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As a human resources (HR) or recruiting team expands its talent search, members often face several stumbling blocks. From collecting candidate information to organizing prospective hires by their experience and unique skill sets, recruiters can find themselves awash in a sea of data.

The good news is that an ultimate solution exists: the best applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS software solutions have high-end features designed to make the recruitment process swift, accurate, and efficient.

Managing the recruitment workload and the time it often consumes isn’t for the faint-hearted. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. We researched, compared, and examined diverse tools to find only the best applicant tracking systems.

In This Guide

The Top 10 Recruiting ATS Solutions Ranked

Selecting the top recruiting ATS software solutions hinges on factors like scalability and value-for-features, which can be complex. To guide you, we’ve ranked the top 10 tools and included why each earned its place on this shortlist:

  1. TeamTailor Overall, the best applicant tracking system due to its provision of dedicated success managers, and it lets you onboard an unlimited number of users to manage applicant tracking.
  2. ClearCompany Applicant tracking software with AI assistance for efficiently setting up email campaigns and building talent management plans that ensure the right team composition.
  3. Monday.com One of the most versatile ATS tools, as the platform offers onboarding templates and recruitment pipelines that are easy to use and customize.
  4. BreezyHR The best applicant tracking system for small business teams with a free plan offering custom company career websites, unlimited users, and unlimited candidate access to applicants added in the last 30 days.
  5. Manatal The king of integration capabilities with 360 applications – including Zapier, which helps you connect to over 3,000 tools – providing an even more comprehensive, all-in-one platform for all your recruitment needs.
  6. Recruitee The best applicant tracking system for staffing agencies that hire overseas candidates with its multiple-language functionality. It attracts even more applicants with its landing page campaigns.
  7. Zoho Recruit Offering a seamless referral system, this platform does both tracking and referral management with proficiency; it even presents a unique opportunity for users to earn wallet credits by referring other recruiters.
  8. Workable Excellent for communication with its built-in video interview integrations and text messaging; you can even launch automated, targeted marketing campaigns to broaden your talent search.
  9. BambooHR Popular option that works well for those who prioritize easier employee information management, as this recruiting ATS has a built-in, customizable employee database.
  10. JazzHR The most affordable ATS on this list that gives you access to a resume parser, customizable job applications, and unlimited users at just $49 per month.

What is An Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is essentially computer software structured to streamline the recruitment tracking process from candidate search to onboarding (sometimes even up to offboarding).

Its primary function is to place all tedious and repetitive recruitment tasks into one platform, and such tasks commonly include scanning resumes and connecting seamlessly to job boards and HR software.

But what is ATS software’s edge over traditional methods? Manual recruitment tends to be a lengthy and time-consuming process. A simple candidate search can take anywhere from 32 to 68 days, depending on the job level, as stated by the Society for Human Resource Management.

There’s no denying time is a crucial ingredient in any business. So, adopting ATS recruiting software to manage the basics of recruiting isn’t just a game-changer – it’s a time-tested strategy for improved bottom lines.

The Key Benefits of Using ATS Systems in Recruitment

Not only does an ATS automate repetitive tasks, but it also enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness of the entire process. Here are the key benefits of using ATS recruitment solutions:

  • Lower Cost-Per-Hire: Save money by reducing the time and resources needed to sort through applications and hire the right person.
  • Easier Job Posting: Distribute postings across multiple channels, including job boards, social media platforms, and even pay-per-click ads simultaneously, cutting down admin tasks.
  • Single Platform Candidate Management: Keep all candidate information in one place for easy access and improved organization.
  • Fostering Collaboration: You can enable teams to communicate efficiently with built-in features like commenting, chat, and scorecards, ensuring everyone’s on the same page during recruitment.
  • Better Candidate Experience: As a top global trend for recruitment, a streamlined process fosters a better experience, improving brand reputation.
  • Job Board Integrations: Connect with major job boards, like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, to amplify job reach and attract more potential applicants.

The Top 10 Recruiting ATS Tools Reviewed

As we move forward, let’s dive deeper into each of the top-ranking ATS tools we’ve identified. We’ll explore their unique features and advantages and how they can revamp your recruitment processes. Strap in and find the tool that best suits your hiring needs as we break down the market’s best options.

1. TeamTailor – Overall, the Best Applicant Tracking System to Use in 2024

TeamTailor logo TeamTailor easily clinches our top spot among job applicant tracking systems and for good reason. Before we delve into its many winning features, let’s spotlight two that make TeamTailor shine, 1) unlimited users and 2) unparalleled customer service.

This means you can have everyone you need on board, from your HR team to the hiring managers. And the best part? Whether via live chat or email, we found that TeamTailor’s support team is always ready to help solve any issues their users have.

Everything is topped with a dedicated customer success manager who ensures your recruitment process is smooth sailing.

A view of TeamTailor’s mobile interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Contact for a quote 14-day free trial 1. Support available in minutes
2. Dedicated success managers
3. Unlimited users

You can also say goodbye to juggling different platforms for your recruitment process and video calls. TeamTailor seamlessly integrates a video call function to schedule and conduct meetings directly from the candidate’s profile, eliminating the need for external software.

With the bonus of easily accessible reminders and camera settings, it delivers a straightforward, user-friendly experience. We loved that if you need to multitask, you can simply move the video call to the sidebar and continue navigating through TeamTailor. It’s efficiency and convenience, all in one place.

Besides housing common ATS features like free job board posting, job reports, and a built-in career site, TeamTailor stands out with two key features. It works with Zapier, widening its reach to a plethora of other platforms.

Moreover, its Internal Jobs add-on helps you facilitate internal hiring with ease, fortifying team development and fostering talent within your organization.


For TeamTailor’s recruitment software, you won’t find specific pricing details on its website. However, you’d be looking at anything from $200 to $230 as the starting price, which already includes an unlimited number of users, job openings, and active candidates.

The total cost will still depend on your company’s size and any required additional features (like internal hiring), so it’s best to inquire directly.


  • Live chat support for all user types
  • SEO optimization for your TeamTailor career site
  • Gives you the ability to convert passive candidates with lead pages
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


  • Pricing information isn’t publicly available

ClearCompany logo ClearCompany stands out as a unified, cloud-based platform powered by AI, perfect for hiring teams seeking consistency and accuracy. This AI-assisted ATS makes tasks like managing job board posts and creating industry-tailored job descriptions a breeze.

In turn, these automated job descriptions can remove unconscious biases – one of the ways AI reshapes enterprise recruitment. It takes efficiency up a notch, too, sending bulk text messages and personalized emails through AI-generated templates.

Among its automation features, we liked how ClearCompany quickly coordinates interviews and allows candidates to select their own times, sending automatic email video interview links. Whether for email campaigns or sophisticated talent management plans, ClearCompany has got you covered with its AI.

A look into ClearCompany’s platform

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Contact for a quote Free demo 1. AI-assisted job descriptions
2. Tons of report types
3. Hiring forecasts

Aside from its AI-assisted features, ClearCompany shines with its comprehensive reporting suite. It tracks candidate demographics, pipeline sources, and conversions at every stage of the recruitment funnel. But it doesn’t stop there. With ClearCompany, you get a diverse range of reports for:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Performance management
  • Hiring forecasts
  • People analytics

Whether it’s requisition volume, source of hires, or scorecard analysis – it’s got you covered. Plus, you can customize reports and connect ClearCompany data with popular business intelligence tools like Looker, Tableau, Metabase, and Power BI, making data-driven decisions a reality for your recruiting team.

Another noteworthy aspect of ClearCompany is its focus on proactively managing compliance and risk. It’s a one-stop shop where you can electronically manage compliance checks, including employment eligibility, background checks, and direct deposit information, without ever leaving the platform.

Although there’s no free trial, don’t let that deter you. ClearCompany offers a free demo that we found quite useful in seeing how ClearCompany works and how it can help recruiting teams. This allows you to get a hands-on feel of its functionality to make an informed decision before committing.


ClearCompany follows the same pattern as TeamTailor: there’s no straightforward pricing information on its website. However, it does offer options to help you choose what suits you best. You can request a custom quote for total platform access, which includes an array of talent management solutions.

Alternatively, if you want to refine just part of your process, ClearCompany provides modular access to the ATS, onboarding, performance management, or employee engagement – simply talk to an expert to get a clear quote.


  • Bulk texting and recruitment SMS templates
  • Create email drip campaigns to increase recruitment outreach
  • Features for surveys, employee recognition, and 1:1 collaborations
  • Automated onboarding packets are sent to new hires after the offer


  • Limited options for messaging multiple individuals
  • Some report the app being glitchy

3. Monday.com –The Most Versatile ATS Tool

Monday Logo Monday.com sets itself apart as a versatile tool not only because of its task management functions but it’s easily one of the best ATS applicant tracking systems — and having both just simplifies your workflow.

Its true prowess lies in its adaptability as a work management tool, allowing you to customize workflows, pipelines, and views for specific tasks related to applicant tracking and tasks beyond.

Integrate applicant tracking with Monday.com’s pipeline system

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$8/user/month Free forever plan + 14-day free trial 1. Recruitment pipeline
2. Onboarding templates
3. Custom workflows

We found that the recruitment pipeline is easy to use, all within a single centralized location, and we like how Monday.com offers checklists to help new employees know exactly who to meet and which onboarding sessions to attend, making their first few weeks on the job organized and welcoming.

In our in-depth Monday.com review, we covered how customization is a staple of this software. It allows you to choose from over 30 column types to design workflows just as you want.

Then, the onboarding templates help streamline job applications with customizable forms. The platform even allows you to automatically store all relevant contact information for new recruits in an employee directory.

A bonus is the analytics feature, which allows visualization of applicant referral sources, essential for attracting the most qualified candidates. While the average response time is 2 hours, Monday.com offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring assistance is always available.


Monday.com offers 4 cost-effective plans designed to cater to the unique needs of different businesses. The Basic Plan is for those starting their journey and offers a simple way to manage tasks and projects.

The Standard Plan takes it up a notch with timelines and Gantt views, making planning and tracking easier for recruitment projects.

Monday.com’s paid plans

The Pro Plan offers time tracking and other robust features for more complex organizations. Meanwhile, the Enterprise Plan is for advanced security and control, catering to enterprise-wide recruitment agencies.


  • Store unlimited employment documents on all plans
  • A free forever plan is available
  • Daily live webinars for app guidance and tips
  • Unlimited number of work items for all paid plans


  • You have to customize tasks that aren’t yet on their template list
  • Integrations and automation are only available starting from the Standard plan

4. BreezyHR – The Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

BreezyHR logo BreezyHR emerges as one of the best applicant tracking systems for recruiters, especially those within small business teams. That’s because its impressive free plan offers unlimited users, custom company career websites, and unlimited candidate access for applicants added in the last 30 days.

We love its actionable, all-in-one candidate view that compiles all the crucial details about a candidate (resumes, social accounts, team notes, and message history) into a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate package.

BreezyHR’s drag-and-drop capability stands out, too, allowing recruiters to perform numerous tasks with just a few clicks. Schedule interviews, discuss a candidate with the team, or send an email or text message.

Drag-and-drop functionality of BreezyHR

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$157/month Free forever plan + 14-day trial 1. Drag-and-drop pipelines
2. Offer management
3. Custom career sites

Regarding offer letters, BreezyHR simplifies the process with custom templates, approval flows, and in-built eSignatures. This enables teams to get offers out faster, providing a competitive edge in today’s tight job market.

Moreover, BreezyHR puts considerable focus on enhancing a company’s branding. It offers a mobile-optimized careers site that’s easy to set up and customize. Whether you’re keeping track of job performance or hosting on your domain, BreezyHR makes it a breeze.

The only minor flaw we found with BreezyHR is the lack of integration options. That said, while BreezyHR offers only 35 total integrations, with HRIS integrations being exclusive to the Business plan, it does connect to 52 job boards, including those that specialize in diversity and inclusion.


BreezyHR presents pricing as straightforward as it gets, offering 3 options to accommodate the specific needs of every recruiter. The ‘Bootstrap’ plan is entirely free, making it the perfect choice for small teams on a tight budget.

Pricing options of BreezyHR

The ‘Startup’ and ‘Business’ plans are worth considering if you need more power, as both have really helpful features, from team scorecards to advanced analytics, and BreezyHR also offers optional add-ons like text messaging. For tailor-made enterprise solutions, you can contact BreezyHR for a custom quote.


  • You can have most tasks automated, including pre-screening
  • Custom candidate scorecards that teams can collaborate on
  • Video screening responses are available
  • 50+ top-notch free job sites, including ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn


  • HRIS integrations are only available with the highest-tier plan
  • Could use more integrations

5. Manatal – The King of Integrations for Recruitment Agencies

Manatal logo Manatal is the undisputed leader of integration. With an impressive pool of over 360 applications, including the likes of BambooHR, HiBob, Oracle Taleo, and more, the platform enables you to effortlessly connect with your existing HR tech stack without any coding.

Moreover, using Manatal OpenAPI or Zapier, you can link Manatal to over 5,000 different types of tools, ensuring seamless cross-platform operations. It supports multiple languages, too, offering full compatibility with Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

The platform goes the extra mile, even supporting non-Roman characters for languages like Chinese, Thai, or Japanese.

Manatal’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$15/user/month 14-day free trial 1. 360+ integrations
2. Automated resume formatting
3. Email campaigns

Want to modify resumes in your applicant tracking software? We found that with Manatal, it’s a breeze. Personalize resumes by adding branding elements such as watermarks, logos, and custom headers and footers. You can even generate a new, fully anonymized resume from candidate information and your branding.

When it comes to email marketing, Manatal also hits it out of the park with its Mailchimp integration. It allows you to export candidate information directly to Mailchimp, enabling you to launch campaigns quickly and efficiently. We found this perfect for streamlining the recruitment process.

However, we think Manatal would be better if its starting plans offered access to dedicated account managers – a feature available for any starting price with TeamTailor.


In terms of pricing, Manatal boasts several features that are included across all its paid plans, including mass emailing, customer relationship management (CRM), customizable fields and views, and unlimited custom job pipelines.

Manatal’s paid plans

For users who also desire to maximize the Open API and Zapier integrations, Manatal does cater to this need with its Custom Plan.


  • ATS with the most number of integrations on this list
  • You can manage and visualize assessments within the Manatal app
  • Kanban boards for easier visualization
  • Connect to over 2,500 job boards


  • Text messaging and dedicated success managers only available with the Custom plan
  • A few users reported minor bugs, which were fixed in a matter of hours

6. Recruitee – Best for Agencies That Hire Candidates Overseas

Recruitee logo Recruitee stands out as a top choice for staffing agencies hiring overseas, thanks largely to its multiple-language functionality. Although other systems, like Manatal, have multiple languages, the appeal of Recruitee’s feature lies in its flexibility.

It allows users to switch languages per job and manually translate custom content in the page editor. Adding a language picker enhances the user experience, and with support for over 17 languages, including English, Dutch, French, and German, Recruitee ensures a fully localized job search experience.

Beyond this, with Recruitee allowing you to create tailored landing pages for specific campaigns, you can conveniently funnel candidates back to your career page. These landing pages can be customized and multiplied to capture the essence of your brand and, as landing page statistics show, even add more leads.

The Recruitee platform

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$224/month 18-day free trial 1. Multiple languages
2. Landing page campaigns
3. Unlimited users

Recruitee also offers a rewarding Ambassador Program. It’s a win-win situation where you can earn 20% commission on plan payments for the first year for every new customer you refer. This could include companies you’re in partnership with or friends in the recruitment or HR sector.

If you’re looking to streamline your recruitment and HR admin, Recruitee also has the perfect solution for you. With a special bundled package of Recruitee and kiwiHR, you can centralize your HR and recruitment processes at a discounted price of $250.

We also really liked that the free trial is 18 days long. It gave us ample time to test the platform to review features that may sometimes be overlooked. All the core features you need, including email templates, candidate video chat, and smart campaigns, are available no matter which pricing plan you choose.

Pricing is a drawback, though, as their cheapest option, “Launch,” is still $224/month, the most expensive on our list. Still, with full live chat support, over 2,900 job boards, and API access, it’s a solid option for mid-to-large-sized companies looking to hire abroad.


Recruitee’s pricing plans all come with unlimited users, smart campaigns, a choice of over 2,900 job boards, and API access. However, if you’re keen on automated actions, triggers, and scheduled emails, it’s worth considering their Scale plan for added operational efficiency.

Recruitee’s plans

It’s worth noting, however, that the starting price of $224 monthly only allows you to manage 10 active job vacancies. If you need more, the price balloons even further (20 job slots will cost you at least $539/month). To avoid the sudden need for a plan upgrade, it’s best to talk with Recruitee about the custom Lead plan.


  • Most features are available on all plans
  • A generous 18-day free trial, longer than the common length of 14 days
  • Superb customer support response time: within 7 minutes
  • Highly editable career site


  • The most expensive platform on this list
  • ReferralsHub only available with the top plan

Zoho Recruit logo Zoho Recruit distinguishes itself with its seamless referral system, turning every employee into a potential recruiter. It offers an employee referral portal which simplifies the referral process and keeps everyone in the loop. Employees can conveniently view jobs, refer people, and check referral status all in one place.

One of the most important statistics in onboarding shows that 20% of newly onboarded hires don’t refer their companies to other people. You can easily reduce that number with Zoho Recruit’s streamlined referral systems.

Another noteworthy feature is its resume management system, which helps recruiters process multiple documents faster. In our testing, we found that the resume parser standardizes details, maps them to the respective fields in your ATS, and automatically saves resume data to the Recruit Candidate database.

Zoho Recruit’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$25/user/month Free forever plan + 15-day free trial 1. AI recruitment software
2. Zoho Meetings
3. Seamless employee referral

We found that the system effectively extracts and populates candidate, contact, and job records, providing structured data that’s easier to assess and compare. Beyond this, Zoho Recruit scores highly on portal customization for candidates, vendors, and clients.

These pave the way for a more personalized experience, providing platforms for applying to jobs, discussing hiring needs, and maintaining visibility in your recruitment efforts. The built-in SMS and calling feature within the client portal also enables swift and convenient correspondence.

To further fortify its selection process, Zoho Recruit offers pre-made and customizable assessments. These include pre-screening – similar to background check sites – for identity and employment verification and behavioral assessments to gauge how candidates work in a team or respond to work challenges.

Moreover, Zoho Recruit lets you craft custom assessments targeting precise skills and competencies, enhancing your shortlisting precision. However, although its free version already has candidate and email management, you’ll only get to access integrations through its paid plans.


To get the most out of Zoho Recruit’s features, including resume management, premium job boards, and employee referrals, you’ll want to consider their Standard plan. Meanwhile, AI-assisted features like the resume parser are only available with Enterprise.

Zoho Recruit’s paid plans


  • Zapier integration available with the free plan
  • Career sites are free
  • Offer letter automation
  • Different types of portals for outsiders (candidates, clients) access


  • Quite expensive on a per-user basis
  • The free version is only for one active job

8. Workable – Outstanding ATS for Communication Purposes

Workable logo Workable distinguishes itself from other ATS solutions with its robust texting and video interviewing features. Video interviews are an excellent way for candidates to put their best foot forward, with practice rounds and on-demand recordings to accommodate different schedules.

Plus, Workable helps you do live interviews with ease with its built-in support for Google Hangouts and Zoom and further takes it up a notch with its SMS text feature, known for its stunning efficiency.

Workable’s scheduling feature

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$149/month for 50 employees 15-day free trial 1. Built-in interview integrations
2. Automated targeted campaigns
3. Text messaging

Now you can reach candidates quickly wherever they are. Pre-recorded text message templates also allow you to personalize on a scale never seen before to modernize your candidate experience.

To target a wider audience, Workable helps you launch ad campaigns on social media channels, including Twitter/X, which is one of the best proven and affordable marketing strategies for startups. And with its AI Recruiter, you’ll have a list of top candidates even before you publish a job description.

To help keep you streamlined, Workable also offers real-time, automatically updated organizational charts as part of its ATS and onboarding tools. However, one downside of Workable is its pricing.

At $149 for only two active jobs, it’s expensive compared to other options like BreezyHR, which offers unlimited positions for $157. This makes it better suited for larger companies that can afford the Standard or Premier plan that allows you to have an unlimited number of active job postings.


While Workable is considered pricier, it compensates with an array of features offered across all plans, like the mobile hiring app and candidate sourcing. On the other hand, video interviews, SMS, and assessments are only available as add-ons – unless you opt for the Premier plan, where these are included as core features.

Workable’s paid plans


  • Assisted account onboarding
  • Company documents can be accessed within the app
  • Most features are available on all plans
  • Good reviews toward customer support on G2 and Capterra


  • Unlimited active jobs available only with the Standard plan
  • Resume management, particularly for conversion, could use some improvement in accuracy

9. BambooHR – A Leading Tool for Those Prioritizing Easier Employee Database Management

BambooHR logo BambooHR is a top choice for those who prioritize sleek employee database management. This recruiting ATS provides a customizable database, replacing scattered spreadsheets and paper files with a single, centralized hub for all employee data.

With BambooHR, double-entry errors and multiple updates are concerns of the past. Your onboarding process will benefit massively from BambooHR, too, as it helps new hires by removing formalities to help you focus on meaningful introductions.

BambooHR’s interface

Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Contact for a quote 7-day free trial 1. Employee database software
2. Custom onboarding
3. Custom HR reports

We say this because BambooHR aids with paperwork, collecting electronic signatures, and sending out welcoming emails and IT checklists. Its New Hire Packet Templates also let you tailor the onboarding experience to the individual, making it more personal and engaging.

This ATS also offers a range of standard reporting capabilities, including headcount and Employment Information Report (EEO-1) reports, approval processes, and workforce metrics. If you need more, the Advantage package lets you customize your templates and generate custom reports for any data in the system.

On top of that, BambooHR supports seamless team collaboration in the hiring process. Stakeholders and team members can be involved at any stage with the help of customized permissions. Automatic alerts, in-system messaging, and centralized candidate data accessible via desktop or mobile keep everyone on the same page.


When it comes to pricing, BambooHR keeps it under wraps on its website. However, it’s known that two plans are available to suit your needs.

Additionally, BambooHR offers the convenience of add-on features such as benefits administration and payroll, allowing for a more customized experience tailored to meet your unique HR and recruiting requirements.

Features of BambooHR’s plans


  • Time tracking, payroll, and benefit management available as extra features
  • Employee self-service to allow your employees to update their information
  • Allows you to track offboarded employees, too, for compliance purposes
  • Direct deposits for salaries and tax filing as add-ons


  • No pricing information is available publicly
  • Some users feel the UI could use an update

10. JazzHR – The Best Budget Applicant Tracking System 

JazzHR logo JazzHR shines as the most budget-friendly ATS on our list, offering comprehensive features such as customizable workflows, real-time team feedback, and centralized document management for an unbeatable price of only $49 per month for an unlimited number of users.

The custom workflows allow you to tailor your recruitment process for individual job openings and ensure consistent communication. These bespoke workflows include application questions, management of hiring teams, and pre-screening of candidates, accommodating various hiring managers’ unique processes.



Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
$49/month 21-day free trial 1. Custom workflows
2. Collaborative feedback loops
3. Document version tracking

Beyond this, JazzHR boosts team synergy through a process known as a feedback loop. Simply put, this is a system where team members give and respond to feedback about candidates. It allows for collective decision-making based on specific criteria and ensures everyone’s opinions are considered.

With comprehensive document storage and version tracking features, the tool provides an efficient solution to manage the recruitment process documentation. We liked that it includes uploading and grouping documents for easy access.

It archives as needed for compliance reporting and tracks versions of documents to ensure data accuracy and maintain a systematic workflow.


JazzHR’s pricing strategy offers something for every size business. One standout feature is in the Plus plan, which permits unlimited active jobs – a luxury mid-tier plans of other platforms can’t often match.

JazzHRs paid plans


  • You’ll have the option to add jobs to the Hero plan for $9/active job/month
  • White label JazzHR solution offered for better rebranding
  • Onboarding assistance provided
  • Export candidate info to other leading recruitment CRM software


  • Only the document database function is available with the first two plans
  • Contact management isn’t available with the lowest subscription

A Quick Applicant Tracking System Comparison

To help you easily compare tools, we’ve stripped it back to the basics with a comprehensive comparison table. Here are the nitty-gritty details of the best applicant tracking systems in an easy-to-digest format:

Best Applicant Tracking System Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
TeamTailor Contact for a quote 14-day free trial 1. Support available in minutes
2. Dedicated success managers
3. Unlimited users
ClearCompany Contact for a quote Free demo 1. AI-assisted job descriptions
2. Tons of report types
3. Hiring forecasts
Monday.com $8/user/month Free forever plan + 14-day free trial 1. Recruitment pipeline
2. Onboarding templates
3. Custom workflows
BreezyHR $157/month Free forever plan + 14-day trial 1. Drag-and-drop pipelines
2. Offer management
3. Custom career sites
Manatal $15/user/month 14-day free trial 1. 360 integrations
2. Automated resume formatting
3. Email campaigns
Recruitee $224/month 18-day free trial 1. Multiple languages
2. Landing page campaigns
3. Unlimited users
Zoho Recruit $25/user/month Free forever + 15-day free trial 1. AI recruitment software
2. Zoho Meetings
3. Seamless employee referral
Workable $149/month for 50 employees 15-day free trial 1. Built-in interview integrations
2. Automated targeted campaigns
3. Text messaging
BambooHR Contact for a quote 7-day free trial 1. Employee database software
2. Custom onboarding
3. Custom HR reports
JazzHR $49/month 21-day free trial 1. Custom workflows
2. Collaborative feedback loops
3. Document version tracking

How to Choose the Best Candidate Tracking System

Choosing the right product always boils down to your specific needs, and finding the best ATS is no exception. Since no one-size-fits-all ATS exists, keep reading to uncover the key considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing a suitable candidate tracking system.


Above everything else, ensure the ATS not only addresses your current challenges but also anticipates future needs. For example, whether your recruitment team is large or small, choosing an ATS with unlimited user access for all its plans is crucial. This eliminates the risk of unexpected upgrades.

Also, involving stakeholders in this decision is recommended since they’re well-versed with the hiring requirements and better equipped to select an appropriate ATS.

Brand Reputation

While it’s crucial to check applicant tracking system reviews before making a decision, brand reputation won’t be a worry with the tools on our list. Our ranking process puts great emphasis both on brand reputation and customer reviews.

By scouring sites like G2, TrustPilot, and relevant Reddit threads, we’ve integrated a comprehensive view of each tool’s performance and suitability for specific needs. This, coupled with our firsthand experience, ensures complete overviews, enabling you to choose an applicant tracking system with full confidence.


Apart from your applicant management and candidate tracking system, your recruitment team is likely using other software for managing payroll, employee schedules, or employment documents. Check that your chosen ATS can integrate with these existing systems.

A great benchmark is Zapier’s integrations, known for dramatically broadening the range of apps your ATS can connect to. These apps include the best workflow management software and HRIS systems.

Also, keep an eye out for hidden costs, like implementation or integration fees (which our listed options don’t have) that could inflate your total spend.

Security and Compliance

Human resources teams have a responsibility to abide by the law, which can include various rules and regulations that properly store a candidate’s personally identifiable information. An ATS helps consolidate details in one secure space, making compliance easier.

When assessing an ATS’s security standards, consider whether it meets the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, like with TeamTailor, to show your compliance with a global benchmark for privacy standards.

Also, look for systems that comply with the SOC2 standard, a cybersecurity compliance framework – which all solutions on this list are compliant with – developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for data management.

Demos and Free Trials

For early-stage businesses still refining their recruitment process, taking advantage of demos or free trials can be immensely valuable. These trial periods allow you to fully explore the software before subscribing. During the demo or free trial stage, take the time to do the following:

  • Test the integration of your existing HR tools with the ATS. This is a great way of ensuring all your tools can synchronize and function together.
  • Discuss how many stakeholders would need access to the ATS — such as members of your recruitment team and representatives from other teams.
  • Run an end-to-end recruitment process within the ATS to see if it works how you’d want it to.

These steps will give you a perfect opportunity to test whether its speed can keep up with the pace of your processes. Also, you’ll be able to evaluate the level of support offered by the ATS provider through any issues or questions that may arise during your trial.

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Conclusion | What is the Best Applicant Tracking System to Use in 2024?

Undeniably, investing in the best applicant tracking system for recruiters can revolutionize the hiring process. An ATS brings numerous benefits to cost-per-hire, job postings, candidate management, and team collaboration. Even better, an ATS solution effortlessly improves the candidate experience and your brand.

But remember, the choice of an ATS should reflect factors such as scalability, brand reputation, security, and integration capabilities. Always try out the demo or free trial to ensure it fits your needs perfectly.

TeamTailor does everything we’re looking for in an ATS solution, plus elevates its service by offering remarkable support response times and dedicated success managers to guide you at every step.

These factors easily made it the winner among the best applicant tracking systems for small businesses and enterprises alike. With TeamTailor, you’re not just purchasing software; you’re investing in a solution that partners with you for success.

But don’t just take our word for it. Experiencing the transformative features and exceptional support of TeamTailor firsthand will solidify its place as your top choice. Give TeamTailor a try for free and discover why it’s the standout among ATS solutions.

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