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How Links Between Gaming & Blockchain Are Growing

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After the blockchain release, a new gaming sub-genre arose – crypto games. Crypto games are far different from traditional games because they enable players to earn cryptocurrency by playing them. Cryptocurrency can be converted from these games into real money or used for buying new items within the game.

When you play a crypto game, you are rewarded with cryptocurrency that can be used outside the game in the real world. The idea of this approach is to encourage gamers to keep playing by giving them an incentive in crypto so that they can redeem it for real-world goods and services.

In this article, we will see how blockchain technologies are helping the gaming industry and list some of the existing successful blockchain game projects.


The perfect example of how the combination of blockchain technology and gaming can be a winning solution eventually is Tamadoge. Tamadoge is the dogecoin of the future, which allows you to care for your very own Tamadoge pet.

Tamadoge uses the latest NFT technology and token standards to bring you a token that can inject life into your loved pets. 

Tamadoge pets are at the core of this blockchain project. These mintable and tradable NFTs are pets you can purchase using your Tamadoge token (TAMA). Each Tamadoge pet is minted as a baby with unique stats, strengths, and weaknesses.

As you feed and play with your pet, you’ll see it grow over time. Once your Tamadoge pet grows into an adult, it can battle other players’ pets to become the top Doge on the Tamadoge leaderboard, using the turn-based Tamadoge battling arena. 

This blockchain-based game project is crushing social media platforms and has already reached almost 50k followers on Twitter.

Tamadoge was built and created by high-profile coin owners with no vesting period, including zero tax on all transactions. As a result, whenever you make a purchase in the Tamadoge store, you always pay with the Tamadoge token (TAMA).


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Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a project that efficiently used blockchain technology to produce excellent fantasy sports games. It has combined both blockchain technologies and gaming and built several exciting games.

Moreover, Battle Infinity is a whole ecosystem that mostly focuses on fantasy sports, enabling its players to create teams and battle with other players to reach a better rank in their leagues.

The mission of Battle Infinity is to revolutionize fantasy sports by competing against extremely popular companies in India, such as Dream11. 

This platform uses IBAT, a native token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. All in-game assets are valued through their own token, and players can use them for transactions, staking, and other activities. 

Battle Infinity consists of six major products: 

  • IBAT Premier League
  • IBAT Battle Swap
  • IBAT Battle Market
  • IBAT Battle Games
  • IBAT Battle Arena
  • and IBAT Battle Stake.

The Coinsniper platform claimed that Battle Infinity is KYC verified, with over 193,900 votes received. This clears any possibility of their team taking the investors’ money and disappearing overnight. Additionally, Battle Infinity’s smart contract was audited for vulnerabilities by Solid Proof and gave another layer of security to the players.


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Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an NFT-based competition platform that offers daily decentralized, fair, and transparent competitions. It is different from other crypto projects mainly because everyone is a winner in this project. Furthermore, as long as a user owns LBLOCK or a Lucky Block NFT, he can claim a part of the rewards pool.

Lucky Block has a unique play-to-earn gaming concept, with a free jackpot mechanic for its crypto token and NFT holders. It serves as a good way for players to win, even if they aren’t successful in the weekly prize draws. Moreover, if you are a Platinum Rollers Club NFT owner, you get free entry into all the designated Platinum NFT prize competitions. 

Lucky Block has a promising future in the industry as there are relatively few decentralized crypto sweepstakes formats that also adopt a play-to-earn format, where investors earn crypto passive income and free have free ways to play.

Lucky Block’s team recently bumped a new v2 version and used the ERC-20 over the BEP-20 standard. Given that Ethereum has the greatest selection of dApps, there is a potential for Lucky Block to be integrated into a list of exciting projects.


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Blockchain & Gaming Industry Goals

In the existing top-quality games, the goal of blockchain involvement is to be invisible. Players will enjoy an AAA gameplay experience, while the Web3 technology will work in the background enabling players’ important features and enhancing the gaming experience.

With the idea of enabling voting on in-game item development, map creation tools, game innovations, and functions, community members have the ability to get involved in different aspects of the game prior to its launch. In addition, blockchain allows game developers to open the game creation journey to their communities, transforming the traditional player-studio relationship.

Blockchain Brings Benefits To The Gaming Industry

There are some benefits of blockchain technology that help in transforming the gaming industry and building blockchain games. We have listed some of them below.

Secure and transparent transactions

Blockchain is a secure and transparent technology, ensuring no double-spends or fraud in transactions. Basically, it adds a layer of security to users when engaging in digital transactions, and it’s perfect for games where users share their sensitive data or virtual assets, such as in the case of NFTs.

Improved security

Since blockchain technology offers an additional layer of security by using encryption systems, it also protects sensitive data such as players’ information, game data, and transactions from being hacked.

Improved user experience

Blockchain improves the overall user experience by providing a more efficient and secure way to engage in digital transactions and access virtual assets.

Earning rewards

Players can earn rewards from cryptocurrencies by completing quests and missions. 

In traditional games, players were rewarded with points that had no monetary value outside the game whatsoever. But, with blockchain-based games, it’s different. Players can earn cryptocurrencies and use them as real money to purchase items from other players or even buy products on e-commerce websites.

Outstanding Empowerment For Players

Blockchain can also enable games to empower players by facilitating true ownership of in-game assets. Unlike traditional games, blockchain-based games enable players to attach their possessions, like weapons and skins, to an immutable, transferable, and valuable identity. In addition, this allows players to get real rewards for their items in a way they have never experienced in traditional games. 

Furthermore, recording game items on the blockchain has the added benefit of helping to create a backstory for every item in the game. So, for instance, a player could pick up a weapon and tell who had used it, who had created it and how it was won before them. As a result, this builds an extra layer of storytelling to the gameplay experience, accentuating what players already love about gaming.


More and more games are integrating their core gaming experience with blockchain technologies. Blockchain has evolved the gaming industry into something more appealing and fun for players.  With this futuristic approach, players can get real rewards for their items in a way they have never experienced in traditional games. 

This whole idea builds an extra layer of storytelling to the gameplay experience and underlines what players already love about gaming.

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