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Improve Your Communication Skills as a Leader

Renee Johnson
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Being a leader entails being an expert in your field or possessing a unique skill set. As a result, you have one-of-a-kind original ideas that can boost your company’s bottom line. However, if you can’t properly connect with clients or staff, your impact will be restricted.

Learning to improve your communication skills can be an important part of your professional and personal success.

In addition, using your leadership communication abilities is the first step toward boosting your team’s efficiency and morale. Therefore, it is a big part of building and maintaining a successful business.

Today, we’ll look at four different approaches to strengthen your leadership communication skills:


1. Develop Emotional Intelligence and Start a Conversation

It is critical that you speak with someone rather than at someone. Instead of a monologue, you should concentrate on building a dialog. Every communication should be an information exchange rather than a command.

Therefore, make sure you solicit feedback from your audience in order to make more educated decisions.

You can sympathize with others and consider their viewpoints if you have emotional intelligence. It’s a talent that will help influence your conversations with coworkers and clients. In addition, increasing your emotional awareness can help you better regulate diverse situations.


2. Improve Non-verbal Communication

Most leaders overlook one crucial part of communication: body language. It is more important than you may realize, especially when it begins to contradict your verbal message. For example, when you nod your head while saying ‘No,’ it can be a little perplexing.

Negative feedback will result from a contradicting message. This is because the audience will believe you are lying to them. It’s a situation that will quickly erode confidence and lead to misunderstandings.

Therefore, when talking with your team or clients, you must ensure your body language conveys the appropriate emotions. Work on improving your body movement, tone, facial expression, posture, and speech speed. All of these contribute to successful communication, hence the success of your organization.


3. Improve Your Communication Skills and Seek Feedback

Did you realize that every communication has three different message versions? There is the intended message, the actual communication transmitted in words, and the receiver’s interpretation of the message. Therefore, keeping things short will help you keep your communication on track.

You can improve your communication skills by practicing the art of concise speech. In addition, getting feedback is critical because it reveals what resonated with your audience. It also allows you to rapidly clarify any points and respond to any inquiries or issues that may arise.

This is a great method to make sure everyone is on the same page and to increase efficiency.

Similarly, it’s also a good idea to inquire what part of the message was difficult to grasp. This way you can clarify things in your future contact.


4. Use the Power of Clarity in the Written Word

Writing down your message with clarity can help you improve your spoken communication. However, it can also help you improve your overall communication. Just make sure your words are clear and accurate.

Additionally, see to it that you have a viable call to action. Having a call to action is an essential component of communication. This is particularly true when giving a presentation such as PowerPoint.

Never leave your audience wondering what it is that they should do next. Always give them clear directions. This will enhance their engagement in future presentations as well.

Further, working on your email communication will also be beneficial. When you have an email with many topics, questions, or actions, start by numbering them. Additionally, every email correspondence should be upbeat.

This is important in order to encourage readers to read the entire message. Having your audience only read a piece of your email is ineffective.


Improving Communication Skills Takes Time

It will take some time to master your leadership communication skills. Therefore, you’ll have to put in some effort and patience until you figure out the winning formula.

As you practice, ask for feedback. Be sure to get input from both peers and employees. Further, it may be helpful to shadow leaders whom you admire to watch how they work.

Lastly, give yourself plenty of time and space to practice and improve. Developing new skills can take time.


Image Credit: Christina Morillo; Pexels; Thank you!

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