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5 Online Tools to Help Your Team Get Back to the Office

Renee Johnson
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Just a few months ago, the business world was scrambling to adapt to a new world, one where remote work reigned supreme. While many companies are continuing to embrace remote work, many simply can’t afford to stay out of the office forever. As society begins to open back up, companies need to know exactly how they can return to their offices safely. 

There’s no easy way to get back to work during a global pandemic. Many hurdles lie ahead for business leaders looking to get their employees back into the office, but for some, the challenge may just be worth it. If you’re looking for digital tools that can help your team re-enter the workplace safely, here are five places to start:

1. 6 Feet Apart

6 Feet Apart is a resource of information and tools to help you navigate our new COVID world. Every aspect of life from business to travel to personal health and everywhere in between is covered on the site, and new topics are getting added weekly. 

As businesses try to get their team back in the office, this site can help them figure out things like designing your workspace to be as safe as possible, or how to best care for your employees during the pandemic. It’s not a static source either: as the situation evolves, so will the content on 6 Feet Apart, making it something you can draw upon as long as you need to.

2. Citrix Workspace 

Transitioning out of the office was no small task for your business — and going back likely won’t be any easier. Citrix Workspace is a platform purpose-built to help you get around these issues, allowing your employees to get back to the office as seamlessly as possible when the time comes. 

Citrix Workspace centralizes all of your company’s cloud operations, ensuring that all of the tools available to remote workers are available to those in the office and vice versa. It’s a system of secure connections that guarantees smooth access for your entire organization, an invaluable investment to make during times like these.

3. Healthy at Work

Operated by Alphabet-owned Verily, Healthy at Work is the go-to for businesses looking to cover all of their bases when it comes to the health of employees. As many challenges as going back to the office may face, none is greater than securing the lasting wellbeing of your workers, and Healthy at Work is designed to help you do just that. 

Featuring a combination of symptoms reporting, test tracking, and results transmission, Healthy at Work brings every aspect of employee health into one place, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks as the office reopens. COVID-19 may be out of your control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take tangible steps to protect your workers from it.

4. Work.com

Work.com is Salesforce’s answer to the question of how companies can reopen their offices safely and effectively. Featuring many of the elements of Healthy at Work, Work.com can also be purchased in pieces, allowing you to buy access only to the applications that will prove the most useful for your company. 

Featuring everything from employee contact tracing to customer health tracking, Work.com has been a go-to platform for institutions as varied as Deloitte and the University of Kentucky. Opening up won’t be easy, but Work.com can give you the tech you need to do so safely at an affordable price.

5. Oracle Workforce Health and Safety

Though not as all-encompassing as some of the other tools on this list, Oracle’s Workforce Health and Safety Overview is a training module for HR representatives and business leaders that Oracle has provided to users of its services free of charge during the pandemic. 

The module features information on workplace liability as well as what leaders can and must do to secure the health of their teams. It’s a valuable guide for leaders to refer back to when reopening the office, helping them decide precisely which measures to take and who should be affected by their implementation. No one wants to undergo this process alone, and guides like these can help the decision-making process be a little easier.

Whether you’re opening up your office now or simply making preparations to do so well into next year, you’ll need a bit of backup. The tools on this list will ease your burden, allowing you to focus on the wellbeing of your employees in all situations — an absolute non-negotiable during COVID-19.

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