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In this Multiplier review, we’ll cover this Employer of Record (EOR) service extensively, from its features to pricing, user reviews, and value proposition compared to other EOR platforms.

Hiring globally is challenging, as finding the right people can be difficult due to linguistic barriers, legal obstacles, and local labor laws. That’s where an EOR service like Multiplier can help.

It can streamline the onboarding process, ensure legal compliance in different jurisdictions, and manage employee benefits in one unified package.

In this guide, we analyze Multiplier’s best features (like payroll and invoicing) and showcase the tests we did to help you make an informed decision about your company’s global hiring efforts.

Multiplier Pros and Cons

Before going into more detail, let’s quickly summarize what we liked and disliked about Multiplier.


  • Quick and easy Visa processing for a streamlined hiring process
  • Payrolls and invoices in over 120 currencies, including cryptocurrency
  • Compliance with local tax laws in over 150 countries
  • Access to onboarding essentials like IT accessories
  • All-in-one dashboard with reports and analytics for every step of the hiring process
  • Streamlined process (instant contracts) for hiring independent contractors


  • Inconsistent customer service
  • No API for external integrations
  • No 24/7 support (only 24/5)
  • No mobile app

What Is Multiplier?

Multiplier is an EOR service that lets you hire abroad without establishing an entity in every country.

Multiplier acts as a third party between employers and employees to help companies expand their remote workforce.
Founded in 2020, Multiplier has quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the leading EOR platforms in the world, with a presence in over 150 countries.

To bridge the gap between employers and employees, Multiplier offers a comprehensive package of global employee and contractor hiring, payroll management (in multiple currencies, including crypto), legal assistance, and other relevant services.

Multiplier also ensures compliance with local employment laws and contract legalities, making it easier for employers to access a wider hiring pool in any jurisdiction.

Is Multiplier a Good Company?

When it appeared in the market, Multiplier had to contend with competitors that were already household names (like Deel and Rippling).

Multiplier stood out by being consistent and refusing to stagnate in an ever-evolving market where remote work has become increasingly popular.

It quickly built a solid reputation as an excellent EOR service that always puts its customers first. Multiplier hasn’t been involved in any controversy and most reviews we’ve seen praise its customer service and features.

The company has also won a series of awards over the years:

  • Top Multi-Country Payroll Vendor of 2024 (Constellation ShortList™ Report)
  • Best HR Software Products for 2024 (G2)
  • Fintech Top 100 of 2023 (CB Insights)
  • Best Ease of Use of 2022 (Capterra)
  • Leader in the Fall 2022 Grid® Report for Multi-Country Payroll Software (G2)

It also maintains a healthy presence on review sites like Glassdoor, taking the time to respond to user reviews and queries.

Multiplier’s surge in popularity isn’t strange considering the increase in companies looking to adopt remote work policies for their employees.

Multiplier Key Features & Benefits

When looking for a good EOR company, the service package is a crucial factor in the decision-making process. This Multiplier review unpacks the platform’s features so you can assess what it can do, the benefits it offers, and how it compares to other EOR platforms.

Here’s what we found.

Onboarding & Offboarding

The onboarding and offboarding processes (O&O) are where the Multiplier EOR impressed us the most. You can onboard new employees in less than a day, while other platforms, such as Deel, can take up to 3-5 business days.

The onboarding instructions on Multiplier’s dashboard
The onboarding instructions on Multiplier’s dashboard


Typically, onboarding involves multiple steps, such as pre-boarding interviews, paperwork, compliance checks, and establishing a working payroll system. It can be hard for a business to deal with these processes effectively.

But Multiplier delivers all paperwork, from local labor laws to health benefits, and fiscal regulations swiftly. It also establishes a working payroll system and ensures documents pass all compliance checks.

Multiplier greatly simplifies onboarding.

Employees also need training to adapt to your company’s workflow.

With Multiplier, when employees check in on their first day, they already have the fundamentals down. This means they’re familiar with their roles, responsibilities, and the tools required for the job.

And knowing that the efficiency of the onboarding process significantly influences an employee’s performance and engagement, Multiplier’s role in O&O becomes crucial.

Multiplier handles offboarding, typically a sensitive process, well, from conducting insightful exit interviews to providing employees with helpful information to ease the transition.

This maintains your reputation as an employer and ensures a healthy offboarding experience for employees.

Payroll and Invoicing

Tax regulations, reporting requirements, labor laws, and different currencies – that’s what companies hiring globally deal with daily.

This is where the Multiplier payroll system comes into play. It’s streamlined and automated, specific to each employee (multi-currency payments), and intuitive.

The payments in different currencies on Multiplier
The payments in different currencies on Multiplier

We liked that you can process payroll in more than 120 currencies and cryptocurrency. Few other EOR platforms support this form of payment.

The payroll system also automatically calculates taxes, benefit deductions, and withholdings for every employee.

Management of Benefits, Expenses, Bonuses, and Time Off

Another helpful Multiplier feature is its management system for benefits, expenses, bonuses, and time off.

The Benefits, Expenses, and Time Off options highlighted in Multiplier
The Benefits, Expenses, and Time Off options highlighted in Multiplier


The main dashboard displays a helpful overview of these features, but you can go deeper by selecting each one from the left-hand side of the screen.

Multiplier offers localized health insurance in cost-effective packages, and we found Multiplier’s selection of health insurance plans to be more extensive than Deel’s.

Their Time Off feature is intuitive and easy to use, with a cleaner look than Ripple’s.

HR Processes

Whether it’s legal compliance, finding good employee insurance, or teaching new hires your company’s workflow, Multiplier has you covered. Automating these steps (and others like candidate tracking) significantly speeds up the hiring process.

The quality of a company’s HR processes is an indicator of its reputation and performance. Poor HR management can lead to bad employee reviews or suboptimal hiring processes. However, Multiplier’s HR features free up your HR team to focus on core tasks rather than battle with the difficulties of managing a global workforce.

The HR information on Multiplier
The HR information on Multiplier

The IT Assets and Equipment Feature is not something you usually get with other EOR services. The unique service improves end-to-end logistics by automating asset purchase, setup, and return.

Next to payroll and invoicing, legal compliance is another time-consuming and complex endeavor. It involves dealing with multiple countries’ local labor laws, employee regulations, and contract requirements.

And it’s all unavoidable and difficult to keep track of.

An overview of Multiplier’s legal compliance system
An overview of Multiplier’s legal compliance system

Multiplier provides all the necessary compliance information, from statutory leaves to salary breakdowns, termination laws, and multilingual contracts.

GDPR compliance is also an essential requirement for companies hiring in the EU.

Multiplier works with more than 100 local legal experts worldwide to make it easier to keep track of regulation changes and update contracts accordingly.

The definition of employers and employees varies depending on the jurisdiction. Misclassification can create compliance risks, which could lead to legal and financial penalties.

Multiplier’s assessment tool helps you determine whether to classify a new hire as an employee or contractor.

Reporting and Analytics

It’s important to have clear-cut analytics to understand your company’s direction and financial state. Multiplier offers a good mixture of team-related and financial reports, such as expense analytics and payroll reports.

A team overview in Multiplier’s dashboard
A team overview in Multiplier’s dashboard

We especially liked the different categories for team analytics and organization reports, which enables you to better understand how to effectively manage a remote team.

One drawback was the limited customizability of the reports, especially in the financial department. Overall, though, we think Multiplier’s analytics overview should be more than enough for small-to-medium companies.

If you’re a larger company that requires additional functionalities,a provider like Deel might be more suitable.

Salary Calculator

Multiplier introduced its Salary Calculator in 2023, and it’s a useful feature that few other EOR tools provide.

The Multiplier Salary Calculator
The Multiplier Salary Calculator

It breaks down the amount you pay on salaries vs the amount the employee gets, which helps you make better financial decisions and optimize the company’s spending.

You can also download the salary overview as a PDF, so you can analyze it on the go and share it with others.

Multiplier Pricing – How Good Is the Value?

Pricing is an essential part of choosing an EOR partner. In this section, we’ll help you discover if Multiplier’s features are worth the price.

We liked that Multiplier’s fees are transparent and upfront, whereas other providers sometimes have hidden money transfer fees (Deel) or high additional admin costs (Atlas).

While there’s no free trial and no money-back guarantee, Multiplier lets you book a demo session. Someone from the sales team will contact you to discuss your needs and explain your options.

If you’re confused about the value proposition of EOR tools, you can learn more in our article on how to choose the right recruitment software for your business.

Let’s look closer at Multiplier’s plans and what they offer.

The Multiplier pricing plans
The Multiplier pricing plans

Employer of Record Plan

Multiplier’s main EOR plan offers full-time employee onboarding in over 150 countries. And you don’t need an entity in the country you want to hire from.

Here’s what you can expect from this plan:

  • Multi-country payroll
  • Instant employment contracts and multi-currency payments
  • Employee payslips
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), benefits, and insurance administration
  • Expenses and leave management

Multiplier is one of the few EORs that offer employees an ESOP to employees. ESOPs are a great way of boosting employee motivation by offering shares in the company. It also incentivizes a collaborative approach to solving problems.

Where Multiplier falls short is the 24/5 support, compared to competitors like Deel, which offer 24/7 support.

We also found that Multiplier is one of the few EOR platforms offering instant contract generation, which streamlines the onboarding process, enabling you to onboard an employee in one day. Multiplier calls this the ‘Self-Serve Onboarding Experience’.

Price-wise, Multiplier is around 50% cheaper than Deel ($599/month) and between 100% and 150% cheaper than Atlas ($800–$1,000/month/employee).

Considering the more affordable plan, plus the top-tier EOR features you get (like multi-country payroll and ESOPs), Multiplier’s offer is one of the best-value EORs in the marketplace.

Independent Contractors Plan

Independent contractors are a lifeline for many companies dealing with issues like lack of funds or the pressure of dealing with demanding temporary projects. Multiplier understands this well.

That’s why they offer a comprehensive plan for companies looking to access talent pools globally for temporary employment, especially since remote work has become the norm recently:

  • Instant contracts and agreements
  • Worker classification
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Support for crypto payments
  • Benefits and Insurance Administration

Visa management is also a big part of hiring independent contractors; the Multiplier EOR also covers that. It provides visas in over 140 countries, with support from local immigration experts for any unforeseen incidents.

Multiplier’s contractor plan starts at $40/month/contractor, while a provider like Deel starts at $49/contractor/month. Impressively, Multiplier’s plan offers all the benefits you can only get by upgrading to Deel’s Premium contractor plan for $99/month/contractor, making it a far more competitive option.

For example, the value of Deel’s contractor benefits vary significantly by country, with some options being less competitive (more expensive or fewer benefits).

Multiplier offers more stable competitive local options catering to every employee’s location. This allows for more attractive health insurance plans, immigration plans, and global payroll.

Canceling & Refund

Multiplier’s cancellation process is simple – you can cancel your subscription from the dashboard before the next billing cycle. You send a non-renewal notice to [email protected] to terminate the payment plan.

Once a new billing cycle begins, though, you’re locked into the contract until the end of the cycle. You are not entitled to partial refunds, even if you stop using the EOR services before the end of the billing cycle.

However, Multiplier offers refunds at their discretion on a case-by-case basis, which seems to be the case with most EOR services.

Multiplier Ease of Use and Interface

Multiplier’s interface bridges the gap between intuitive simplicity and practical functionality.

It’s easy to find important information, like the main overview with expenses and invoice payments and get updated with the latest changes.

Our team had no issues learning the ropes since every feature is neatly organized and presented, with non-intrusive explanations for the more complex options.

The Multiplier interface
The Multiplier interface


Multiplier also won the Easiest to Use award and the Leader status in 2022 by G2’s Grid Report.

Furthermore, Capterra gave it the Best Ease of Use award in the same year, while HRM Asia Reader’s Choice awarded it Gold for Best HR Tech-Talent Management System.

Unfortunately, Multiplier does not have a mobile app, which would have been a welcome addition. Still, we found that the desktop interface works without any issues across Windows and macOS.

Multiplier vs the Best EOR Services

Because we want this Multiplier review to be as value-packed as possible, here’s how Multiplier compares to its top competitors:

Best Employer of
Best For Starting Price (/month) Free Trial Standout Features
Multiplier Best cost-to-feature ratio $400 Demo – Localized health insurance
– Instant employment contracts
– Invoices in 120+ currencies
– Full GDPR compliance
Deel Customer support $599 Demo – Free HR admin starting plans
– 20+ HR integrations
Rippling Workflow automation On-demand pricing Demo – Pulse feature (employee surveys)
– Corporate cards
Remofirst Affordability $199 Demo – IP protection
– Equipment provisioning

They’re all great platforms in their own right, each with its strengths and drawbacks. If you’re looking for an EOR that offers full GDPR compliance, instant employment contracts, and localized health insurance plans for employees, Multiplier is for you.

However, if Multiplier doesn’t fit your needs, you can learn more about the other providers in our review of the best EoR services for international hiring.

Multiplier Reviews – What Are the Customers Saying?

Beyond our experience with the platform, we want to provide a balanced view, so we researched other users’ reviews on sites like G2 and Capterra. We think these are invaluable sources of information to discover others’ experiences.

A positive Multiplier review on G2
A positive Multiplier review on G2

Customers praise the snappy and intuitive onboarding process and the extensive service suite. That’s something we also noticed in our research for this Multiplier review.

Users also valued the HR and legal teams, with many praising their helpful and straightforward approach during the research and onboarding phases.

According to other reviews, users said they’d only seen HR this friendly at Deel. We tend to agree, having also used Deel.

A positive Multiplier review on Capterra
A positive Multiplier review on Capterra

Users also liked Multiplier’s Self-Serve Onboarding Experience and how it significantly cut costs for onboarding new employees and contractors. However, some reported onboarding issues due to miscoordination between teams but mentioned these were quickly resolved.

A positive Multiplier review on Software Advice
A positive Multiplier review on Software Advice

Other users were impressed by Multiplier’s onboarding essentials like IT accessories. It streamlined their onboarding process and allowed new contractors to get up to speed with their workflow faster.

A positive Multiplier review on GetApp
A positive Multiplier review on GetApp

Based on our and other users’ experiences, we believe Multiplier is a fitting EOR tool for any small-to-medium-sized company looking to scale its remote workforce.

Why You Can Trust Our Multiplier Review

For this Multiplier review, we tested the tool extensively, from its onboarding services to legal assistance, payroll and invoicing, and HR processes.

We also researched user reviews from multiple review platforms to ensure our results were objective.

Lastly, we have extensive experience with other HR software solutions, so we know what to look for and how to compare them.

Beginner’s Guide to Multiplier – How to Use It

In this section, we take you through how to use Multiplier, step by step, starting with creating an account.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Open the Multiplier website and click the ‘Login’ button in the top right corner.

The ‘Login’ option highlighted on the Multiplier homepage
The ‘Login’ option highlighted on the Multiplier homepage

Next, select the ‘Sign up’ button at the bottom of the login page.

The ‘Sign up’ button highlighted on the Multiplier login page
The ‘Sign up’ button highlighted on the Multiplier login page

When asked to describe yourself, select whether you’re an employer or an employee.

The Multiplier account creation options
The Multiplier account creation options

After selecting your identity, enter your account information, like name, email address, and password.

Agree to Multiplier’s terms and conditions and privacy policy before selecting ‘Sign up’. You then have to confirm your account creation via email.

Multiplier’s account creation process
Multiplier’s account creation process

Step 2 – Create your Organization

Once you create your account and log in, enter your company information to finalize the setup process.

The company detail fields on Multiplier
The company detail fields on Multiplier

Step 3 – Onboard Employees

Onboarding your first employees on Multiplier is an easy, four-step process detailed on the main dashboard. Follow those steps, and you’ll be one step closer to scaling your company with Multiplier.

Multiplier’s main interface
Multiplier’s main interface

Multiplier offers helpful guides to teach you how to use the tool’s many features (like timesheets, payroll, and salary calculator).

And speaking of guides, we have one explaining how to hire international employees in six easy steps. This may give you a better understanding of Multiplier’s services and how they can benefit you.

Multiplier Verdict – Is It the Best EOR for You?

Multiplier is a premium EOR tool with extensive features, a professional HR team, and useful tools like the salary calculator.

While lacking 24/7 customer support (only 24/5) and a mobile app, it’s more competitively priced than other providers and has time-saving features like instant employment contracts and automation.

As the user reviews and our experience show, the Multiplier software is a safe choice for any company looking to scale its remote workforce.


Is Multiplier a good company?

Is Multiplier’s software good?

Who owns Multiplier?

Can Multiplier be an EoR?


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