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The Most Beloved Cloud Providers for Small Business

Shari Tingle
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As the world transitions to the cloud for more than just IT needs, others need the best cloud provider for small business needs. Cloud providers make it easier to run a business and protect your company in the age of digital business. 

Cloud servers are easy to use, help your small business to reduce latency issues, and ensure your data is kept safe and secure. The various tools cloud platforms provide can simplify your day-to-day life as a business owner.

According to small business reviews, here are the five most beloved cloud providers for small business.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud provider most commonly known for assisting businesses with their IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS needs. Those who enjoy Azure as their primary cloud provider love the platform’s speed and ease of use. 

Azure makes creating and deploying your business’s applications, scaling, and recovering data a quick and simple process. Certainly, one of the main things users love about Microsoft Azure is that plenty of premade tools, guides, and templates are readily available for use.  

With a rating of 4.4 stars, Microsoft Azure reviewers have called Azure the gold standard for cloud services offerings. Indeed, reviewers love the platform’s ability to help you get rid of your on-premises infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

You have the flexibility and freedom to select the service level that’s right for your small business. Likewise, the service allows you to select only the features you need. Overall, users enjoy this platform and its capabilities. 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services — Amazon’s cloud service — is one of the most beloved business solutions on the market today. With a rating of 4.5 stars, AWS is used by businesses of every size across the world.

AWS users love this cloud provider because it allows companies to build their applications using the cloud. This provider also has many user-friendly services. Whether you’re completely new to cloud computing is secure, easy to navigate, cost-effective, and flexible.

Reviewers have called AWS the “most flexible public cloud” available and praised its features like quick threat detection, continuous monitoring, and data privacy for small business owners. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Hosting is a strong cloud provider option for small businesses looking for a cloud server solution. With a rating of 4.5 stars and millions of users, Google Cloud Platform has many excellent features for small businesses worldwide. Known as 

Google Cloud Platform is AWS’s main competition and boasts a great support team reachable 24/7. In fact, Google Cloud Platform users subscribed to the Premium support plan can expect a response to their query within 15 minutes, all year long. 

They also have a hefty security team and are focused on network expansion. Google Cloud Platform is continuously growing and expanding. 

Reviewers have called this cloud provider reliable and effective. They also praised its simplicity and ease and celebrated the customizability, ease of setup, and the ability to look ahead at how much data a request will need before completion.


Dropbox is a strong contender for people new to the cloud computing world. This cloud computing platform is a very popular service many people know as a platform for organizing files, photos, and even schoolwork. This is one of the many reasons the cloud provider is both comfortable and familiar as a cloud service.

With a rating of 4.5 stars, this cloud service offers a myriad of cloud storage options for businesses of any size. Dropbox is a wonderful tool for file sharing, backups, and syncing. Indeed, one of the perks users enjoy with the Dropbox service is file recovery. Certainly, this is considered a critical feature for business owners. 

Because Dropbox keeps copies of all deleted files or folders for up to six months, depending on your small business’s plan, it provides security and safety for users. 


OpenDrive is another excellent choice for your small business’s cloud provider. This platform has a multitude of features for small businesses, including workflow management, data storage, and even backups.

OpenDrive is compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android devices. Therefore, it is a great choice for small companies using various tech products to complete their work. Also, the cloud provider has many great features like versioning, encryption, hotlinking, file-sharing, syncing, and more. 

With a rating of four stars, reviewers love the way OpenDrive works for their small businesses. But, it can also help small businesses expand as they grow in the future. 

The Best Cloud Servers By Review

As your small business looks to join the cloud, or perhaps choose a new cloud provider, reading reviews is a big help. Reviews encompass honest reviews of a product by people who have already tried it themselves. 

These five cloud service providers have many great reviews and are a great way to help you manage your business. Depending on your business needs, one of these five cloud servers is a fantastic place to start your cloud journey.

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