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Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin – Buying This Coin Could Provide 300% Gains in 2023

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With the crypto market in full-swing recovery, we are now witnessing the resurgence of once-popular meme coins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. These tokens are pumping again, but neither can lay claim to the title of the most popular meme coin these days, as they are facing as stiff competition. Tamadoge and Love Hate Inu, both newcomers to the market, have one important ingredient to offer to investors both SHIB and DOGE lack – utility.

Designed not as an Internet joke but as vital parts of their respective ecosystems, TAMA and LHINU use their status as meme coins as an aid to gain popularity and not a crutch that would drive their value. This puts them in a whole different category of tokens and ensures both of these have a bright future ahead, a fact recognized by many investors.


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Can Tamadoge Provide 300% Gains in 2023?

Tamadoge has one of the most successful crypto presales of 2022, raising more than $19 million in a matter of months. All that money was well spent, as the developers churned out games rapidly, populating the platform with some amazing titles. The current lineup consists of five games, including Tamadoge Run, Rocket Doge, To The Moon, Super Doge, and Tama Blast.

Tamadoge is currently one of the most popular gaming destinations on the web, with more unique monthly visits than The Sandbox and Decentralized combined. Considering how long these two platforms have been in existence compared to Tamadoge makes this a huge victory for the TAMA team.

Apart from quality and addicting titles, one of Tamadoge’s major draws is Play2Earn (P2E) mechanics. Allowing players to make some cash while they play games is an amazing motivation tool and one that provides constant incentives for them to improve their style. It also adds a whole new competitive edge, as games are not only about pride anymore.

All in-game transactions are powered by TAMA tokens, of which there are never enough to cover all the purchases players want to make. This is a great concept for investors and TAMA holders, as it provides constant upward pressure, pushing its price up regardless of the eccentricities of the crypto market. That is why experts claim that Tama can provide 300% gains in 2023.

Tamadoge Outperforms Both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

Tamadoge proved its potential right off the bat. It reached a $400k trading volume in just hours after the first listing on the OKX exchange. The first 24 hours of trading saw TAMA reaching a volume of more than $4.5 million, something unheard of before for a relatively unknown token. Media outlets like CNBC were amazed by this success, claiming that the token will easily explode 50x by the end of 2023. Judging by the pace of TAMA pumping, they very well may have underestimated it.

Even though both DOGE and SHIB have made some gains recently, their growth can’t really compare to TAMA’s, despite some people trying to stir the hype similar to the one we saw in 2021. This time around, however, a lot of smaller investors remember well enough how the entire house of cards collapsed, leaving them holding the bag. That is why we don’t see either DOGE or SHIB making any serious inroads in 2023.

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Love Hate Inu Is The New Dogecoin Killer

Love Hate Inu is also reaping the benefits of the crypto market recovery and having a hugely successful presale. In a matter of weeks, the LHINU token raised more than $6 million. The innovative voting platform, utilizing the Vote2Earn approach, holds great promise, illustrated by the massive attention it is getting from investors. Both whales and small investors want a piece of the action as they scramble to get LHINU before the price explodes.

Love Hate Inu plays on one of the Internet’s most prominent features. As it turns out, Internet people love to share their opinions, often loudly. Love Hate Inu not only lets them do it but also pays them for it. This concept guarantees that there will never be a shortage of voters for any of the Love Hate Inu polls.

The massive user base will in turn attract organizations looking to get an accurate reading on the mood and opinions of their customers and users. Already people are using Love Hate Inu to determine certain political issues, and the response is overwhelming. This combination of virality and utility is the defining feature of LHINU and what sets it apart from Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other meme coins and the reason why some sources expect 300% gains from LHINU in 2023.


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Love Hate Inu Can Provide Trustworthy Polling Results

Since Love Hate Inu is based on blockchain, the results it delivers can easily be verified. Blockchain technology provides some much-needed transparency and provides poll organizers with results that can be trusted. To vote, users have to stake their LHINU tokens. This prevents spam and trolling, as each user can vote only once. This means their vote will count and they will also receive a reward once the staking period is over.

It is easy to see that the most important part of the whole process is the community. That is why the developers are taking extra care to make it their priority. To that end, they have allocated 90% of the entire LHINU supply for presale, leaving just 10% for all other needs. Compared to DOGE and SHIB, where huge chunks of the supply are being held in anonymous wallets, Love Hate Inu is an extremely transparent project. Pump-and-Dump schemes that plagued both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are simply not possible with LHINU, due to diversified supply. This fact is not lost on investors, demonstrated by the trust they place in Love Hate Inu.

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Despite recent gains, both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu remain projects highly susceptible to speculations and outside influences that determine their value. That is why their trading volumes remain relatively low, as not many investors are ready to risk it again with these assets, especially when there are better alternatives readily available. TAMA and LHINU represent a new generation of meme coins, ones that combine virality with high utility on their respective platforms to drive value and deliver profitable returns to their investors.

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