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The top Gantt chart software solutions offer a straightforward method for managing and monitoring team members’ progress on challenging projects. As such, there’s no doubt that software for Gantt charts can be potent for project managers as they offer a comprehensive overview of a project’s timetable, schedule, progress, and team member assignments.

With the use of a Gantt chart, you can gain a high-level understanding of a complicated project, identify potential bottlenecks in a task timeline, and observe how changes impact the budget and timeline. That said, there are so many options on the market which can make it tough to find the one best suited to your particular needs and budget. To help, we’ve ranked, reviewed, and compared the market’s top 10 best Gantt chart tools.

The 10 Best Gantt Chart Tools Ranked

Below is a quick look at our top 10 best Gantt chart software picks, with Monday coming out on top. Here’s how each one fared in our testing, plus a quick outline of who and what they’re best suited for:

  1. Monday – Overall, the best Gantt chart tool with affordable pricing, a feature-rich free plan, a simple drag-and-drop interface, and great customization
  2. ClickUp –  The best free Gantt chart maker that offers a highly user-friendly interface that’s great for beginners and lets you manage unlimited projects
  3. Wrike Popular, budget-friendly Gantt chart tool that includes excellent collaborative features like shared docs and mention for improved workflows
  4. SmartsheetThe best option for Excel lovers thanks to its spreadsheet-style layout, which includes customized Gantt charts
  5. Teamwork – An affordable choice that offers a generous free plan for up to 5 users and includes a ton of third-party integrations and time tracking
  6. Zoho Projects – Ideal choice for creating custom Gantt charts and for those who want to use the full network of Zoho products, including the excellent CRM
  7. Quire – Includes a fantastic free plan that lets up to 10 users create Gantt charts without spending a cent; plus, it boasts 99.4% uptime
  8. Asana – A leading drag-and-drop Gantt chart maker solution with a feature-rich free plan, plus helpful guest access rights to better manage clients
  9. Microsoft Projects – A well-known Gantt chart tool from an industry giant, works best for those using Microsoft products
  10. GanttPro – Specialized Gantt chart software that offers a huge range of customization and top-notch collaborative features

What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart, which is frequently used in project management, is one of the most well-liked and practical ways to represent activities (tasks or events) against time. An appropriate time scale runs along the top of the chart, and a list of the activities is located on the left.

Example of a Gantt chart

The start date, duration, and termination date of each activity are indicated by the position and length of a bar that serves as its representation. As a result, you can quickly see:

  • What each of the activities entails
  • The start and finish of each action
  • How much time is allocated to each activity
  • Where and how much some activities overlap with others
  • The project’s start and finish dates

Why Gantt Charts Are Important for Project Tracking

There’s a huge range of potential benefits for the use of Gantt charts in project tracking, including boosting productivity and allowing for better tracking of tasks and progress. To help you understand just how vital they can be, we’ve outlined some of the top benefits below:

  • Improved Tracking – Gantt charts can be used by project managers and team members to monitor tasks, deadlines, and general workflow. The chart can highlight potential issues or limitations so that project managers and team members can make the necessary adjustments.
  • Better Productivity – A Gantt chart encourages teamwork among employees, boosting output. The clear visibility of a Gantt chart aids employees in maintaining their attention on the activities at hand, and this openness makes sure that everyone on the team is responsible for their work.
  • Set Deadlines – The tasks that a team must perform to finish a project are all listed on a Gantt chart, including connections and relationships between the various jobs. With such effective visual communication, the time required to complete the work can be estimated realistically.
  • Clear Responsibilities – A Gantt chart helps team members visualize their responsibilities. Everyone can observe how the project is going and how other team members are carrying out their tasks. Everyone will also be able to see how some tasks must wait for the completion of others.
  • Simplicity – The visual clarity of a Gantt chart can help simplify complex tasks, as it offers an easy-to-understand and straightforward overview of everything. This transparency allows team members to maintain their focus on one task and prevents them from becoming overburdened by numerous tasks.

Reviews of the Top Gantt Chart Project Management Software

Now that you know why Gantt charts are so essential for project tracking, it’s time to take a look at the top Gantt chart project management software so that you can decide which one is best suited to your needs.

1. Monday – Overall, the Best Gantt Chart Tool in 2024

Monday Logo

Monday.com offers a well-known business management software suite, Monday Projects, one of the best project management solutions. It makes it possible for people and enterprises to plan their projects and work together to complete them.

You can easily construct Gantt charts with this program by just dragging tasks into the desired position on the chart using the drag-and-drop interface. Instead of beginning over, if you need to make adjustments, you can move your project and task details whenever you want.

The Gantt chart can be used to allocate tasks to various team members and track their progress. You can establish dependencies between jobs so that one can’t begin until the completion of a certain previous task.

Monday.com Project Management Software

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$9/month Yes 200 projects, 1 dashboard, Kanban view, access for 1-2 users Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Moving aside from Gantt charts and onto the vast third-party integrations that are available with Monday.com, which is also a major plus, as you can connect your account with numerous other tools to add further functionality.

For example, you could integrate it with Slack for real-time collaboration or Zoom for audio and video conferencing. Monday offers one of the largest collections of third-party integrations available in project management, with endless possibilities to help manage your workflows.

In terms of other features, Monday also includes useful time-tracking functions that let you see how much time has been spent on which tasks, and it also makes billing that much easier.

Plus, Monday allows for seamless collaboration on tasks with a rich suite of tools aimed at boosting productivity and teamwork, including a custom dashboard, collaborative docs, and a convenient messaging tool that allows your team to discuss updates on individual tasks.


Monday offers a competitive range of plans for businesses of all sizes, including a useful free plan that allows you to get to grips with the software, but it’s only aimed at serving 1-2 people.

For more users and added features like improved customer support, Gantt charts, and time tracking capabilities, you can upgrade to one of four paid plans, each increasing the number of users and file storage:

Monday Pricing 2024


  • Includes extensive integrations with popular accounting tools and apps like Slack
  • Excellent drag-and-drop Gantt chart features allow for easy custom charts
  • Highly customizable dashboards and interface
  • Top-notch collaboration tools, including messaging and shared documents
  • Boasts a phenomenal reputation on sites like Trustpilot


  • Can get quite expensive for larger teams

2. ClickUp – A User-friendly and Reliable Gantt Tool for Beginners

ClickUp Logo

ClickUp is a popular project management software solution for designers and other creative professionals. The platform has a user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for project management and Gantt chart newbies.

Gantt charts can be easily created with ClickUp by using the drag-and-drop interface, which lets you add tasks and rearrange them as needed. Your tasks can be arranged according to priority, due date, and creation date, plus you can set up dependencies for certain tasks.

The Gantt chart view provides you with a thorough overview of your projects on a dashboard that’s pleasing to the eye, and it’s simple to track the development and identify any impediments before they become more problematic.

ClickUp Project Management Software

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$7/month Yes Infinite projects, Gantt charts, 100mb file storage, unlimited free plan members, Whiteboards, collaborative docs Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Each plan comes with a ton of features and possible integrations, including the usual suspects like Slack and Google Suite, as well as some more niche offerings like Vimeo, Figma, and Zendesk – all of which mean you can get the best out of ClickUp and your current lineup of tech apps.

In terms of the features, there’s everything you’d expect to find from one of the top project management tools out there, including excellent time management features, a huge range of custom views for tasks, and top-notch collaboration tools for working in tandem with your coworkers.

ClickUp includes a fantastic free plan that lets you can manage an infinite number of projects and get access to Gantt charts. However, if you’re handling larger projects, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan, as the free plan has limited storage.


ClickUp offers a generous free plan for 2 users. The features and integrations are a little watered down, but there’s enough here to get started. For larger teams, it’s recommended to upgrade to one of ClickUp’s more premium plans, which start from as little as $5/month, which is excellent value for money.

ClickUp Pricing


  • Includes unlimited Gantt charts
  • Excellent real-time reporting features
  • Offers 15+ views, including grid, list, and Kanban
  • A massive range of third-party app integrations is available
  • One of the best free project management tools


  • Limited to 100 Gantt uses on the free plan

3. Wrike – Great Gantt Chart Tool with Useful Collaborative Features

Wrike Logo

Wrike is a well-liked platform for project management that’s used by tens of thousands of renowned businesses globally. It’s well-known for facilitating collaboration and having extremely sophisticated features.

Wrike includes a lot of customizable Gantt charts to create and assign tasks and track their progress in a way that suits your team best. The software also makes it simple, where you create the tasks in a table and have a corresponding Gantt chart generated automatically.

You can set up dependencies for tasks and automatically monitor their progress, just like with other platforms. Keep in mind that you may alter your charts using a drag-and-drop interface as well.

Wrike Project Management Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$7/month Yes Unlimited free plan users, task management, email integration, custom work views, templates, collaborative docs Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

You also get some excellent tools for collaboration with your coworkers, and by using a link, Wrike makes it simple to share tasks with them so that you can make changes to a task after sharing it, and the assignees will be alerted automatically.

Plus, you can manage various projects with Wrike from a single platform and even import data from other project management tools, including Microsoft Project, Asana, and Monday – this means it’s easy to switch providers should you need to.

Gantt charts aside, Wrike supports integrations with a whole host of third-party apps, including some of the most popular tools like Miro, Salesforce, and much more, so you can get the best of your current lineup of tech apps.


Like many other top Gantt chart software solutions, Wrike offers a free plan you can use to test the service, but it’s limited to a maximum of two people. Sadly, the features are pretty limited, too, and you only get the option of Board view and table view, as well as some basic project management task tools.

For more features, users, Gantt charts, and other project views, upgrade to one of the more premium plans, with prices starting from $9.80/user/month. Here are all of your options:

Wrike Pricing


  • A huge network of integrations with the likes of QuickBooks and Salesforce
  • Highly intuitive interface with customizable dashboards
  • You can edit documents on the Cloud without needing to download them
  • Excellent Gantt chart templates for getting started


  • Expensive paid plans

4. Smartsheet – Great Option for Spreadsheet Lovers

Smartsheet Logo

Smartsheet is a web-based spreadsheet and Gantt chart tool that heavily bases its interface on a traditional Excel spreadsheet – hence the name. While it doesn’t break any new ground, it is a tried-and-true professional project management tool.

It works best for corporate planning as opposed to projects with a strong creative component, and it’s particularly adept at making it simple to create a lot of charts, including Gantt tables and pie charts, all of which are fully customizable.

On the Business plan, you’ll get 100 charts, along with unlimited reports and dashboards, resource management tracking, an activity log, group management, and support for ODBC, Skype for Business, Quip, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Adobe Creative Cloud integrations.

Smartsheet Project Management Tool

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$7/month Yes 2 sheets, 2 users, Grid, Gantt, Calendar, and Card View, 500mb attachments, many integrations Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Smartsheet offers four basic user roles—admin, owner, editor, and viewer—each of which has a set of access levels and permissions that may be altered to meet the needs of a particular project or team.

As a user, you can assign different access permissions (see, edit, comment, etc.) for sheets to be shared with people, teams, or the entire business. By establishing roles and permissions, access expiration dates, and passwords for increased protection, you can even share sheets with external collaborators like clients or vendors.

Overall, considering what’s on offer with the free plan and the price to scale, Smartsheet continues to boast positive feedback from users for it’s interface, and although it’s great for those who love spreadsheets, it offers enough custom views to keep it competitive with the likes of tools like Monday and ClickUp.


There are four price tiers for Smartsheet, with the free plan offering up to 10 charts and 5 dashboards, along with alerts, templates, automation, and even reminders. Pro offers good value for money for small teams, but for larger businesses, one of the top-tier plans is likely to be the most suitable.

These high-tier plans give you increased storage, an infinite number of projects, and much more. For features like infinite Gantt charts and a Salesforce connection, you’ll need to get in touch with Smartsheet for pricing information on the Enterprise and Premier subscriptions.

Smartsheet Pricing


  • Offers an infinite number of Gantt sheets on the more premium business plans
  • Intuitive layout, great for spreadsheet lovers, and offers fantastic customization
  • Enables automated workflows across spreadsheets
  • Can integrate with a wide range of third-party apps like the best CRMs


  • Can be very hard to get to grips with for beginners

5. Teamwork – Budget-friendly Gantt Chart Software

Teamwork Logo

Teamwork is another of the top Gantt chart tools and project management services out there, and it combines an attractive interface with a ton of premium features, like interactive Gantt charts and strong time management tools.

Although Interactive Gantt charts aren’t in the free tier, with it, you can quickly add tasks and milestones, update the project’s timeline, establish task dependencies, track progress with task completion (marked in percentages), change the priority level, etc.

Plus, teams can view their projects in a way that makes the most sense to them, thanks to Teamwork’s other project views. The four main ones available are List, Table, Board, and Gantt.

Teamwork Project Management Platform

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$5.99/month Yes 5 users, integrations with Slack, Google Suite, and Microsoft Teams, time tracking, Gantt, board, table, and list views, 2 projects Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

With the use of these several views, your team can view their projects and tasks in any format they prefer, simplifying the management and tracking of progress. Because everyone can immediately grasp the status of assignments and projects, this flexibility promotes improved teamwork and communication.

We also really enjoyed the time monitoring feature, and it’s a beneficial tool for managers who work with teams and contractors to track, evaluate, and optimize time-driven tasks. Users can enter task metadata, such as anticipated hours, a description, and if a work is billable, into the time tracking engine.

That said, time monitoring and similar advanced capabilities are only available on higher-tier plans; however, a large part of why Teamwork is popular is because of how affordable it is to scale with the tool, so even if you need advanced features, you won’t be forking out a large sum for them with Teamwork.


Teamwork offers a wide range of plans that are aimed at scaling seamlessly alongside your business. For large teams who want more storage, users, charts, and features, it’s recommended to go for the Growth plan, which offers excellent value for money and is currently the most popular plan on offer:

Teamwork Pricing


  • Simple to use and navigate, making it an excellent choice for beginners
  • Excellent interactive Gantt charts
  • Both the Deliver and Grow plans offer a 30-day free trial
  • Low-cost plans that scale with your business


  • Top features like time management are only in the Deliver plan and above

6. Zoho Projects – Smart Choice for Those Using Other Zoho Products

Zoho Logo

Zoho Projects is one of the many Zoho products. Zoho has one of the best CRM apps, and with the project management tool, they’re flexing their muscles again. With it, you can create custom Gantt charts and organize your team’s workflow from one central location.

In fact, the Gantt chart creator is one of Zoho Projects’ most notable features. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly create Gantt charts — simply drag the tasks into the appropriate positions on the Gantt chart, and add dependencies to prevent tasks overlapping.

Zoho Projects

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$5.99/month Yes 3 users, 2 projects, 5GB storage, task management, Gantt charts, project feed, and basic reports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

You can add four types of job dependencies using Zoho’s Gantt chart creator, and you can update or remove them at any moment. In the Gantt chart maker, you can even set up baselines to compare project progress over various time frames.

Beyond this, what we also loved is that you can store your Gantt charts as templates and reuse them later, which is definitely worth noting. And, to top it all off, we also liked how customizable it all is.

For example, when you log in, you’ll see an overview of the projects, statuses, and budgets that are important to you, thanks to a customizable dashboard. For instance, you could include a Task Status widget that displays the proportion of open versus closed tasks as a pie chart and a raw number count.


The free Zoho Projects plan allows for a maximum of 2 projects and 3 plans, so not really enough to run a small business with, but a good indicator of what you can expect with the premium plans. The top plan is far more reasonable than most of the other tools on our list, and it boasts unlimited projects and users:

Zoho Projects Pricing


  • Offers a decent free plan for getting used to the service
  • Strong time management tools
  • Excellent Gantt chart creator with drag-and-drop tools
  • Affordably priced plans


  • No pre-made templates or charts

7. Quire – One of the Top Free Gantt Chart Tools

Quire Logo

Quire is a top Gantt chart software tool that offers businesses a simple and intuitive platform to organize workflows and track employees. It’s easy for new users to get started, but there are also ample customization options that make it just as appealing for experienced users.

It provides project managers with three interchangeable views so they can see their to-do list from the perspective they desire. The timeline view creates a Gantt chart-style view that allows you to watch the project progress over time and identify any potential hurdles.

This allows you to keep on top of your schedule and plan ahead. However, there’s also the popular Kanban board view that provides enhanced options for task organization based on the assignee, status, priority, etc., using a card-style task display.

Quire Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$7.65/month Yes 10 users, 400MB storage, Kanban board, nested list, permission control, integrations with Slack and Google Suite Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

The list view, on the other hand, makes it simple to maintain task organization and provides you with a broad overview of a project’s ultimate goal — whatever your goals, there’s something here for all teams.

We were also very impressed by the new Peekaboo feature, which helps if your task list is overloaded with non-actionable tasks that are creating confusion. With this feature, these will be temporarily tucked away to keep you organized, focused, and less stressed.

Overall, Quire boasts all the necessities to manage your projects in a format that suits your team, however, it does lack some functionality you’ll find with other solutions, such as time management, but you can integrate with software for this.


With Quire, you get access to a decent free plan, and with it, you can add up to 10 users and work across 8 different projects – so it’s much more flexible than many of the other ‘free’ plans on this list.

If require more features, users, and so on, you can upgrade to one of the many affordable paid plans. There’s even a useful 30-day free trial for users to get to grips with the software before committing to a long-term solution.

Quire Pricing


  • Intuitive interface with a minimalistic, neat appearance
  • Easy to use, even for beginners who are unfamiliar with project management software
  • Offers stability and reliability via 99.4% uptime


  • Not as many premium features, for example, it lacks time management tools

Asana Logo

Asana is an incredibly popular Gantt chart and project management tool with a bright interface and a powerful engine. It has one of the most intuitive interfaces, and in fact, you’ll find that many other PM tools have drawn inspiration from Asana over time.

There are several features in the free edition that can simplify your workflows, for example, you can message on the site, look up records of previous projects, and have access to unlimited storage, which can be perfect for small teams.

Asana Project Management Tool

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$10.99/month Yes 15 users, unlimited tasks, projects, messages, file storage (max 100MB per file), calendar, board, and list views, 100+ integrations including Slack, Google Suite, Teams, Adobe and Salesforce Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Beyond this, Asana offers a variety of project views — you have the option to see tasks in Kanban-style cards, on a calendar with projects and their due dates, or as a general workload overview. Switching between these perspectives allows your team members more flexibility and enables you to involve more stakeholders.

They also include a decent Gantt chart feature that lets you visualize data in a detailed and concise manner. With it, you can easily identify critical paths, adjust timelines to your requirements and control important decisions on projects.

One other feature we really liked is the guest access function, which allows you to invite external partners like stakeholders or clients to the platform to securely share important updates on projects and tasks, all whilst allowing you to collaborate in real-time.


Asana offers an excellent free plan for up to 15 users, and with it, you can work on a large range of projects and tasks – it’s a great way for businesses to get comfortable with the platform before potentially upgrading.

If you need more users and better support, plus more premium features like time management and guest access, the Premium plan is a good place to start:

Asana Pricing


  • Generous free version that allows you to create Gantt charts with helpful templates
  • Offers a stunning visual experience and highly user-friendly interface
  • Excellent guest access and time management features


  • Can be an expensive option for larger teams

9. Microsoft Project – Great for Microsft 365 Subscribers

Microsoft Project Logo

Microsoft Project receives bonus points for being one of the most well-known Gantt charts software in the business world and for being in use for many years. But it’s not the most user-friendly option on our list, and larger teams may find it pricey.

It features configurable Gantt charts that let you see project workflows and resources, just like any decent project management program should. You’ll be able to track all work being done as well as overarching objectives that need to be achieved.

Microsoft Project Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$10/month No N/A Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

It’s safe to say that you’ll feel most at home if you’re a user of other Microsoft apps like Excel, especially when you consider that they work best when used together, but it can also be integrated with a host of other third-party apps, including employee time tracking tools, as well as CRMs like Salesforce.

Other features that are noteworthy include the numerous report templates included with a subscription. Once you’ve found one that works for you, you can easily update the information in the report when new information becomes available or change how it looks to make the content easier to understand.

Beyond this, what makes Microsoft Projects popular for businesses is that there’s an option for both cloud or on-premise solutions, plus a one-time fee for the software — both of which you won’t find with many of the best project management tools. That said, it is costlier than most, but thankfully there is a free trial.


There are numerous ways you can get your hands on Microsoft Projects. That said, each plan offers a 30-day free trial for your team to test the service out. Uniquely, you also get the option to buy a one-off license, but this can be very expensive. Here are the options on offer:

Microsoft Projects Pricing


  • You can choose between cloud-based or on-premise solutions
  • Links seamlessly with all the other Microsoft apps
  • Great advanced Gantt chart features and customization


  • Can be pricey
  • The interface could be more intuitive

10. GanttPro – Specialzied Tool for Gantt Chart Pros

GanttPro Logo

GanttPro is a dedicated Gantt chart project management tool with useful apps for mobile and desktop clients. It’s clear that the makers of this software had Gantt charts at the forefront of their minds, which is great if that’s what you need.

But as an all-in-one project management tool, it lacks some key features. That said, just like other platforms, you can add tasks to GanttPRO and assign them to team members.

GanntPro Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
$7.99/month No N/A Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Setting priorities helps distinguish between projects that need urgent attention, and you can easily visualize different tasks with custom colors. So overall, the Gantt chart view in GanttPRO makes it simple to keep track of your project’s progress and shows the progress percentage for each task.

You can, of course, set up dependencies if you need to ensure that there’s no overlap and that a specific task isn’t started before the completion of a previous task, which helps to drastically improve your workflow.

The absence of a free plan in GanttPRO is perhaps its most significant downside, however, the basic plan is competitively priced and there is a month-long free trial on offer, so we don’t consider this a dealbreaker.


There are four main plans you can choose from, each offering decent value for money, plus there’s a 30-day free trial for the paid plans, so be sure to test the service before committing:

GanttPro Pricing


  • Specialized Gantt chart software, so customization and the interface is excellent
  • Great mobile apps for working on the go
  • Offers a free trial for all paid plans, perfect for testing the service


  • No dedicated free plan, only a free trial
  • Lacks some of the more advanced project management tools like time management

The Market’s Top Gantt Chart Makers Compared

To help you explore the key points of each of the tools above, we’ve compiled a useful comparison table that compares key factors like pricing, free plans, compatibility, and much more to help you decide:

Provider Cheapest Plan Free Plan Free Plan Details Compatibility
Monday $9/month Yes 200 projects, 1 dashboard, Kanban view, and access for 1-2 users Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
ClickUp $7/month Yes Infinite projects, Gantt charts, 100mb file storage, unlimited free plan members, Whiteboards, collaborative docs Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Wrike $7/month Yes Unlimited free plan users, task management, email integration, custom work views, templates, collaborative docs Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Smartsheet $7/month No 2 sheets, 2 users, Grid, Gantt, Calendar, and Card View, 500mb attachments, integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Box, Dropbox Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Teamwork $5.99/month Yes 5 users, integrations with Slack, Google Suite, and Microsoft Teams, time tracking, Gantt, board, table, and list views, 2 projects Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Zoho Projects $5.99/month Yes 3 users, 2 projects, 5GB storage, task management, Gantt charts, project feed, and basic reports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Quire $7.65/month No 10 users, 400MB storage, Kanban board, nested list, permission control, integrations with Slack and Google Suite Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Asana $10.99/month Yes 15 users, unlimited tasks, projects, messages, file storage (max 100MB per file), calendar, board, and list views, 100+ integrations including Slack, Google Suite, Teams, Adobe, and Salesforce Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Microsoft Projects $10/month No N/A Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
GanttPro $7.99/month No N/A Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

How to Choose the Best Gantt Chart Tool for You

To make sure you pick the best Gantt chart tool for your business needs, we’ve highlighted some of the key factors below that you should consider before deciding:

  • Features — The best Gantt chart software should have customizable templates for you to use rather than having to make them all from scratch. But it’s also important that they get the fundamentals of project management right, too, so this includes time management, collaboration, and role assignment features.
  • Pricing — You shouldn’t just base your decision on pricing and go for the lowest cost option, as this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, look for plans that have a good feature-to-price ratio and those that offer a free plan or free trial to test before committing.
  • Scalability — It’s important that whichever tool you opt for can grow alongside your business. For example, if you start on a free plan, your business may grow, and you’ll need a plan that can support more users, has the features you need, and extra customization to get the best out of your chosen software.
  • Customization — A good Gantt chart tool and project management software solution should offer high levels of customization, from the dashboard and layout, to how the charts look. Being able to customize your program means you can tailor it to how your business works best, which improves productivity.
  • Integrations — The best tools out there will integrate seamlessly with a host of other third-party apps, like CRM tools or e-commerce apps like Shopify. If you already use programs like QuickBooks, having a Gantt chart tool that can link to them allows for better automation, improving your workflow.

What’s the Best Free Gantt Chart Software?

There are some totally free tools out there that might get the job done for a small business or entrepreneurial use, all without having to spend a penny. We’d always recommend opting for a paid plan to add more users and get access to the advanced features, but if you don’t want to spend any money, try some of the tools below:

Software Max Number of Users Paid Starting Plan Price Top Free Features


 2 Users

 $9/month (per user)

 1. Gantt Charts

2. Monday Workdocs

3. Kanban View



 $5/month (per user)

 1. Unlimited Tasks

2. Native Time Tracking

3. Two-Factor Authentication



 $9.80/month (per user)

 1. Live Editor

2. Email Integration

3. Activity Stream

The above plans all offer some decent features, and ClickUp and Wrike even allow for unlimited users. However, you get far less storage, a limited number of projects and tasks, plus a lack of features and integrations.

Instead, we’d recommend you try a premium plan from a provider like Monday, which, beyond the forever free plan, offers a 30-day free trial on paid plans, which cost as little as $9/month per user. Try it now to see everything on offer with Monday.com.

How to Create a Gantt Chart Online | Step-by-Step

Now we’re going to walk you through the steps you need to take in order to create your own Gantt chart online, using our top pick Monday as an example. (The steps will be similar for most other providers.):

Step 1 — Create Tasks

Create new tasks on your board as the first step before creating your Gantt chart view on Monday. To do this, click “Add task” to a group that already exists or hit the “New Task” button located in the top left corner of the board.

Step 2 — Edit Your Board

Once tasks are added to your board, you can change the status, schedule, and other components in accordance with your needs for project tracking.

Step 3 — Create Your Gantt Chart

You can now create your Gantt chart by following the instructions after setting up your board. The “Gantt view” option is available when you click the “+” button next to the dashboard view. The default view will instantly change to your Gantt chart view once you click on it.

Step 4 — Customize Your Gantt Chart

You should start adding more jobs and groups with precise due dates after constructing your Gantt chart. To do this, just click on a task and complete the required fields. As your project develops, you can update the Gantt chart to reflect the current status. For instance, if a job is behind schedule, you can make it red.

Editing items in Gantt on Monday

Step 5 — Download or Share Your Gantt Chart

After the project is complete, you can download the Gantt chart by exporting it as an Excel or PDF file and share it with stakeholders or similar external or internal personnel.

That’s all you need to do – now you know how to quickly and conveniently create Gantt charts on Monday and other project management tools. It’s really easy, and you’ll get quickly accustomed to the workings of it with just 10 minutes of playing around with it.

Conclusion | What’s the Best Gantt Chart Software to Use in 2024?

The best Gantt chart software allows you to create detailed projects and charts to better improve workflows and collaboration within a workforce. It’s important to make sure the tool you pick is adept at other project management basics, too, like time tracking and plentiful integrations with external apps.

We’d recommend trying Monday, our top-rated Gantt chart tool for 2024, as it offers a generous free plan, a highly customizable interface, and a plethora of charts, views, and integrations.


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