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What is Radiant Blockchain? Radiant Price Prediction, Pros/Cons And Alternatives

Radiant blockchain is a revolutionary decentralized network that enables the transfer of value using the proof-of-work algorithm. The blockchain was designed to solve some of the limitations in existing networks, such as parallelism, scaling, and the use of a turing complete programming.  The network uses the induction-proof system to validate digital assets. 

Radiant requires minimal infrastructure to function, very much like Bitcoin, which it shares the same type of algorithm with. The Radiant blockchain allows users to own and transfer digital assets without a central authority. These users can also exit and rejoin the network and be rest assured that their assets are safe.

The network’s merit is that it combines the benefits of an EVM-compatible blockchain with unspent transaction output (UTXO) blockchain. Radiant is a high-performance blockchain designed to accommodate big block data and, therefore, is scalable. Developers can also host decentralized applications on the blockchain. It offers developers more freedom to do more without the limitations of other EVM networks. The blockchain supports electron wallets.

In addition to the price prediction, merits, and demerits of Radiant, this article will also help you discover some alternative tokens that experts have predicted to explode more than 10x with massive rewards in the future.

Radiant Blockchain Price Prediction (2022 – 2025)

Radiant Blockchain is currently trading at $0.04273, according to data from Coinmarketcap. Here is the price prediction for RDNT, the internal currency of the network.


RDNT Price

2022 $0.030000
2023 $0.0450000
2024 $0.049000
2025 $0.058000

With the price prediction of Radiant presented in the table above, let’s now take a deep look at a few other coins with the potential of surpassing the rewards of Radiant.

Alternatives To Radiant Network

What are the alternatives to the Radiant network? Here are the top chains that are alternative investment options to RDNT.

Tamadoge (TAMA)Latest Meme coin gaining traction in the Metaverse

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn platform that motivates players with non-fungible tokens. The Tamadoge ecosystem is incentivized by TAMA, the platform’s internal currency. The Tamadoge metaverse enables users to own, breed, and even battle collectible NFTs. The metaverse has been promoted as a meme coin driving a metaverse where users can mint and battle pets with all the advantages of a Game-fi ecosystem.

The augmented reality platform takes advantage of web 3.0 to bring one of the best gaming experiences to users. The Tamadoge team recently raised $19 million after a presale that lasted a couple of months.

TAMA is expected to perform well in the token market despite being a new meme coin. This is because the token powers a meme coin behind one of the most exciting doge projects yet. Building a coin that drives a metaverse where users are eager to earn NFT is a no-brainer, mainly because of the high demand for such collectibles. 

TAMA is expected to challenge other meme coins that do not have real utility. The token also has the advantage of benefiting from the high demand witnessed in the NFT market.

This week also saw the listing of Tama on the OKX exchange platform and immediately began to make profit for those who bought TAMA early on. You can get involved in this great opportunity to turn a profit at the OKX exchange now. Those who can’t use the CEX, can make use of  the OKX DEX where it is also possible to capitalize on TAMA’s  rise. 


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Battle Infinity (IBAT)Leading Fantasy Sports Crypto-gaming Universe

Battle Infinity is a play-to-earn platform that incorporates fantasy sports in the metaverse. Users of the platform can build their own sporting teams and join contests where they can compete with others. Battle Infinity has been branded with some of the top gaming activities on the planet and is expected to attract a high number of investors and players as a result. The internal token of the play-to-earn metaverse project is IBAT.

There are other products available on the platform. Battle Staking enables users to stake their tokens. Staking the IBAT comes with other benefits as the users play on the platform.

Battle Swap is a DEX based on the Battle Infinity platform. Users can buy IBAT and also convert it to other tokens on the decentralized exchange. This enables players to have a smooth experience in-platform without the next to use external exchanges to exchange their game winnings.

The Battle Market is a marketplace for tokenized goods. The platform is based on the BEP721 tokenization blockchain. Battle Games is the zone where layered NFTs are available. 

IBAT is currently on sale on various exchange platforms. Do not miss out on this promising token.


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Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Most Innovative P2E platform on Binance Smart Chain

Lucky Block is an NFT gaming platform where users can enter NFT contests and win rewards. It has been described as the leading NFT platform for contests. The platform schedules competitions regularly, and holders of the LBLOCK tokens are rewarded. Access to competitions is possible only by holding the token. 

The reward system is designed to make holding LBLOCK beneficial for all holders. The LBLOCK NFT is paired with competitions, and a holder is rewarded when the specific NFT the competition is paired with has been sold out. 

The Lucky Block competitions are highly rewarding. Some of the star prizes are Lamborghini, a $1 million Bitcoin prize, and a $1 million house.

LBLOCK is expected to be a rewarding token and has been listed in leading exchanges. The blockchain code has been thoroughly audited by a third party and has proven to be secure. 

According to the team, the token is held by 57,000 users who are beneficiaries of its gains over time. There is a total of 10,000 NFTs available on the platform. 8000 are currently available, while 11,000 BNB has been traded on the platform. This is equivalent to $3 million in sales. 

LBLOCK is a good alternative to the Radiant network that is worth exploring mainly because of its potential as an investor-rewarding token.

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Pros And Cons of Radiant Blockchain

Pros of Radiant Network

What are the pros or strengths of the Radiant network?

  • Radiant supports smart contracts, enabling developers to deploy decentralized applications (dApps).
  • Radiant network is a tool for the transfer of value in its peer-to-peer network.
  • Despite being a proof-of-work blockchain, Radiant demands minimal infrastructure to function

Cons of Radiant Network

What setbacks are there in the Radiant network?

  • The blockchain uses the proof-of-work consensus protocol that operates on SHA512. 
  • Radiant is a newly launched blockchain, so it has not weathered the upheavals of the blockchain space.


Final Words

Radiant blockchain has the potential to grow to become a network that many users would utilize for value transfer. However, the prospect of the token in terms of profitability is not as high as tokens like TAMA, IBAT, and LBLOCK, which have real-world utility beyond value transfer. For investors seeking assets that would give them high ROI, the latter trio is better deals than RDNT.

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