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Anika Kulshreshtha
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In this Phone.com review, we explore everything you need to know about this versatile telecommunications software. It’s an intuitive and budget-friendly VoIP solution ideal for small businesses. Notably, it’s highly scalable, ensuring it can grow with your business, accommodating your evolving communication needs.

Our experience highlights Phone.com as a great choice for businesses seeking flexible and feature-rich communication. If you’re a company in need of advanced communication solutions, Phone.com is a popular tool in the VoIP market to equip you with the necessary tools for modern business communication.

In this review, we look at the standout features like the live receptionist or video conferencing features, alongside the pros and cons – as experienced by our team of experts. We also compare the various pricing options that make Phone.com a compelling choice if you’re looking to elevate your business communication without breaking the bank.

What Is Phone.com?

Phone.com is an affordable VoIP solution with a suite of modern features that are specially designed for growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

With a variety of budget-friendly plans starting from just $12.74/user/month, it’s a highly accessible solution and is the ideal choice if you’re new to using VoIPs. Phone.com’s got all the essential business VoIP features like audio conferencing, forwarding, call transfer, and flexible user management.

It provides all the tools necessary to boost the efficiency of your business communications provided you’re willing to pay extra for features like app to phone SMS.

Getting started is a breeze. You can choose a plan that includes a phone number or bring your existing one to the software. The best part is that there’s no need to buy new phones; Phone.com plays nice with almost any device – be it your mobile, desktop, or your trusty old IP phone.

Phone.com boasts an impressive array of features, though there are some notable limitations to consider. Unlike certain VoIP providers that reserve advanced features for their premium customers, Phone.com generously includes over 50 standard voice features to all users.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the basic plan lacks certain functionalities such as SMS and IP phone compatibility. We think Phone.com is one of the best VoIP services, but it may require some enhancements to compete with larger players in the industry like Ooma or Vonage.

How Does Phone.com Work?

Different types of devices accessing Phone.com
Phone.com’s core infrastructure is hosted on the cloud. This means that when you make a call or send a message, the data is transmitted over the internet to Phone.com’s servers, where it’s processed and then routed to the recipient.

The cloud-based approach eliminates the need for on-premises hardware, among other things.

The software is also armed with an intuitive interface accessible through web portals. You can log into your accounts through various devices – including mobile phones and desktop devices – and access features like call stats, call routing presets, voicemail customization, and more.

The platform also offers pre-configured plug-and-play IP phones for those who prefer desk phones, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. That said, this is available only at a rather steep additional fee.

What Sets Phone.com Apart From Other VoIPs?

Phone.com offers pricing flexibility with a robust basic plan that includes essential features, and an extensive list of add-ons available for an extra fee. These add-ons are accessible even on the basic plan, allowing you to customize your communication solution to your specific needs.

While this option is not available on all features it helps ensure you pay only for what you need. For example, Phone.com provides ‘Additional Minute Bundles’ for high-volume users, enabling them to add minutes to their basic user account to prevent overage charges.

You can also switch to a Plus or Pro plan with unlimited minutes, which can be shared among all Phone.com users.

Moreover, Phone.com recognizes that the clarity of communication is paramount. Its HD Voice technology expands the frequency range of sound during phone conversations, ensuring the quality of the audio.

For businesses reluctant to part with their old phone numbers, Phone.com offers a smooth porting process, too, allowing you to continue using your toll-free, localized, or international numbers.

Phone.com is also perfect for users on a budget as it doesn’t withhold standard features such as dial-by-name directory and video conferencing for users on basic plans.

Phone.com is highly committed to ensuring security and privacy. For example, for its user base in the healthcare space, Phone.com has partnered with a leading HIPAA compliance solution, guaranteeing that all data shared between healthcare providers and patients is safe in the cloud.

This fact alone has made Phone.com a very popular VoIP provider for business in healthcare and other businesses dealing with confidential information.

Phone.com Pros and Cons

While Phone.com offers a good list of features that enhance communication and collaboration for businesses, it’s essential to be aware of both its advantages and limitations.

Below, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of Phone.com to help you determine if it aligns with the requirements of your business:


  • Affordable pricing
  • Effortless setup
  • No new hardware required
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Free number porting available
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • High-definition voice technology


  • Application-to-person SMS costs extra
  • Sometimes glitchy mobile application
  • Basic plan lacks video recording capabilities
  • The basic plan lacks certain features available with other providers

In short, Phone.com is an affordable VoIP solution for small businesses, offering enterprise-grade features and flexible pricing as well as a Phone.com app. Users can easily tailor their plans to fit their needs.

Our Phone.com review would be incomplete if we didn’t point out that, while this VoIP solution prides itself on being an affordable and accessible, application-to-person SMS is not included in any of its plans and can only be used at an additional cost.

Phone.com Pricing Breakdown

Phone.com is pretty flexible with its pricing. You can add, upgrade, or remove users as required, ensuring that each department or team receives the necessary call minutes. For instance, you can easily upgrade a department to a different Phone.com plan in need of more call minutes, while retaining others who make fewer calls on the Basic plan.

Phone.com offers affordable per-user fees and discounts for annual billing. It also allows you to choose between monthly and annual payment options. Opting for monthly payments gives you the flexibility to cancel at any time, which is perfect for those exploring their options. The pricing exists across three tiers. Here are your options:

You can easily upgrade to the Plus or Pro plans as your business needs evolve and Phone.com will evolve with you.These subscriptions will give you unlimited minutes and text messages to certain countries, eliminating most concerns about overage charges.

While the provider’s flexibility is matched by most VoIP competitors, Phone.com is one of the most customizable options with its exhaustive list of add-ons and premium features available at a small fee even on the basic plan.

This selective approach allows you to enhance productivity without straining your budget. Furthermore, once you’ve identified the most suitable plan for your team, you can switch to an annual contract and enjoy generous discounts.

If you do not feel satisfied with Phone.com, you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee which is included with all plans.

Phone.com Features

Here we will be taking a closer look at Phone.com’s key features, so you’ll know exactly what you can expect.

Address Book

Phone.com’s address book feature makes it easy to import, export, and manage your contacts across all your devices. It also allows for contact routing and contact management to help you better connect with your existing contacts.

In our testing, we found that the address book service was easy-to-use and effective at keeping our contacts up-to-date on all of our devices. We were also pleased with the contact routing feature, which helped us to connect our customers with the right employees.

One downside of the service is that it can be a bit time-consuming to import all of your contacts from different sources. However, once you have your contacts imported, the service is very easy to use and maintain.

Audio Conferencing

Phone.com’s audio conferencing feature is one of its best offerings. While it’s common for VoIP software to have audio conferencing as an important feature, Phone.com goes above and beyond to ensure its audio conferencing quality.

Audio Conferencing Image Phone.com

One of the things we liked most about Phone.com’s audio conferencing is that it allows you to PIN-protect your conference calls on its Pro and Plus plans, to ensure that only invited participants can join. This is a great way to improve the security of your calls.

Furthermore, we found Phone.com’s audio quality to be quite impressive and on par with competitors. The company offers high-definition calling to ensure that your audio calls are clear and crisp.

International Calling

Phone.com’s international calling feature is impressive for several reasons. First, it’s very easy to add a number to your account in just a few clicks. Second, we noticed that Phone.com offers very competitive international rates.
International Calling Phone.com

In fact, incoming and outgoing calls to certain countries are free. Besides proving beneficial for reaching a wider audience, having an international VoIP phone number can make your business look more professional and global.

It’s worth noting that the international calling feature often comes with different rates for landline and mobile numbers on most VoIPs. We think that this detail is essential to highlight, as it can substantially increase costs for customers who may not be aware of these varying rates.

Live Receptionist

For a flat fee of $90/month, Phone.com’s live answering service is a lifesaver for businesses that are on the run. A team of friendly and professional receptionists will answer your calls and direct them to the right person or department.

Live Receptionist Phone.com

They can also take messages, schedule appointments, and forward calls to your cell phone or another destination. The live answering service is available during regular business hours (8am to 9pm EST, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 8pm EST on Saturdays). This way, you can focus on your work without having to worry about missing important calls.

Call Screening

For our Phone.com review, our team of experts reviewed the call screening feature and they were quite pleased with it. It is a powerful and flexible tool that makes it very easy to manage business calls on a personal phone.

Call Screening Phone.com

An interesting thing about this feature is that Phone.com allows you to choose which caller ID information is displayed to you when you receive a call. You can choose to display the caller’s phone number, the Phone.com number that they called, or both. This can be helpful if you have multiple Phone.com numbers and you want to know which number the caller is calling.

Phone.com also offers a voice tag feature that allows you to record a short message that will be played to the caller when you answer the call. This can be used to identify yourself and your business, or to provide the caller with additional information, such as your hours of operation.

Dial-by Name Directory

Phone.com’s Dial-By-Name Directory is a great way to help your callers reach the right person quickly and easily, as they can enter the first or last name of the person they’re trying to reach. The system will then read the person’s name and extension to the caller. This can be a huge time-saver for both your callers and your employees.


Dial By Name Directory Phone.com
The Dial-By-Name Directory is also very customizable. You can choose which extensions are included in the directory, and you can even record your own name to be used as the auto-attendant voice.


Phone.com’s emergency feature is a valuable tool you can use to get help in the event of an emergency. It provides basic 911 coverage nationwide and E-911 where available with all Phone.com adapters or IP phones.

Many VoIP platforms do not offer a 911 solution, creating a serious safety hazard. However, you do not have to worry about this with Phone.com.

Not only will your calls be routed to the nearest emergency dispatch center, but if you are unable to speak your address, or if you are disconnected, emergency responders will be able to use your physical address to locate you.

The feature is comprehensive and provides accurate location information. We recommend you review your emergency information and make sure that it is accurate and up-to-date. We also recommend that you have a backup plan, like a regular landline connection, in case your internet service is disrupted.

Video Conferencing

Phone.com’s video conferencing feature provides high-definition video and audio quality, so you can be confident that your meetings will be clear and concise. Another interesting offering of Phone.com is its screen sharing and file sharing capability. This makes it easy to collaborate on projects and presentations.

Phone.com Video Conferencing

For users on the Pro and Plus plan, It also allows you to record your video conferences and download the recordings for later playback. This is a great way to keep a record of your meetings or to share them with others who were unable to attend.

Voicemail to Email

Phone.com’s Voicemail to Email feature is a convenient way to stay on top of your voicemail messages. With this, you’ll receive an email notification every time you receive a voicemail, and the email will include an audio attachment of the voicemail, so you can listen to your voicemails at your convenience, even if you’re not able to check your voicemail right away.

Mobile Apps

Phone.com has mobile apps for Android and iOS that allow you to turn your smartphone into a business phone. With the Phone.com app, you can access and manage your account. It also allows you to make calls over your carrier network, data coverage, or Wi-Fi.

An added benefit of this is that you can make calls anywhere in the world. This is especially useful if you have poor cell service or if you’re traveling internationally. That said, while putting together our Phone.com review, we found out that calling some regions may incur additional fees.

While it doesn’t exactly have the absolute best VoIP app, it allows you to view and manage your business voicemail from within the app and also respond to voicemails with a call or even a fax.

Phone.com Apps

Voicemail Transcription

Phone.com Voicemail Transcription


Voicemail transcription is available on the Pro and Plus plans. As the name implies, voicemail transcription converts business voicemails into written text, enabling you to read your messages instead of listening to them.

This is particularly beneficial for individuals in fields such as law, real estate, and medicine, where precise documentation and smooth communication are crucial.

The ability to integrate transcribed voicemails into records and systems streamlines operations and ensures precision. Moreover, the added advantage of full HIPAA compliance on higher plans makes it a secure choice for medical professionals.

Phone.com Pro users can enjoy the benefits of automatic voicemail transcription, elevating their communication efficiency.

Security Features

Phone.com uses SSL encryption to keep your data secure, ensuring that no unauthorized user can access or interfere with your calls or video chats.

You can verify that SSL encryption is being used anytime by looking for a “lock” icon next to the website URL in the address bar.

It also asks for your username and password each time you are transferring sensitive information to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Phone.com Vs Other Top Business Phone Services

For a more in-depth look at what makes Phone.com stand out, we’ve compared it to Phone.com alternatives in the table below:

Top VoIP Services Best For  Starting Price/User  Countries Supported  Money-Back Guarantee 
Phone.com Small businesses  $12.74   56+  30 days 
Ooma Residential use  $19.95  60+  30 days 
Vonage Large businesses  $13.99  60+  30 days 
Nextiva US or Canadian businesses  $18.95  US & Canada only  30 days 
MightyCall Flexibility


240+  7 days 
RingCentral Scaling businesses  $19.99   50+  30 days 

Phone.com presents itself as a cost-effective and flexible choice for small and medium-sized businesses. With its array of features and scalability, it can adapt to the evolving needs of growing businesses.

While we do recommend Ooma as our top choice in our VoIP comparisons, we also acknowledge Phone.com as a noteworthy alternative, especially for businesses on a tight budget. We believe in providing honest and balanced recommendations for our readers.

What Other Customers Feel About Phone.com

Phone.com is a VoIP service that, while offering certain advantages, has faced its fair share of criticism from users, as reflected in ratings on platforms like TrustPilot and Reddit. It’s important to note that these Phone.com reviews represent individual experiences and that your own mileage with Phone.com may vary.

Customer Review Phone.com

This particular user, like many others, loved the excellent customer service at Phone.com. who worked very hard to help the user keep their business number, even when the user had trouble paying their bill.

As for complaints, one common concern mentioned in several Phone.com reviews is the quality of call connections. Users have noted that calls often require repeated dialing, and in some instances, there’s an initial silence before the call connects.

This can be frustrating and may have forced some users to resort to their personal phone lines for reliable communication.

Customer Review Phone.com

Additionally, there have been Phone.com complaints about the company’s customer service, with some reviewers feeling that Phone.com’s support is inadequate and that the resolution process can be frustratingly slow and unhelpful.

Lackluster support can be a major drawback, particularly for businesses that rely on their phone service for day-to-day operations.

Customer Reviews 3 Phone.com

However, it’s worth considering that not all users have had negative experiences with Phone.com.

Some Capterra reviewers, like Joyce Robertson, have highlighted their positive experiences with the company, particularly praising the customer service and their willingness to assist customers. In their view, Phone.com is a company that goes the extra mile to satisfy its users.

In sum, Phone.com may not be without its issues, as indicated by some user reviews, but it’s essential to balance the negative feedback with the positive aspects. Phone.com does offer affordable and accessible VoIP services, making it an option worth considering, especially when compared to competitors like Ooma and Nextiva.

Phone.com 4 Customer Review

We’ve highlighted affordability as one of the key USPs of Phone.com. This reviewer backs up that claim, praising the pricing factor of the product. As with any service provider, it’s advisable to research and perhaps even explore a trial period to see if it meets your specific business needs and expectations.

Your experience with Phone.com may differ from the opinions shared in online reviews, and it remains a viable choice for those looking for cost-effective VoIP solutions.

Our Other VoIP Guides

If you’ve enjoyed our Phone.com review so far, do check out our other articles where we frequently review some of the leading VoIP providers, offering detailed insights, and guides on how to get the most out of your VoIP system.

From understanding what a VoIP is to choosing the right provider and setting up your system, we have you covered:

Why You Can Trust Our Phone.com Review

At TechReport, we take our mission to provide reader value to heart. We understand that our readers rely on us to provide unbiased and informative reviews of the latest products and services. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that our reviews are comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date.

We’ve used Phone.com extensively, and we’re impressed with its reliability, features, and ease of use to make and receive calls, send text messages, and host video conferences. We’ve also tested Phone.com’s advanced features, such as call routing, voicemail transcription, and conference bridging.

In addition to our own experience, we also supplement our reviews with the experiences of other Phone.com users by analyzing reviews from reputable sites like TrustPilot, G2, and sometimes Reddit, to get a sense of the overall user experience.

We believe in drawing deeper comparisons and doing justice to our readers by equipping them with all the information they could need about the options available to them.

For this purpose, we’ve also tested other leading VoIP tools. This allows us to compare Phone.com to other VoIP providers and give you a better idea of how it stacks up.

Concluding Our Phone.com Review

Phone.com is a reputable contender among VoIP providers for small to medium-sized businesses. While it may not have the best reviews, it offers reliability, affordability, and user-friendliness.

Phone.com also boasts a diverse set of useful features, such as voicemail transcription, conference bridging, call routing, and auto attendant. It’s worth considering for your business, and the generous 30-day free trial provides an opportunity to assess its suitability firsthand.

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