs are used in the virtual ecosystem, and everything that happens in that ecosystem happens with the help of TAMA, the native token, that is, the official cryptocurrency. In Tamaverse, you as a user can participate in various activities, but also, while doing so, you can win fantastic prizes. The central figure in the Tamaverse is Tamadoge Pet. All Tamadoge Pets are minted as unique NFTs, and you can get your Tamadoge Pet at the beginning of your Tamaverse journey. You can get your Tamadoge Pet in the Tamadoge Store, and you can purchase it, of course, with TAMA tokens. And don’t worry, a little later, we will give you detailed instructions on how to get TAMA tokens.

Why do crypto experts advise purchasing TAMA, and why do more and more users decide to do the same? Very simply: because such a successful project has not appeared on the crypto market for a long time. You see, Tamadoge successfully completed the presale phase, even during these hard times for crypto, by raising more than $19,000,000 much earlier than planned, and this is only the beginning of this amazing project. TAMA is on its way for major exchange listings on LBank and Uniswap so there is no doubt that TAMA’s success will be even greater in the future. We should not forget to tell you that you still have a little time to take advantage of the opportunity and participate in the Tamadoge $100k giveaway where you can win 100k worth of TAMA. Seize the opportunity and test your luck!

tamadoge - play to earn


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How to buy TAMA?


To begin, make sure you have a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use one of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect (we recommend Trust Wallet).

Purchasing on a desktop browser will give you a smoother purchasing experience. For this, we recommend Metamask.

If you are purchasing on mobile, we recommend using Trust Wallet and connecting through the in-built browser (just copy into the Trust Wallet Browser).


Once you have your preferred wallet provider ready, click “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, you will need to select “Wallet Connect.”

You will then have three options by ETH With Card. This option will allow you to purchase ETH that will be sent to your wallet by our partner, Transat.

You will then be able to use this ETH to purchase TAMA. Click “Buy Eth With Card” to begin and follow the on screen steps. We recommend purchasing a minimum of $15 worth of ETH to cover the minimum TAMA purchase.Buy TAMA With ETH.

Once you have sufficient ETH in your wallet (if you do not have ETH or USDT, please select option 1 to purchase ETH first), you can now swap your ETH for TAMA. Type in the amount of TAMA you wish to purchase (1,000 minimum) and then click “Convert Eth”.

Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also show you the cost of gas.Buy TAMA with USDT. Please ensure you have at least $15 of USDT in your wallet before commencing the transaction.

Type in the amount of TAMA you wish to purchase (1,000 minimum). Click “Convert USDT”. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Please ensure you go through both approval steps in order to complete the transaction.


Once the presale has concluded, you will be able to claim your TAMA tokens. We will release details closer to the time, however you will need to visit the main site and click on the gold “Claim” button.

Tamadoge Contract

Use the contact information below to add the TAMA token to your wallet.

Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8

Decimals: 18

Token symbol: TAMA

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Battle Infinity- One of the Best NFTs to Buy

Another good choice for investment, which is not a traditional NFT collection, but a crypto project that connects NFTs into a virtual world, is certainly Battle Infinity. Being one of the best P2E projects, Battle Infinity allows you to be rewarded with native tokens of this platform, i.e., IBAT tokens, in a fun way. Battle Infinity was actually created in such a way that all in-game items are structured as NFTs, meaning that you can customize your avatar, you can buy different clothes for him, can invest in plots of virtual land, and many other interesting things. All in all, users love Battle Infinity for the multitude of features it offers, and it’s no wonder why this platform is experiencing such great success.


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Lucky Block- One of the Cheapest NFT Projects

All of you who are looking for the best NFT project right now should definitely consider Lucky Block and its “Platinum Rollers Club” collection. We won’t even waste words reminding you that Lucky Block is by all standards one of the most successful altcoins of all time, but let us tell you that Lucky Block NFT offers the possibility for crypto-lottery draws, but also for special, daily NFT draws. Therefore, all Lucky Block NFT holders on a daily basis have not one, but two opportunities to win incredible prizes. But that’s not all. As a holder of NFTs from this collection, you will automatically receive a free entry to each “Platinum Competition”. So, as you can see, there are many reasons why you should purchase an NFT from this collection. 


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Silks- 15th best-selling Ethereum Sports NFT on OpenSea

While you were researching what NFTs should you purchase on OpenSea, Silks likely appeared as one of the suggestions. If on the one hand you are a fan of games and on the other hand you are a fan of horses, then Silks will be particularly interesting for you, considering that Silks allows you to earn money by playing games in which you own these animals. Silks is based on the idea that you, as the user, own NFTs of the fastest real-world thoroughbred racehorses. Silks is an NFT game based on the fact that if the user owns the NFT of the racehorse that wins in real-world races, he gets rewards in the Silks metaverse. To enjoy the interesting activities offered by Silks, you should first become the owner of Silks Avatar NFT. All in all, Silks managed to become the 15th best-selling Ethereum Sports NFT on OpenSea, and whether Silks is “your cup of tea”, judge for yourself.



FaceTransPlants- NFT collection for art and satire fans

People who want to be part of a community that pays special attention to art and creativity, find FaceTransPlants (FTP) to be an extremely interesting NFT collection. This collection consists of 10,000 satirically depicted caricatures of human faces and is accompanied by a funny and interesting storyline. The collection was created by the anonymous artist SCALE and his hidden identity adds a touch of mystery to the whole story. The whole idea around FaceTransPlants is very interesting, but we have to admit that there are still much better choices if you are in doubt about which NFT to invest in at this time. 



Ok, you can see for yourself that there is a large selection of NFTs that you can buy at the moment. Today, we have paid attention to only a few possible choices in order to ease your dilemma, but the fact is that every day we are overwhelmed by new collections and new choices that we can make. So, how to make the right decision and choose the ideal NFT to invest in? Very simple, you just need to pay attention to history and predictions and you will easily conclude which investment has the best chance of ensuring your success. Our top picks for investment are certainly Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block NFT precisely because they have had good results since their appearance until today, and at the same time, they show chances for even greater success in the coming period.