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TamaDoge SURGES past pre-sale price – why you need to invest now!

The most recent meme coin to emerge is called Tamadoge (TAMA). This new meme coin has proven itself that it has what it takes to become the newest accepted meme coin. Meme coins attach well-known memes with brand-new cryptocurrency. The creators utilize the joke’s popularity to gain support and attention for their new project. 

Shiba Inu ( SHIB ) and Dogecoin (DOGE) were examples of this. Memecoins have the potential to attain a high listing value or make significant gains in the market, despite the fact that they typically lack the support of a legitimate enterprise. Memecoins have the potential to attain a high listing value or make significant gains in the market, despite the fact that they typically lack the support of a serious project.

There is a brand-new meme coin available right now. Its name is Tamadoge, and it has placed itself become one of the most important new cryptocurrencies available.

What are the features of the Tamadoge coin ?

Tamadoge is a brand-new cryptocurrency that aims to top all other meme coins. Play-to-earn (P2E) games and the metaverse are two ideas that will have been integrated into the project. The pre-sale for the cryptocurrency, which launched a few months ago, was able to raise more than $1.8 million.

What makes the Tamadoge coin unique ?

Tamadoge launched with a project, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies that were inspired by memes. The metaverse where users may create, purchase, and interact with various pets is called the TamaVerse, which was created as part of the Tamadoge project. 

The tamadoge coin is a meme coin that has a lot of utilities attached to it.  This makes it worth everyone’s investments.



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Why Tama is a profitable investment for cryptocurrency traders?

The combination of two significant concepts is what makes the TAMA cryptocurrency intriguing. There are the meme coins world social concept. 

The reliability of a trustworthy coin is also important; it is supported by a project that combines the design of Play – to – Earn games with a focus on the establishment of a metaverse. This became obvious recently when investors gained more than 300% profit after the coin was listed on OKX exchange.

Cryptocurrency traders who enjoy memes and Play-to-Earn game initiatives can consider investing in Tamadoge.

Is Tamadoge going to be a successful crypto coin?

Any cryptocurrency coin that captures $1 million or more during the crypto winter should be regarded as promising. With the best of both worlds in terms of memes and important projects, Tamadoge is unquestionably a new wager in the cryptocurrency market.

In contrast to DOGE and other meme cryptocurrencies, Tamadoge aims to give users a meme coin that has actual value in the metaverse that supports the currency. Another important feature that is making the tamadoge have a great potential for success is its affordability. 

TAMA started a beta presale on July 25, 2022. Tamadoge could be purchased by investors for $0.01 per token, with a minimum expected purchase of 1,000 tokens ($10). Investors may purchase TAMA using ETH or USDT, which they may then exchange for TAMA.

Alternatively, customers can use a debit or credit card to purchase TAMA with fiat money. The second part of the presale, which has witnessed an increase from the initial listing, has begun after the beta phase, which was completed well in advance, was completed.

The Tamadoge coin is also being utilised as a deflationary token. The fact that Tamadoge seeks to be a deflationary token is one of the advantages of purchasing it.  For instance, because the amount of available tokens has increased over time for cryptocurrencies like Doge and Shiba Inu, they do not use the same inflation-containing method.

Since Dogecoin’s token supply has increased from its initial 100 billion to its current 132 billion, there is more supply than there is demand. TAMA, on the other hand, has a system that estimates how many tokens will eventually run out and has set a 2 billion token limit.

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