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In this in-depth ClickUp review, we take an all-encompassing look at our favorite productivity, project management, and CRM tool. It’s more than a robust platform for management, as it emerged as one of the strongest contenders in our testing process. We’ve taken the time to delve deep into its features and intricacies, ensuring nothing is overlooked to provide you with all the answers you’re seeking.

Our goal is to enable you to make an informed decision, whether you’re a seasoned ClickUp software user or a total newbie wondering what it has to offer. With a promise of comprehensive coverage and remarks on usability, features, and pricing, our ClickUp app review will fully prepare you to choose the best productivity tool in 2024.

In This Guide

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a multifaceted platform. Boasting an extensive range of functions, ClickUp has tools for project management, collaboration, and customer relations management (CRM).

A standout aspect of ClickUp automation is that it lets you customize your dashboards and tasks without the need for coding or add-ons, serving as an appealing advantage for teams that use the agile project management (APM) approach.

APM is a flexible, iterative method often used in software development. It promotes adaptability and swift progress rather than sticking to a linear path – and that makes ClickUp a suitable tool for projects that have changing requirements.

Commendably, ClickUp offers 15+ real-time views, each presenting a unique perspective on tasks, teamwork, and workload distribution, enhancing the platform’s overall usability.

How Does ClickUp Work?

Diving into this platform may seem tricky initially, but as we found during our hands-on ClickUp.com review, it’s surprisingly straightforward. The software has a notable hierarchy and a well-structured system for managing tasks.

Firstly, Workspaces form the foundation and include all your work processes. Under Workspaces are… Spaces that act like unique containers for different types of work, each with its workflow settings.

Inside these Spaces, you’ll find folders and lists in the sidebar to further categorize tasks. Tasks are then within specific folders and lists.

Information doesn’t get shared across different Workspaces. So, if you need to see all your stuff in one spot, your best bet is to make one Workspace that holds everything.

Understanding the layout means you can utilize the platform for better productivity, collaboration, and risk management – all primary reasons why project management software is crucial for any business.

What Is ClickUp Used For?

In your search for ClickUp reviews online, you’ll easily notice it’s both a PM and CRM tool. However, our review of ClickUp has proven it’s more than just that. The platform can be used in different use cases, including:

  • Project Management: Perfect for planning, tracking, and collaboration for teams working in finance, customer service, healthcare, sales and more.
  • Personal: Manage your daily tasks and personal projects in one place and save time.
  • Remote Work: Ideal for coordinating any project with your remote team.
  • CRM: A handy tool for organizing your deals, customers, and sales pipeline.
  • Events: Plan every detail of your event, be it a wedding, convention, or exhibition
  • Business Operations: Manage business processes, resources, and budgets.
  • Website Management: Launch and track your website content with ease while communicating with the entire team.
  • Resource Management: Keep track of assets, forms, time tracking, and more.

During our comprehensive ClickUp project management review, we found that, with over 1,000 integrations, the platform can extend usability beyond the listed use cases, enhancing its efficiency.

Is ClickUp Good? ClickUp’s Pros and Cons

To address this question, let’s dive into an unbiased analysis of ClickUp’s pros and cons to give you a clear view of what you can expect.


  • Comprehensive suite of features, even in the free plan
  • Outstanding value with good pricing and unlimited storage in premium plans
  • Clea, user-friendly interface
  • Customization and automation make it great for managing complex projects


  • The Free plan has limited storage
  • Automation can be challenging due to the sheer number of option

With our testing, along with insights from other users – even reviews of ClickUp Reddit has to offer – we found the platform shines in its clutter-free UI, making it easy to love. Just note that customizing workflows may be a learning curve for some people.

How Much Does ClickUp Cost?

There’s a total of 4 ClickUp plans to choose from, including a freemium one. That’s why starting with a ClickUp free version review may be best.

ClickUp’s priced plans

Free Forever

Best for freelancers, this plan already includes 100MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited members, and numerous features like two-factor authentication, real-time chats, and 24/7 support. Together, these dub ClickUp one of the best free project management software tools.


For teams seeking a step up from the basic offering, the Unlimited Plan is a nice upgrade. Here, you get unlimited storage, integrations, dashboards, and permitted guest permissions.

It adds value with features such as unlimited Gantt charts, native time tracking, and resource management. Further sweetening the deal is the compatibility with ClickUp AI, which can help writing teams generate content.


If your business needs more scalability and advanced features, the Business Plan is an obvious choice.

It not only extends the offering of Google SSO and unlimited teams but also kicks it up a notch with advanced automation, granulated time estimates (for individual estimated turnaround times), workload management, and the ability to export custom reports.


Since there’s no pricing information available, this plan would ramp up your ClickUp costs quite a bit. It’s for those seeking the most personalized touch, as it’s meant to be the superlative fit that lets you have a feel of PM software that’s uniquely yours.

Besides offering white labeling and unlimited custom roles, Enteprise ensures compliance with the toughest law on privacy and security in the world, GDPR.

This plan also features dedicated live onboarding training and a customer success manager to further smoothen your user experience.

While ClickUp’s Unlimited plan is cheaper than Monday’s $8 and Wrike’s $9.80, it’s still not the cheapest starting plan among the top workflow management tools out there. But it’s a win for companies looking for unlimited storage and even unlimited integrations for only $7/user per month.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Downgrading

In case you’re not happy with ClickUp, note that it offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with paid plans, promising a refund unless there’s a prorated credit reflected in your account during the billing cycle.

Downgrading is also made simple. If you decide to downgrade your Workspace at any point in your billing cycle, don’t worry – all your data will remain safe.

While you won’t enjoy the full privileges of using paid features for editing or adding data, you can still access everything if you decide to upgrade again. Your plan immediately switches to the new tier once you downgrade.

ClickUp Features Overview

With our hands-on experience in this ClickUp review, we have explored features such as automation, University, dashboards, CRM, and integration support, allowing us to provide you with an insightful review that highlights the strengths and potential downsides of ClickUp’s essential offerings.

So, let’s dive in and discover how it can revolutionize the way you work.

ClickUp Dashboards and Views

In our testing of ClickUp, we loved the ability to surface deeper insights and gain high-level overviews of our work. With over 50 widgets to choose from, including custom charts, calculations, tables, and external apps, the solution allowed us to build the perfect Dashboard custom-tailored to how we needed it.

Sample dashboard templates on ClickUp

We’ve found that one of the key benefits of Dashboards is their versatility. Whether you’re running development sprints, managing resources, or overseeing business operations, ClickUp’s Dashboards can accommodate your need for insights and real-time reports.

For development sprints, you can distribute your team’s workload through scrum points or assigned tasks, host discussions around build blockers, monitor progress, and assess team performance.

Moving on to ClickUp’s Views, we were thrilled by the flexibility offered in task management, project tracking, and workflow visualization. ClickUp provides over 15 fully customizable views, further enhancing the customization it already offers with Dashboards.

See where task progress is with Gantt charts

Among the advanced views offered, the Gantt view stands out, allowing us to visualize the amount of work completed over time in relation to the planned schedule.

The table view was another standout, as it enabled spreadsheets and databases for managing budgets, inventories, and even client information.

Some of the other available views we were able to switch to are as follows:

  • List: A traditional format to organize tasks and information in a straightforward list.
  • Calendar: Lets you see tasks and deadlines in a calendar view for efficient scheduling.
  • Workload: Visualize team capacity to ensure balanced work distribution and avoid overloading.
  • Activity: Perfect for tracking of who’s done what in a particular area or project.
  • Mind Map: Create visual outlines to organize ideas, projects, and workflows.
  • Map: Manage location-specific workflows and visualize tasks on a map.
  • Docs: Collaboratively create and edit documents within ClickUp.
  • Whiteboards: Collaborate visually and sketch out ideas on virtual whiteboards.
  • Embed: Easily embed content from external sources like Google Drive or Trello.


This is where this Click Up app review shines best: getting rid of repetitive tasks. With over 100 pre-built automation executions to choose from, you can streamline workflows, automate routine tasks, and ensure smooth project handoffs.

In our testing, we loved how easy it was to set up and customize automation actions based on our specific needs.

ClickUp’’s automation triggers

We created new tasks and implemented clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) effortlessly, which automatically assigned tasks, posted comments, and moved statuses.

This would not only save time but also ensure consistency in a team’s workflow. ClickUp automation goes beyond the confines of the platform by integrating with external apps. This allows you to bring everything into a single, shared workflow.

With more integrations being released every month, ClickUp makes it easy to automate your favorite tools for a seamless experience.

Note that, while the ClickUp free plan has generous limits of up to 100 automation runs and 50 active rules, businesses looking for more automation capabilities may find the Business plan more suitable since it comes with unlimited active automation rules and 10,000 automation runs.

ClickUp University

It’s unfortunate that live onboarding training and a success manager are only available with the Enterprise plan. Still, ClickUp University makes up for it by offering an intuitive online learning experience.

This simply enhances the webinar and resource functions of other PM tools like Monday, Zoho Projects, and Wrike. ClickUp does this well by turning resources into courses.

A view of ClickUp University

We were able to access such courses together with on-demand videos, activities, quizzes, and pro tips that enhanced our understanding of ClickUp. We even customized it to suit the type of role, which could either be for a member, admin, or guest.

The foundational learning paths cover the basics of ClickUp and include courses on various topics. With activities, knowledge checks, and quizzes, these courses ensure that you not only learn but also retain the knowledge effectively.

Topics covered range from ClickUp features like hierarchy, home page, navigation, and notifications.

ClickUp University is where you’ll learn about setting up workspaces, managing tasks, and maximizing productivity with ClickUp’s templates, dashboards, and automations.

The platform is committed to continually expanding its course offerings. In the coming months, they plan to launch advanced courses to further deepen your understanding of ClickUp’s advanced and additional features.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, ClickUp University is a valuable resource for honing your ClickUp skills and integrating them effectively into your workflow.


While searching for a detailed ClickUp CRM review from real users, we found people saying they’ve used automation and forms to streamline customer workflows.

Everything was proven true when we found the CRM features of ClickUp to be highly effective in managing client relationships. With ClickUp, we were able to easily view and track dummy customer interactions at a glance, providing valuable insights into the set customer base.

What we loved the most about its CRM is its ability to centralize customer outreach. By integrating emails with ClickUp, you can streamline communication, collaborate on deals, and send project updates to clients all within one convenient platform.

A sample list of clients and task assignees on ClickUp

ClickUp made it easy to build an efficient customer database using the platform’s CRM templates. We created a customized system to store and analyze contacts, customers, and deals – and we were able to track and manage all relevant information in one space.

Furthermore, ClickUp offers seamless integration with popular CRM tools, allowing you to sync your favorite apps and further enhance workflows.

However, this is where we found one thing to be challenging: there were a few glitches and bugs specific to the Android version. These issues, which did not appear in the ClickUp desktop app, primarily manifested as delayed notifications and occasional sluggishness, especially when searching for specific tasks, folders, or spaces.


We were delighted to discover that ClickUp offers various integration options to bridge this gap, and the integrations work well.

Our team relies on project management software every day, so we understand the frustration when tools don’t communicate with each other. ClickUp boasts an impressive collection of over 1,000 native apps and tools that can be easily connected, making it the project management software with the most extensive range of integrations.

Popular native integrations include those for CRM solutions like HubSpot, Salesforce, and ZohoFlow, among others.

No more switching between tabs with the Google Drive integration

That said, it would have been even better to have native integrations with content management software or e-commerce builders. It can still be done, as ClickUp offers a powerful solution with its integration capabilities through Zapier.

If you’re switching from another project management tool like Asana, Trello, Jira, Monday, or Wrike, ClickUp allows you to effortlessly import all your data with just a few clicks.

This seamless transition feature ensures a smooth migration process, enabling you to consolidate all your previous project management information into ClickUp effortlessly.

ClickUp AI

This ClickUp software review is nothing without our testing of the platform’s AI function, which aims to be in line with current AI writing tools.

It offers a comprehensive tool that goes beyond just writing assistance. While many project management solutions have begun incorporating AI generators, ClickUp sets itself apart with its broad application of AI features throughout the interface.

ClickUp AI provides five pre-built prompts that significantly improve writing with a single click. This feature is not limited to a specific document or a separate page but seamlessly integrates within tasks, Docs, comments, Chat, and notes.

This level of AI integration sets ClickUp ahead of its competitors like Monday.com and Asana, whose AI assistants are limited in scope or are still in beta testing.

During our testing of the ClickUp free trial for its AI, we found that its function acted as a personal copyeditor, elevating our writing to be clear and engaging. Furthermore, it flawlessly formatted content with pre-structured headers, tables, and more, saving us valuable time.

A view of the doc editor

ClickUp AI also excelled in summarizing lengthy content and in generating summaries of comment threads, meeting notes, and other extensive information. After reviewing the provided content, it efficiently extracts action items and insights.

A view of ClickUp AI’s summary

This process can reduce a significant amount of time in the entire project management process, as all that’s left to do would be to fact-check.

What truly impressed us was the affordability of ClickUp AI, with a price of just $5/month per user.

This competitive pricing, combined with its wide-ranging AI capabilities, makes ClickUp an excellent choice for individuals and teams looking to enhance their writing, formatting, summarizing, and task management efficiency.

ClickUp’s Interface and Ease of Use

In this ClickUp review and testing, we found the desktop and web app versions of ClickUp to be the most straightforward platforms to navigate. Projects and tasks are loaded seamlessly, enhancing the user experience.

ClickUp’s List view

While the iOS version proved faster than its Android counterpart, we strongly recommend using ClickUp on a computer for a more efficient experience and a faster pace facilitating project and task management.

A view of ClickUp’s Android (left) and iOS (right) apps

ClickUp’s mobile app is mostly efficient for quick checks and responses. It’s especially handy for checking notifications, tracking time spent on tasks, and maintaining effective communication through collaborative messaging. Note that only lists, boards, calendars, docs, and chat are the available views on mobile.

It’s even available on the Apple Watch – one of those watches that combine smart with stylish – allowing you to stay connected and see tasks on the go.

ClickUp’s Apple Watch app

ClickUp also offers voice assistants, enabling you to utilize voice commands for creating reminders, tasks, and checking notifications. The platform further enhances communication with email add-ons, allowing you to create tasks directly from emails and attach emails to tasks.

Excitingly, ClickUp is also in the works of integrating with Meta apps, offering digital marketers and social media professionals the opportunity to bring your work into the Metaverse for enhanced collaboration, insights, and project management.

How Does ClickUp Compare to Other PM Tools?

Before commencing your ClickUp app download, we understand that you want to make sure it’s the right fit. The best way to know is to see a ClickUp review that compares it to other project management tools. In the table below, we have provided a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision:

Top Project Management Apps Best For Cheapest Monthly Plan Cheapest Annual Plan Free Version Top 3 Features
ClickUp Integrations $10 $7 Free plan/free demo only via a self-guided tour – 1,000+ integrations
– Custom views
– ClickUp AI
Monday Ease of use $10 $8 Free plan/14-day free trial of Pro – Leaderboards
– Largest template gallery
– An interface that’s easy to navigate
Wrike Adaptability accross industries N/A $9.80 Free plan/14-day free trial – Marketing insights
– External collaboration
– Live docs editor
Smartsheet Spreadsheets $9 $7 Free plan/30-day free trial of the Business plan – Proofing
– iOS and Android apps
– WorkApps
Teamwork Budget-friendliness $8.99 $5.99 Free plan/30-day free trial – Document collaboration
– Teamwork chat
– Client views
Awork Clean interface $12.67 $10.55 14-day free trial – Time tracking
– Easy setup of automatic notifications
– Project recovery

Although Monday is our top recommendation on our project management reviews, we also highly recommend ClickUp, especially for those who value integrations and highly customizable views.

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to choose the one that aligns with your specific needs. For a more in-depth review and comparison of these tools, we have a different page for the best project management software solutions.

Is ClickUp Safe?

ClickUp prioritizes the safety and security of user data through various compliance measures. It abides by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and even offers Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance for Enterprise plan users.

ClickUp can safely enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) where they might need to process protected health information.

You also benefit from SOC 2 compliance, which ensures that organizational and technical controls are independently audited annually to maintain the highest level of security.

Overall, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is handled securely and according to industry standards.

Is ClickUp Legit? A Look At Other ClickUp Reviews

In addition to our own experience with the app, the Click Up reviews we found on reputable sites like G2 and discussions on Reddit ClickUp topics further validate the legitimacy and effectiveness of the platform. Let’s take a closer look at what these reviews have to say.

Reddit Reviews

To gain insights from real users, we delved into various threads to explore examples of a ClickUp review Reddit has available. Here’s what users have to say about their experiences with the platform:

Impressed by ClickUp’s custom views and stability, this verified user champions its impact on small businesses. A satisfied commenter echoes, having swapped Trello for ClickUp.

After years on Trello, this user admitted that there can be sluggish load times on ClickUp. The person, who claimed to have tested 20+ apps, praised the desktop application’s ease, too.

G2 Reviews

Tons of insights can be seen as well on G2’s website, and in this one particular ClickUp review, the user’s comment adds up to the truth of how some users might need to adjust to learn the wide range of custom features.

The person who gave a 4.5-star rating is a marketer who uses the platform mainly for project collaboration.

Despite its versatility and essential features such as task management, time tracking, and automation, this G2 user awarded ClickUp only 3 stars. The somewhat steep learning curve for newcomers and limitations within the mobile app were key drawbacks, underscoring the need to optimize desktop usage for full software functionality.

Trustpilot Review

Take a look at this ClickUp review from a user on Trustpilot, where the platform received the lowest total rating of 3.3 stars:

While you’ll find bad Trustpilot reviews about the mobile app and the learning users have to do, you’ll also see that the customer support team responds to such users.

Overall, ClickUp has garnered positive reviews on reputable sites such as G2, where it earned a commendable rating of 4.7 stars. However, it’s important to note the mixed feedback received on Trustpilot, with a total rating of 3.3 stars.

Users have highlighted that the mobile app may have limitations in terms of functionality and learning curve. Nevertheless, the productivity boost you gain from ClickUp is worth the effort.

Why You Can Trust TechReport’s ClickUp App Review

Since we believe in providing authentic and trustworthy reviews, our ClickUp app review is no exception. We pride ourselves on extensively testing ClickUp in practice, going beyond just checking the website and other reviews.

We delved into the platform, utilizing all the components of its hierarchy, from Workspaces down to Tasks. This allowed us to test the wide range of templates and views ClickUp has to offer.

Our own testing of the different templates on ClickUp

We checked all the type of views available, like Gantt, lists, and even mindmaps.

A view of ClickUp’s mindmap view

We also explored the automation functions, meticulously verifying if the triggers effectively executed the designated actions.

A view of ClickUp’s automation builder

To test the integrations and how dependable they are when ClickUp is communicating with other apps, we also checked ClickApps and the App Center with several apps commonly used for PM, including Gmail, Slack, and HubSpot.

We also researched reputable sites like TrustPilot, Reddit, and G2 to both identify which downsides to test and ensure our review provides a comprehensive overview of the tool.

Furthermore, our team has significant experience testing and comparing leading project management tools, including Monday.com. That’s why we have a separate, in-depth Monday.com review.

Our first-hand experience and extensive testing allows us to make informed comparisons and provide meaningful insights for our ClickUp review, identifying the product’s strengths and weaknesses relative to other industry-leading tools.

While all of this is from our testing and other user reviews, ClickUp’s credibility speaks up for itself, enhanced by its recognition on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2023 and inclusion in Forbes Cloud 100 for 2022.

A Quick Guide On How to Use ClickUp

Using ClickUp is a straightforward process that allows you to streamline your workflow and stay organized. Here is a step-by-step guide based on our experience:

1. Sign Up With Your Email and Customize Your Profile:

Visit the ClickUp website and sign up using your email address.

A view of ClickUp’s sign up page

After registering your email via the web or desktop app, you can then customize your profile by adding a profile picture, setting your display name, and configuring the color theme.

2. Add Integrations: Calendars and Cloud Storage

Once your profile is set up, connect calendar apps, such as Google Calendar, to sync important events and deadlines.

Integrate calendars, timesheets, and more before launching your workspace

You can also integrate a time tracking tool, like Harvest or Toggl, to accurately monitor and record your work hours. Link your preferred cloud storage service as well to easily attach files and collaborate with team members.

3. Customize Your Workspace and Select a Team Size

Create a workspace – this is where you’ll organize your spaces, folders, and tasks.

Integrate calendars, timesheets, and more before launching your workspace

Just make sure you specify the size of your team to ensure efficient communication and collaboration within ClickUp. You can change this anytime via the tool’s settings.

4. Send Out Team Invites

After creating your workspace, you can then use ClickUp’s invitation feature to invite team members to join.

You can send team invites before launching your workspace

Tip: Provide clear instructions on how to accept the invitation and create their own ClickUp accounts. You can then encourage team members to customize their profiles and familiarize themselves with the platform using ClickUp University.

5. Import Tasks

If you have existing tasks or projects in another project management tool, you can rely on ClickUp’s import feature to transfer them seamlessly.

Test the integrations by importing tasks from different sources, such as Asana, Trello, or Excel spreadsheets. This is where you’ll be able to verify that all imported tasks and any associated data are accurately transferred to ClickUp.

While this quick guide covers the basics of getting started with ClickUp, it does not yet delve into the extensive capabilities and customization options that custom automation can provide. By following these steps, you can set a solid foundation for effective project management and collaboration within ClickUp.

Our Other Project Management Guides

Looking for more information on project management software? Check out our other guides and articles below to learn more:

ClickUp Review Takeaway – Should You Use It?

ClickUp offers a robust project management solution with a vast array of features, seamless integrations, and customization. It excels in providing a centralized workspace, advanced task management capabilities, and an intuitive user interface.

However, there may be occasional glitches in the Android version of the mobile app, and the learning curve for mastering custom automation can be a hurdle for certain teams.

Despite these drawbacks, ClickUp remains a top choice for teams looking for a powerful and versatile project management tool. Try ClickUp today and experience its potential for yourself.

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