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Any HR manager will tell you how tedious traditional recruitment is. It takes a long time to process 100+ resumes of qualified applicants and even longer to narrow them down. Can you relate? This Monday.com recruitment review can help.

For recruiting managers, the process doesn’t end with resumes; they have to check them all to rank the candidates manually and schedule interviews before finding the right one. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the same.

In this review, you’ll discover whether Monday can take the sting out of the recruitment process. Read on to learn from our testing team’s feedback on the software’s key features, pricing, and comparison with similar tools.

In This Guide

Monday.com Recruitment Pros and Cons

Our team spends a lot of time testing business solutions, and we were excited to delve into the Monday.com talent management and hiring platform.

A look into our testing of Monday.com
We were able to add boards and change the workspace name upon signing up

To begin with, here’s a quick look into the pros and cons:


  • There are over 200 pre-built templates that are highly customizable
  • A free plan with freemium features, such as unlimited documents, updates, and shareable forms
  • It’s one of the most affordable recruitment software solutions
  • You get to automate repetitive tasks


  • You have to subscribe to the Standard plan to access integrations and automation
  • Most of its recruitment capabilities come in templates, which mostly require your input

Can Monday.com Be Used as HR Software?

Monday.com can be used for recruitment, but it’s not ideal.

Monday.com’s real strength lies in optimizing project management processes.

While you can make use of Monday onboarding and recruitment features, you can also utilize it as an HR software solution.

The platform lets you handle the following:

  • Employee well-being through engagement and events templates
  • Learning and development initiatives
  • Time-tracking, leave, and attendance management
  • Performance reviews

Our tests put Monday.com at the top of our project management (PM) solutions list. Even so, you’ll have a two-in-one solution should you need its recruitment and PM capabilities.

Is Monday.com Recruitment Good?

With more than 10 years in the SaaS market, Monday.com is good enough both as a company and software solution.

It was recognized as one of Fast Company’s Brands That Matter in 2022, a list that recognized businesses that lead in terms of how they present themselves and how their customers perceive them.

In the same year, INC.com recognized Monday as one of the best workplaces in the US. It also received the same recognition locally in New York, where it’s headquartered. This award was from Fortune.

While not a recruitment-specific platform, Monday still belongs to the top recruitment and workflow management software tools. It’s just that there are other solutions built particularly for recruitment purposes.

One good example of recruitment-focused service is Teamtailor, which lets you create pages where candidates can browse and apply for jobs.

Monday Recruitment Features Overview

Yes, it’s not a tool specially made for recruitment. But Monday aids with recruitment processes via pre-built, customizable templates specific to the steps of the hiring procedure.

But since these are templates, we found in our testing that there’s a need for significant human intervention at first. That’s before the magic of automation comes into play – we’ll discuss more about this in the paragraphs below.

Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Pipeline

Applicant tracking system solutions are basically tools that let employers handle the entire recruitment pipeline in one platform. And Monday has a pre-built template for that.

During testing, we found that the columns for the Monday ATS template are highly customizable. Want to know, for example, where an applicant was sourced from? No problem. Add a column for it, input the category choices, and rest easy.

Monday.com’s ATS template
A single platform for your ATS and task management needs

After customizing our columns, we fell in love with the drag-and-drop functionality. Let’s say a candidate aces the initial interview.

Similar to what you see in the photo above, you can easily drag that applicant’s card from one group (Applicants for initial interview) to another (In progress).

While moving the cards is manual, you can rest easy that it can also turn into a task done by the platform. This makes Monday a hybrid for manual and automated processing. Just set the rules, and from there, you’ll save time by getting rid of repetitive tasks.

Meanwhile, the Monday.com careers platform is packed with the following honorable mentions that complete its ATS capabilities:

  • Progress tracking: Shows a battery-like status in the columns, showing a percentage view of the candidate’s progress
  • Views: Start with Gantt, charts, timelines, and calendars; multiple view options let you visualize your recruitment processes the way you want to
  • Integrations: Lets you perform ATS tasks, such as resume parsing, by integrating with recruitment platforms, Google tools, and other productivity software
  • File logs and updates: Gives you access to the files shared and conversations done for each card; here, you can send emails to applicants, collaborate, and communicate with other HR staff about any concern

Onboarding Checklists

Retaining quality talent requires you to have a good onboarding process. One LinkedIn article highlights its importance, saying a bad new hire onboarding experience leads to 64% of employees leaving their jobs within their first year.

This is where Monday’s project management capabilities make sense. As we’re able to create a checklist, you can do so too and ensure you won’t miss a thing; you can start by assigning each list item as a task to the members of your HR team.

Performance Management

If you manage the performance of recruits during their first months (especially if there are underperforming ones,) you can help them thrive in their current roles. This can impact their overall productivity.

Monday.com’s performance management template
See all the nuances for all performance incidents with this pre-built template from Monday

We saw this capability in action in our Monday.com recruitment review and testing. Its performance improvement plan template makes management smoother for everyone involved – the HR manager, case handlers, and the candidates of concern. Such a handy template gives everyone a view of:

  • Corrective measures: This lets you see what your team can do to help the employee
  • Improvement gauges: By looking at such areas of concern, you’ll quickly identify which ones show signs of improvement
  • Resources: This points you to the right tools or materials to help rectify the deficient areas
  • Timelines: It enables setting up specific time frames for employees to show changes and improvement
  • Consequences for failure to meet expected outcomes: Here, you can outline what happens if the employee does not meet the company’s set parameters

Real-Time Feedback Tools and Employee Surveys

Monday’s templates for feedback gathering let you say goodbye to switching between platforms to consolidate data. This information can prove to be essential for improving the experience of your candidates.

Here’s how it works: you can create, send, and collect responses via employee self-assessment surveys from the platform.

After creating our own test forms and answering them, we saw the results in real-time. On the platform, we just had to select the Employee Well-being Survey, create WorkForms (questionnaires), and watch the platform arrange the data into a table.

What can you ensure with this template? Your newly onboarded candidates would feel heard and understood, adding to their satisfaction with your organization.

Succession Planning and Job Description Management

Future-proofing isn’t just a tech concept. One reason for this is that sudden staff changes, especially with leadership roles, are one of the change factors that significantly affect a business.

Monday’s succession planning template gives you a good look at who could fill the roles when the need arises. Pair it with the platform’s Job Description template, and you’ll even achieve more clarity over the qualifications.

The succession plan template includes essential aspects of the procedure, such as:

  • A registry of current business leaders and potential replacements
  • Core skills, training, and experience required for each role
  • Short-term and long-term contingency plans for filling high-level positions
  • Estimates of the amount of time it’d take for an incoming recruit to fill an existing position.

To test it further, we customized the entire template threefold. First, we assigned end-of-contract dates to roles and categorized the key requirements for each of them. Up next was assigning strong candidates to fill the positions.

Succession planning is as easy as task management with Monday.com
Assign potential candidates and mark vacancies depending on how soon they’ll open and how critical the position is

Given the consolidated view, we can say that it can help you keep the business profitable with foresight. With enough preparation, your organization can navigate pretty smoothly through periods of change.

Compensation Management

Monday.com is also considered one of the best customer relationship management tools in the market today. While it proves useful for those with heavy CRM needs, it can help you manage all forms of data about your candidates, including their compensation.

It’s quite simple. Before we did this Monday.com recruitment review, we already knew that the resume parser function is only available via integration with Bitskout. So, we set up test application forms and used the WorkForms feature to find out if it could be an alternative to the parser.

We had the right expectations. We saw that once a person applies for a position in your company, it will go straight into the platform – similar to how a CRM tool receives customer information.

Monday.com’s ability to pool this essential information comes as a boon. It lays out all pertinent data about a candidate, including their actual/expected compensation, simplifying the decision-making process.

Goal Setting and Tracking

It’s always such a delight to see your goals achieved with your team’s progress. Monday.com allows you to set and track those milestones. The only difference here is that goal-setting comes in the form of a widget instead of a template.

Monday.com’s Goal widget
Give more recognition to your employees by utilizing the Goal widget

Imagine a battery charging towards the goal; the green fill represents your team’s achievements.

To demonstrate, let’s take the recruitment tasks. Say you aim to finish 150 onboarding tasks per week; consider it a goal. With drag-and-drop or checkbox actions, every onboarding task done moves a step closer to the target.

The same goes for resumes processed and applicants interviewed. You can set a goal widget for each step in the recruitment pipeline to ensure that everyone involved stays on track and motivated.

Compliance Tracking

There are laws that regulate privacy and security, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the strongest one globally.

While you have to abide by such rules when processing customer information, the same goes for the candidates that you interview and hire – and even those you don’t. Here are some examples of recruitment tasks you can assign in compliance with privacy and security laws:

  • Provide, receive, and archive non-disclosure agreements and job offers
  • Have candidates undergo the company’s training materials that tackle compliance
  • Make task templates ready for future new hires
Monday.com’s compliance capability
Build a compliance knowledgebase and link it to task boards with Monday.com

Monday’s template for compliance is quite plain. You’ll get to connect widgets and existing charts to it. This means you can have a sole board for compliance or add compliance essentials as tasks to pre-existing boards.

For example, you can assign task templates for privacy and security measures via your employee onboarding checklist.

Reporting and Analytics

Insights are essential for progress. Thankfully, Monday’s charts can provide a deep dive into your workflow’s data. They enable you to get a snapshot of your team’s performance, monitor the speed at which tasks get completed, and track how they evolve over time.

Monday.com’s reporting feature
See real-time reports with Monday’s customizable Chart feature

We tested this feature by displaying the population data for each test department we set up. It gave more life to our raw data and let us see trends and patterns in a matter of seconds.

Need to take reporting a notch higher? You can make use of benchmarks and cumulative data, which show you low/high thresholds and month-to-month data, with each month adding on to the total of previous months.

This is a streamlined way of seeing your HR team’s performance. For example, you’ll see where the bottlenecks are by checking which jobs tend to be more difficult to process.

Honorable Mentions

There are even more features that support the recruitment capabilities of Monday.com. Here are our top picks for miscellaneous features that can even make task management smoother for your HR team:

Attendance, Leave Request, and Time Tracking

Whether they’re new members of your workforce or not, these functions can be critical when screening candidates. By checking these metrics, you can evaluate their punctuality and attendance before considering their application.

Monday WorkDocs

Who says you’ll have to use third-party document processing apps with Monday.com? With this feature, your HR team can turn tasks, charts, and even boards into documents.

This means you get to keep softcopy records of everything that happens on the platform.

Meanwhile, WorkDocs primarily makes it easier for everyone to collaborate on job descriptions, interview plans, or interview questions in real-time.

200+ Pre-built Templates

Don’t forget that these are all customizable, which is helpful if you can’t find a pre-built template that suits the recruitment task at hand.

For example, say you need a board for different job posting templates. Upon checking, there’s no exact option for this on Monday.com.Instead, you can use templates like the Role Overview.

There, you can tailor each posting according to the messaging style you want, the platform you’ll use, and whichever information you want to display on your posting.

Monday.com ATS Pricing – Is It Worth Paying For?

The free version of Monday.com does quite well, with users having access to unlimited dashboards, over 20 column types, and all of the platform’s templates. Yet, we can still say that the paid plans are worth it.

Monday.com’s priced plans
Standard as the most popular paid plan
When testing the app for yourself, which we highly recommend, you’ll automatically get a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan.


Although it would’ve been better to see the Free plan accommodate unlimited seats, the Basic plan is still a bang for the buck. Aside from offering 24/7 support and daily webinars with this plan, Monday also includes unlimited free viewers, dashboards, and documents here.

That’s why Monday’s cheapest paid plan is one of the best economic plans among other recruitment software tools.


Just note that if you’re after the automation and integration capabilities of Monday, you’ll have to start with the Standard plan, where you’ll also have access to 6-month-long activity logs, more view types (Timeline, Calendar, and Map), and the option of adding guests.


The Pro plan is where 25,000 automation and 25,000 integration actions come in. With its monthly price of $19, it’s still more economical than other platforms’ plans with the same capability, like Wrike’s 200 monthly automation actions for $24.80. Board admin control, however, only becomes available with this plan.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise stands up to its name with enterprise-scale file storage, automation, integration, activity logs, and support.

Is It Hard to Cancel?

No. Cancellation is a breeze because Monday automatically refunds your remaining balance if your subscription hasn’t reached 30 days.However, it’s important to note that downgrading or canceling won’t entitle you to a refund if it’s past the 30-day period.

Monday Recruitment – Ease of Use

Generally, Monday’s web app is easy to manage for those with experience in handling project management platforms. Meanwhile, those who don’t may need up to 3 days of training to grasp the basic functions of the web app.

For reference, here are the devices we used to test the web and native versions of Monday.com:

  • Windows: Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage
  • Mac: M1 Chip, 8GB Unified Memory, 256GB SSD storage
  • iPhone: A14 Bionic Chip, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage
  • Android phone: Mediatek MT6785V/CD Helio G95, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage

Windows and Mac

The software apps for these two operating systems were as fast as the web app, at least in terms of loading speeds for adding items, dashboards, and charts. Both offer the same functionalities too, with that of the web version.

Android and iOS

Viewing charts and boards are seamless with the mobile versions. The downside with the apps is their loading speeds, which are comparably slower than their computer counterparts.

Monday's mobile app

Monday.com’s mobile apps
Utilize the viewing capabilities of Monday.com mobile

That said, adding items and customizing your recruitment processes will take a little more time when done via mobile.

Monday.com HR vs Top Recruitment Apps

This Monday.com recruitment review is nothing without a side-by-side comparison with other recruitment tools out there. Here, we’ve compiled the results of our testing and research to help you decide better whether this platform is right for you:

Recruitment Software Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Monday.com Scaling and customization $9/month Yes; for 14 days a. Custom workflows
b. 200+ templates
c. Employee directory features
TeamTailor Talent attraction Custom quote Yes; for 14 days a. Unlimited users
b. Custom recruitment pages
c. Smart triggers
Rippling Finance capabilities $8/month No, but with a free demo a. Referral management
b. Open role-based access
c. Automated payments for bonuses
ClearCompany Beginners in recruitment software Custom quote No, but with a free demo a. AI assistance in writing job descriptions
b. Seamless recruitment foresight
c. Reports
BreezyHR Startups and small businesses $157/month Yes; for 14 days a. Match scores for candidates
b. Career webpage builder
c. Automation for reference checking
Monday easily wins for customization due to its offering of 200+ templates, and this is already available with its Free plan. However, we’d like to see it have referral systems, a dedicated Monday.com jobs page builder, background checks, and even more specialized widgets instead of templates for recruitment.

Want to see in-depth reviews of these tools? Check out the top recruitment software tools, where you’ll get to see more of their features and plans.

Other Monday.com Reviews

Despite our team testing the platform, we just had to look for Monday.com Glassdoor (for its work environment), Reddit, and G2 reviews to check whether their experience was good, too.

Generally, Monday’s INC.com and Fortune ratings as a workplace are synonymous on its Glassdoor page, where it gained 4.4 stars.

Meanwhile, on Reddit, we found this user who was glad about the improved efficiency, notifications, advanced reporting, and support that they received with their Monday.com subscription:

Monday.com trustpilot positive review

Its G2 page is exceptional due to Monday’s 4.7-star rating. On it, you’ll see that people praise the platform for its customization, collaboration, and project management capabilities.

Monday.com trustpilot review

However, the learning curve is one of the cons that people talk about. This means that it may really take a few days to master Monday, particularly for employees with only a little experience with PM software.

Why You Can Trust Our Monday Review

Our testing team has personally utilized the platform to provide you with this Monday.com recruitment review.

For instance, we’ve examined how applicant tracking operates in real-time and assessed the responsiveness of the system when creating and implementing onboarding programs. In short, we’ve seen how it transforms data into practice.

Since we wanted to give a 360-degree viewpoint, we’ve also looked at other Monday users’ reviews, covering experiences from different organizations. This is to ensure our review strikes the right balance of understanding and context.

Moreover, we’ve dissected and scrutinized other leading recruitment software such as TeamTailor and ClearCompany.

This extensive experience gives us a vantage point to know precisely what to hunt for. It allows our testing team to create an in-depth and fair comparison, setting better expectations for you.

Guide: How to Use Monday.com for Recruitment

As mentioned before, the first two weeks upon signing up entitle you to a trial of the Pro plan, so why not get started? The process is simple.

1. Sign Up for a Monday.com Account

Compared to other business software solutions, Monday doesn’t require you to have a credit card and a dedicated email with your company’s domain.

Monday.com’s signup page
Use any email to sign up for a Monday.com account

In our testing, we just used a spare, personal Gmail account. And voila. We were able to be taken to the onboarding page.

2. Answer the Onboarding Questions

Here, there are typical questions that you see when signing up for a web app. But it’s important that you indicate your needs here, as the software is also tailored based on your them.

It would also give you the option of which business process you’d like to focus first. After answering the survey, you’ll then get to add more members and a name for your entire workspace.

3. Start Assigning Recruitment Tasks

It’s that fast for us. After adding people, we were taken to a dashboard.

Start setting up your workspace upon signing up and answering the questions
Play with Monday’s templates upon finishing the signup process

Here, we’re also shown recommendations on what to add as boards. If that, however, doesn’t work for you, you can simply click the add button and select from the preset templates from Monday.

Monday.com for Recruitment Verdict

Indeed, Monday.com is more than just a recruitment tool. Its flexibility and customizable templates prove it to be a real time-saver. On the downside, its learning curve might be a bit steep for beginners.

But considering its ability to streamline your hiring process and improve team collaborations, it’s a worthwhile investment. Don’t just take our word for it; grab your free trial now and experience the difference Monday.com can make in your recruitment process.


Why is Monday.com so popular?

Is Monday.com good for recruitment as well?

Is Monday.com for recruitment user-friendly?

What is Monday.com best used for?


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