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4 Features of Blockchain That Support Sustainability Efforts

There has never been more urgent to think about sustainability than nowadays when we face an energy crisis, climate change, and loss of biodiversity. But can new technologies that work on blockchain help our efforts to reduce carbon footprints and support sustainability?

What Is Blockchain, and How Can Features of Blockchain Support Sustainability Efforts? 

Let’s start by explaining what blockchain is. A blockchain is a secure decentralized ledger where data is recorded and stored in a way it can be changed or deleted. The data is stored in blocks that make chains, where each block contains the information of the previous one. It is a technology that allows participants to share data and transactions without worrying about any third party interfering. Here are the best features of blockchain: 

  • It is a distributed database – Blockchain uses cryptography to record each transaction on the chain. You can use blockchain to track goods from their source to the end user with transparency and accuracy. 
  • It is transparent – Blockchain creates a system that is trustworthy and accountable. Each transaction is transparent, so everyone can see what is done. This feature can be used for tracking and managing environmental projects with ease. 
  • Secure and efficient – Blockchain is a secure and efficient technology that can reduce carbon footprints by making the transactions between parties less complicated. It is also secure and transparent, meaning no one can tamper with the data stored on the blockchain. 
  • It is immutable and tamper-proof – Blockchain is immutable, meaning it provides easy and fast transactions across the chain that are traceable and secure. This can help companies in reducing the environmental impact or combat fraud.

Invest in Blockchain Projects That Directly Support Sustainability

As you can see, blockchain can be used by companies to implement faster, transparent procedures that will help them monitor their businesses’ sustainability. But there are some blockchain projects that directly support sustainable companies globally. 

As an end user or investor, you can participate in this project and help your company become more sustainable. One of the most popular new projects of this kind is (IMPT), a large ecosystem that is based on blockchain and supports individuals and businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint. (IMPT) is a new project that aims to give support to individuals and companies who would like to reduce their carbon footprint. On the platform, individuals, businesses, and communities will get a chance to reduce their impact on the environment in the most efficient and safest method possible.

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How Does (IMPT) Work? (IMPT) is a platform where users can buy, sell or retire their carbon credits. These carbon credits are minted into NFTs. This tokenization of carbon credits will prevent any fraudulent activities and allow users to keep track of their NFTs. Users will be allowed to trade their NFTs for fiat currency or another cryptocurrency. 

The great thing about this mining facility is that it is powered by a surplus supply of clean, green, renewable energy. The energy comes from hydroelectricity generated in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. 

Currently, 10,000+ brands have agreed to join (IMPT) with over two billion products. 

Users will be allowed to earn their IMPT tokens by doing regular shopping from the platform partner brands by using the platform’s online widget. 

impt message

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How to Buy (IMPT)?

As you can see, you can earn your tokens by shopping or by buying them on the platform. First, you need to sign up on the platform and buy IMPT tokens with crypto or a card, after which you need to convert your IMPT tokens to carbon credits. Your carbon credits are minted into NFTs after this, so you need to list and trade carbon credits on the marketplace. 

After this is done, you will have two options. The first option is to burn your carbon credit NFT to composite for your carbon footprint. Every time you burn your carbon credits, you will get a specially designed collectible NFT. The second option is to hold on to your carbon credits so you can use them later on for investment purposes. 

Why (IMPT) Is a Good Investment?

If you are looking for a project that directly supports the sustainability of the major brands and companies while being eco-friendly themselves, then is your best choice. The IMPT tokens presale starts on 1 October and will last until 25 November or until all 120,000,000 tokens are sold. The price on presale will be $0.06, which can be an excellent investment in the long run. If you have any experience in crypto trading, you know that the best moment to invest in crypto or NFT is when they are on presale. Because this is the lowest price, it will ever be, and after the presale is done, you can only expect the NFT price to rise. 

Another reason you should invest in this particular project is that it is an ecosystem that collects the most impactful projects around the world, which were audited to avoid fraud. All the projects and companies that are on this platform are under the guidance of the Global Certification Protocols.

How Can Blockchain Help in Sustainability? 

For starters, blockchain can be used to support sustainable business practices by tracking where the goods come from and how the supply chain affects the environment. Since all the records on the blockchain can not be easily changed, businesses can trust that the data about certain products or companies is true. It is also good for the efficiency of the company and can reduce the costs of developing the inventory and other procedures. 

It can be used for environmental monitoring, supply chain, and food tracking and help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

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