This Eco-Crypto Has Just 7 Days Before CEX Listing and Price Explosion – Buy on Presale Now!

The presale of the best green crypto of 2023, C+Charge (CCHG), is coming to an end. In less than 7 days, CCHG will be listed on its first major CEX at one of the most respectable crypto exchanges – BitMart. The listing will take place on Friday, March 31st. 

In other news, C+Charge has just signed a major staking partnership with The Recharge which will give all CCHG users access to access staking on The Recharge’s innovative cross-chain platform!

This led to early investors stocking up on CCHG before it’s too late and now is your last chance to join them. 

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CCHG Presale Ending in Less Than 7 Days – Last Chance to Capitalize on the Low Price

From the first day of the presale, C+Charge managed to gather a huge number of environmentally conscious investors on its platform and raise more than $3,250,000 in record time. 

If you want to join the “eco craze” and take part in one of the most exciting green crypto projects of 2023, now is your last chance to get in. 

The presale ends in less than a week and only those who take advantage of this low price now will see the highest (30-50x) gains. 

At the moment, you can buy CCHG for 0.0235 USDT per coin, and keep in mind that the value of this green crypto will never be this low again according to various analysts. 

Another positive factor about CCHG is that the dev team introduced a burning mechanism earlier last month. Tokens that went unsold in the previous stages were all burned before the project moved on to the next, which has a huge influence on token scarcity. 

c+charge presale 2

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C+Charge Brings a Robust Payment System for EV Charging

One of the key selling points of C+Charge is that this eco-friendly platform provides EV drivers with a flawless, safe, and simple solution for charging their EVs at predetermined charging stations worldwide.

EV drivers welcomed the C+Charge platform with great delight because it brought them a universal payment system for charging their vehicles quickly, simply, and safely, using CCHG tokens. Drivers can find the nearest charging stations in their area, calculates waiting times, process payments, and receive carbon credit rewards. 

Speaking of the app, the beta version is already open for use on the website and it is awaiting approval for iOS and the App Store in order to be available to the wider community. 

C+Charge not only leads to the democratization of carbon credits, and thus motivates an increasing number of users to start using EVs, but at the same time leaves a long-term positive impact on our planet. This is why it’s garnished support from so many eco-organizations around the world. 

c+charge ev

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Major Staking Partnership between C+Charge and The Recharge Increases Demand

The latest news reveals that C+Charge signed a major staking partnership with The Recharge, further increasing demand for the project and strengthening investor confidence. 

The partnership between C+Charge and The Recharge will not only allow users to stake their tokens using carbon credit swaps, but it will also enable C+Charge to access Korea’s extensive electric-charging infrastructure, which will open up new earning opportunities for additional sustainable rewards to all CCHG holders. 

This strategic partnership between C+Charge and the Recharge only speaks volumes of the team’s ambition and makes the project’s potential for profits even bigger in the following months. 

c+charge solution

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The Bottom Line 

In a time of enormous environmental pollution we live in, the need for “green”, ecologically-conscious solutions is enormous. Therefore, the recognition of such a comprehensive green platform by a huge number of users doesn’t come as a surprise. 


C+Charge, in addition to leaving an obvious long-term impact on environmental protection, also brings many other benefits, such as a simple and safe process of charging EVs, rewards in the form of carbon credits, etc. 


Therefore, if you also want to contribute to the preservation of the planet, but also gain benefits on a personal level, we recommend buying CCHG right now, before the presale is completed. We are less than a week away from the end of the presale and from the first CEX listing of this coin on BitMart. By all parameters, it seems that we’re about to witness huge profits. 


Will Macmaster

Will Macmaster

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