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Alternatives to ETH as Price Precarity Continues

The much-anticipated Ethereum merge has come and gone. The Proof-of-work system is history, and the Proof-of-stake technology is here to stay. This major upgrade has seen a tremendous reduction in energy requirements and computing power for mining activities. However, the price of Ethereum has fallen below its previous value.

On September 15th, 2022, the most significant event in the history of the Ethereum Blockchain took place. The Proof-of-stake concept was merged with the Proof-of-work system to create a more robust technology.

However, since the merge, the price of Ethereum has fallen, and investors are wondering what the aftermath of the merge will look like. Stick around as you’ll learn more about the effect of the Ethereum merge and why other coins like TAMA, IBAT, and LBLOCK are currently the best alternatives for crypto investors.

Ethereum Merge: The Aftermath

On the 15th of September, Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, underwent the final stages of the merger. This major upgrade has seen a permanent change in the transaction verification system of the network from the energy-consuming proof-of-work to the energy-efficient proof-of-stake.

Before the merge happened, the price of Ethereum was almost twice what it was in June, which was even higher than the gains of Bitcoin. Fast forward to September 20th, after the successful merge, the price of Ethereum has fallen to 15.2 percent of its previous value. That is even more than Bitcoin’s fall of 4.4 percent around the same time. According to Coinmarketcap, the price of Ethereum at the time of this writing is $1,301/ 

Crypto merchants are switching their investments from Ethereum and other altcoins into bitcoin as some crypto experts predict the price of bitcoin will do better than Ethereum in the coming months. Another major concern is that Ethereum will now fall under the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and become classified as a security. That means Ethereum may now become regulated.

So, with this disappointing turn of events, if you’re a crypto investor who is searching for tokens with higher potential right now in the crypto market, don’t stop reading yet. You’ll find in the next section some of the most promising crypto projects you can cash in on right now.

Tamadoge (TAMA): The Current Most Buzzing Coin in the Market

TAMA is the native token of the Tamadoge ecosystem, and it is one of the most trending cryptocurrencies in 2022. The Tamadoge has so much utility that enthusiasts call it the “multi-utility token” because it offers users so much utility.

When the Tamadoge project launched, the TAMA tokens sold for $0.01 per token, and after the presale, the TAMA tokens were valued at $0.03 per token, which is equivalent to a 3x price increment. With the generation of $19 million in the presale phase, which began in July 2022, and ended on the 18th of September 2022, the TAMA token is predicted by experts to skyrocket over 10x in 2023.

Additionally, TAMA is deflationary, with a maximum token supply of two billion tokens. 50 percent of this was available during the presale, while 20 percent of the TAMA tokens will be available when Tamadoge becomes listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges platforms. The listing of TAMA on these exchanges has already taken place on OKX & it’s DEX Luckilyd. You just can’t afford to miss out on this impressive coin.

19 million raise tamadoge

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Battle Infinity (IBAT): Multi-utility Metaverse Fantasy Sports Token

The Battle Infinity ecosystem revolves around the metaverse saturated with exciting play-to-earn games. Players can generate their most preferred avatars to participate in Battle Infinity’s games and earn in-game rewards. Battle Infinity is one crypto project that had one of the fastest presales in 2022.

In the Battle Infinity ecosystem, there are six different places where players can participate. The most popular is the IBAT Premier League, which provides players with a fantasy sports league that is built on blockchain and NFTs and is the first of its kind.

There are also NFT marketplaces where players can sell and mint their artwork, purchase new avatars, and customize existing ones. Users can also buy virtual plots of land and advertise on in-game billboards.

Additionally, the Battle Infinity ecosystem will feature a DeFi exchange – IBAT Battle Swap – for easy swapping of tokens. Battle Infinity has a total token supply of 10 billion tokens. With all these features, it’s easy to see why this project is very promising, with a high chance of attracting many investors.

Battle Infinity

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK): Best Crypto-Gaming Blockchain

Lucky Block is another multi-utility novel crypto that launched its native token in January 2022 and, in May, launched its first prize draw. Lucky Block aims to solve the lack of trust and transparency in the current jackpot system, among other things.

With the Web 3.0 decentralized system, Lucky Block aims to do away with the centralized regulators so that prize draws sent to winners are fairly and randomly generated, and the Play-to-Earn is devoid of all internal and external manipulations. Smart Contracts are used for outcome generation.

At presale, Lucky Block sold at $0.00015 per token, and those who invested at this price have made huge profits because, as of the time of this writing, the price per token of LBLOCK (V2) is $0.0005114. Therefore, it is easy to understand why LBLOCK is regarded as one of the top long-term investments to make this year.

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Solana (SOL): The Former Crypto World Darling

Solana was launched officially in 2020 and was popularly called the Ethereum killer. Buoyed by low fees for transactions, fast processing speeds, and an NFT marketplace that was rapidly growing, Solana quickly became a household name in the crypto space. In terms of market cap, it rose to become one of the best cryptos. Its peculiarity was the combination of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history blockchain dynamics with an emphasis on accessibility and scalability, particularly concerning decentralized finance.

After the hack, the price of Solana fell. Nevertheless, the candles of Solana are not out yet as there are growing signs of a bounce back. For this reason, Solana is an option to explore for investors who want to diversify their portfolios.


The hype around the Ethereum merge has given way to gloom and confusion as Ethereum’s price fell immediately after the merge. Miners and investors are looking for other alternatives. If you belong to this group, then you should consider TAMA, the current king of all meme coins, as well as other promising coins like IBAT and LBLOCK.