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In this Zoho Recruit review, we talk about the system that’s revolutionizing recruitment. In the past, hiring processes were tedious, time-consuming tasks plagued by inefficiencies.

The lack of a centralized system leads to HR professionals struggling with everyday tasks resulting in missed opportunities, communication gaps, and hiring delays.

That’s where Zoho Recruit can help. This cloud-based applicant tracking system replaces manual tasks with automation and offers a centralized solution for parsing resumes, tracking candidates, scheduling interviews, and fostering team collaboration.

It’s packed with advanced features that bridge the gap between outdated processes and a future of efficient, data-driven hiring that transforms the recruitment process into a streamlined and collaborative one.

In This Guide

Zoho Recruit Pros and Cons

During our time with Zoho Recruit, we were happy to see that its strengths outweighed its weaknesses. However, we were disappointed that many tools require integrations which end up hurting your bottom line.

What this means is that if you want access to more features like employee referrals or video interviews, you’ll need to pay extra, as these tools aren’t a part of the recruitment software, but are paid add-ons.


  • Post to 75+ job boards, including Indeed and ZipRecruiter
  • Advanced analytics to optimize recruitment
  • 50+ integrations, including Slack and Google Suite
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android
  • 15-day free trial
  • Free forever plan
  • Custom automation tools
  • AI tools for job descriptions


  • The large suite of features can overwhelm beginners
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Many features, like the client portal and video interviewing, require integrations
  • Integration costs get expensive

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recrui was named the most innovative recruitment company in 2016 by Corporate Vision, a UK-based recruitment magazine.

Launched in 2009, Zoho Recruit  was developed to solve several problems plaguing recruiters and HR teams and has become one of the leading companies in talent acquisition.

It’s a cloud-based hiring platform which means no on-premise software or data storage is needed, and it gives you access to tools you can use to quickly and efficiently fill rolls.

In other words, you can streamline everything in the recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to prepping them for onboarding, without needing to juggle separate apps.

Zoho Recruit works on any internet-capable device, and it even has mobile apps for both Android and iOS for recruitment on the go. It’s reasons like this that Zoho Recruit is easily one of the best recruitment solutions on the market today.

Is Zoho Recruit Legit?

Zoho Recruit is indeed legit. In fact, it’s part of a larger suite of tools from the Zoho Corporation. They have over 100M users with more than 15,000 employees around the world.

The result is over 55 products ranging from recruitment to sales, marketing, finance, and even some of the best project management tools. This range of useful tools, coupled with over 25 years of experience, has made them one of the leading SaaS companies in the world.

Top Zoho Recruit Features

Zoho Recruit is packed with advanced features and has just about everything your staffing agency or HR team needs for effective hiring.

While some of the features we will be discussing below fall under Zoho Recruit, many of them fall under separate Zoho tools. After all, Zoho is renowned for seamless integrations with over 50 in-house tools ranging from accounting, customer relations, sales, marketing, and a whole lot more.

Applicant Tracking System

Tracking a candidate as they moved through the pipeline was extremely easy. To see the details about a particular candidate, click on candidates, here, you will see a list of candidates, simply select a record.

This will take you to the candidate’s details page, where you will be able to see their current status. We thought it couldn’t get much easier than that.

Applicant tracking with Zoho Recruit

Here is where you can also see the different stages of your candidate pool. These stages are New, In Review, Engaged, Available, Hired, Offered, and Rejected. Each stage has a number indicating the amount of, for example, new applicants or the number of candidates that have been engaged.

This can give you an indication of the hiring process overall. If your company is having a recruitment drive but you see the numbers are low, you can think about putting more attention into talent acquisitions.

Recruitment Pipeline

The recruitment or hiring pipeline is a collection of all the stages in your recruitment process. With Zoho Recruit, you can manage this from the candidate module. If you want to view the hiring pipeline of a single candidate, navigate to the Candidates tab and click on a candidate to open their details page.

On the top panel, you will see Hiring Pipeline. Click on that, and you will see an image reminiscent of the one below, which gives you a detailed overview of the applicant’s entire recruitment journey all in one place.

Zoho Recruitment Pipeline

Onboarding Checklists

When moving a successful candidate from the hiring phase to the employee phase, you will need to integrate with Zoho People, which is free for up to five users. With this package, you can create onboarding checklists that contain several parallel tasks and serial tasks.

Parallel tasks can be completed simultaneously, whereas serial ones are triggered one after the other.

While creating a checklist, we were happy to see that most of it can be automated, by this, we mean once a task is checked as completed, it will automatically take you to the next. At the end of the checklist, we saw the checklist showing as Completed.

Zoho Recruit Onboarding Checklist

Performance Management Tools

Along with employee onboarding tools, Zoho People will also give you the ability to assess the performance of your employees. These tools allow you to visualize the parameters set for employee performance.

With this data, you can generate useful reports that can be used when considering things like salary increases. The only thing we didn’t like was the fact that this is not part of Zoho Recruit – it’s only available if you integrate with Zoho People.

Performance Management Tools

Employee Surveys

With Zoho, you can easily create employee surveys in several ways. You can opt to use Zoho People, which is automatically activated once you begin onboarding new employees or you can decide to further integrate with Zoho Survey.

Creating annual surveys as well as employee net promoter score surveys, better known as eNPS are an excellent way to gauge employee satisfaction and loyalty.

What’s nice is that the recipients of these surveys can choose to remain anonymous, which is always a good idea if you want complete honesty in your organization.

Zoho Employee Survey

Furthermore, you can choose from a list of pre-made questions or create your own questionnaire based on several factors like specific departments, location, role in the business, and even gender.

Once the survey is ready to be sent off, you can notify employees through the app or send them an email.

We liked the fact that you can engage with artificial intelligence to analyze certain keywords, which could be a good indicator of your employee’s overall happiness.

For example, keywords will be marked as either positive, neutral, or negative. If the overall feedback comes back as negative, you then have an indication that your employees aren’t happy.

Succession Planning

Zoho can assist you when it’s time to retire or give control of your business over to someone else. While there is no specific tool catered towards succession planning, with Zoho, you can create your very own succession plan with the use of various tools.

For example, you can send out job postings to over 75 job boards and parse resumes to see if anyone has the specific skills needed to be your successor.

Zoho’s nine-box model

Alternatively, using Zoho People Plus, you can take advantage of their nine-box model, which can help you evaluate an employee’s potential and overall performance. This tool can assist you with planning for succession or simply give you an indication of whether or not your employees need some training.

Training employees to become potential successors is time-consuming work. However, Zoho People Plus gives you the ability to train and upskill your employees in a reasonable amount of time.

This way, you can be sure that the people you want to be your successor have the right skills and access to an array of useful learning materials.

Compensation Management

This can be done through another integration with Zoho Payroll. It starts at $19 per month plus an extra $3 for every employee. We thought this was very affordable, especially if you have a larger company with many employees. Gusto, another excellent payroll service, costs $40 per month plus an extra $6 for every employee.

That being said, its core features include, among others, automatic payroll calculations, time-off management, bonus payments, and digital paystubs.

Zoho Payroll Compensation Management

As a bonus, Zoho Payroll comes with an accounting software integration called Zoho Books. This is a centralized platform capable of helping with end-to-end accounting needs, tax compliance, invoice creation, and a whole lot more. During our testing, we were happy that the dashboard was pretty simple to navigate.

Real-Time Feedback Tools

Zoho offers multiple tools for real-time feedback under its performance management module. Peer-to-peer feedback can be done from one employee to another within the same department. This is great for team collaboration and relationship building.

Reporting is a feedback type practiced by managers. Here, team leaders can give direct feedback to the individuals on their team or to the full team as a whole.

Lastly, we have 360-degree feedback. This opens the stage for every employee to be able to give feedback to everyone in the department or organization. This type of feedback is great to see if a team is responding to their manager positively or negatively.

Zoho Feedback Tools

These are the default feedback types made available to you. However, you can create your own feedback category. For example, you can create a negative feedback category where you focus on everything that needs improvement. Alternatively, you can focus on positive feedback to boost employee performance.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Zoho gives you the ability to set goals and track the progress of those goals. In most companies, goal-setting is an excellent way to gauge your employees’ efforts on a specific task.

With this data, you can easily determine who deserves a reward based on how an employee performs. It also gives your employees a clear direction to focus their attention.

Setting goals can be done with Zoho People in a few steps. First, you should navigate to your home page. From there, go to Performance and then click on Team Mates.

Under the Peers view, find the employee you would like to assign a goal to. On the top banner, you will see a series of tabs, click on Goals, then click on Add Goals.

Zoho Goal Setting and Tracking

This is where you will assign the employee a new goal. You can set the priority as well as a due date and even the weightage. Once the goal is set, click Submit.

This was a simple run down of how to set a goal; however, Zoho provides loads of useful material to dig deeper into goal setting and tracking. During our time with Zoho, we found this feature to be quite intuitive and easy to use.

Compliance Tracking

Zoho provides tools for tracking compliance across its suite of products to help businesses and organizations ensure legal compliance. With Zoho Recruit, there are tools to track legal compliance in the recruitment process. This includes data protection regulations and documentation requirements.

Zoho Recruit helps businesses be compliant with EEOC and OFCCP standards. In layman’s terms, these regulations ensure equal employment opportunities and ensure companies remain compliant with nondiscrimination laws.

They also have a partnership with Checkr which allows users to send screening requests, export candidate details, and view the final report from their Zoho recruit account.

Furthermore, Zoho is compliant with GDPR, which means an organization that handles sensitive data meets the requirements for properly handling this data and ensuring it’s kept safe.

Job Description Management

Zoho Recruit comes equipped with Smart Assist, an AI tool that can generate comprehensive job descriptions with just a few simple prompts.

By filling in key fields with the applicable details, the Smart Assist tool will generate well-structured job descriptions that have been tailored to a specific role.

We really enjoyed using this tool, it’s fast and efficient and allows recruiters to streamline what is normally a time-consuming task. It further simplifies this process by offering pre-defined and customizable prompts that can be used to edit existing templates.

Zoho AI job description generator

Reporting Analytics

Zoho Analytics is yet another integration within Zoho’s vast suite of products. It starts at $24 per month for 2 users and gives you access to half a million records. There is also a free plan available, but this cuts the record limit down to 10,000 records.

This data allows you to analyze each stage of the recruitment process within a single dashboard. You can also get an overview of the job openings within your company and where the candidates are being sourced from.

Reporting Analytics with Zoho

This is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to enhance your recruitment process by tracking the time it takes to hire a candidate, how long your interview process is, and a whole host of other key metrics.

Zoho Recruit Pricing – How Expensive is it?

Zoho Recruit is on the more expensive side when compared to the likes of competitors like ClickUp, which starts at $7 per member per month. However, there is a generous 15-day free trial available as well as a relatively limited free plan.

There is also a decent 45-day money-back guarantee which is more than some of its competitors can say. For example, Rippling, a full HR, IT, and finance solution, has no money-back guarantee.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

You can opt to add at least 2 two add-ons, these are extra client portals and a tool to perform video interviews. Initially, you get up to 10 free portal licenses, and if you want more, it will cost an extra $6 per portal.

These portals allow clients to create new job openings, send feedback to candidates, and make interview decisions.

Furthermore, conducting video interviews can be achieved through the video interview add-on. This feature can improve candidate experiences, reduce the time to hire, and generally create more collaboration within your teams.

When it comes to canceling your subscription with Zoho, it’s easy, with no questions asked. Simply navigate to your customer portal, click on settings, then preferences, and finally, subscription management.

Select the cancelations tab and check the cancel subscription box. You can choose if you want to cancel immediately or on the next renewal.

Zoho Recruit Ease of Use – Is the Interface Good?

Zoho Recruit’s interface is very user-friendly. It’s straightforward, with intuitive features that make navigation a breeze. Not to mention, it’s pretty pleasant to look at.

The fact that it’s got both Android and iOS apps makes recruitment on the go easy. These apps work in a very similar way to the desktop version.

The mobile apps give you access to a daily planner, a ToDos module, resume management tools, the ability to post multiple job postings, as well as social recruitment and talent sourcing.

What’s nice is that the mobile version syncs with the desktop app, so any changes you make on your mobile will be reflected on your PC.

Zoho Recruit vs Top Recruitment Apps

Zoho Recruit is an excellent recruitment tool; however, it’s not the only recruitment tool on the market. Below is a comparison table with some of the best HR solutions on the market.

Recruitment Software Best For Starting Price Free Trial Standout Features
Zoho Recruit Customizable features $25/user per month 15-day trial and free plan AI-backed tools
Video Interviews
Employee referral
Teamtailor Career site builder Quote based 14-day free trial Career site builder
Candidate sourcing
Unlimited users
Rippling Self-service options $8/user per month N/A Workflow automation
Remote team management
Payroll management
ClearCompany Medium and large-sized businesses Quote based Free demo Employee engagement
Performance management
Monday.com Project Management $9/user per month 14-day free trial and free plan Visually appealing dashboard
Gantt Charts
Milestone tracking

Zoho Recruit stands out among its competitors thanks to its vast toolbox of integrations. The more you integrate with Zoho’s various tools, the better your experience will be.

That’s why we think Zoho Recruit is easily one of the best recruitment software solutions around.

Other Zoho Recruit Reviews – Are People Satisfied?

Customers of Zoho Recruit rave about its time-saving capabilities as well as its range of in-house integrations, which cover just about everything a business needs to run efficiently. Its team collaborative tools ensure efficient teamwork, while its tools for planning and scheduling social media posts make social tasks easier than ever.

TrustPilot Reviews

Other users love how much it simplifies the recruiting process. The resume tracking tool is a standout feature that customers find very useful, especially when one wants to go back to a prime candidate’s information.

Trustpilot customer review

Overall, Zoho Recruit is a standout recruitment tool with loads of powerful features that will streamline your entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding and everything in between. However, according to some customers, their customer support could be improved.

Why You Can Trust Our Zoho Recruit Review

Our team of experts at TechReport have spent countless hours testing and reviewing products like Zoho Recruit. We look at what features are on offer and how easy they are to use.

Furthermore, we look at real customer reviews from reputable sources such as TrustPilot and G2 to see if our experience mirrors theirs.

We have also spent a considerable amount of time with similar products like TeamTailor and ClearCompany to make accurate comparisons.

This allows us to easily spot significant differences between products, and it gives us the expertise needed to put us in a position where we can make accurate reviews.

Guide: How to Use Zoho Recruit, Step by Step

Let’s go through a step-by-step guide on how to use Zoho Recruit. We will start at the very beginning by creating and setting up a user account.

Step 1 — Sign up to Zoho Recruit

Navigate to the Zoho Recruit official webpage and complete the sign-up form. Click on the applicable box indicating whether you are a staffing agency or a corporate HRs.

Sign up to Zoho Recruit

Step 2 — Update Company Information

The next window will ask you to fill in your company details. Simply fill in the form with the applicable details.

Insert company information

Step 3 — Create Job Opening

Once you have filled in your company details, you will be taken to the dashboard. The banner at the top allows you to navigate everything from job openings through to a to-do list.

create job opening

Click on job Openings to create a job template. You can choose from a range of pre-made templates, or you can create a new one. The template is relatively straightforward, once you have populated it with the job details, simply click save.

choose job template

Step 4 — Assess Candidates

Once you have created a job opening, the next step would be to navigate over to your candidates. Here you can see all the candidates that have applied.

View candidates

If you want to manually add a candidate, click on the plus symbol. Generally, when candidates apply, they will fill in all the required details, such as their name, email address, and professional details.

Create a candidate

Step 5 — Schedule Interview

The next step would be to schedule an interview with a candidate. This can be done by navigating over to the interviews tab. Click the plus symbol at the top right-hand side of the window.

Schedule interview

When you schedule an interview, you will be greeted with the following window. Fill in the applicable details of the interview, such as time, location, and who the candidate is. Once you are done, click save.

create interview

This is a basic rundown of how to use Zoho Recruit. For those who want to learn more, there are many useful guides on the Zoho webpage. There you can learn how to create campaigns, set up various departments, and see how the referral system works, among others.

Zoho Recruit Verdict

Zoho Recruit stands out as an excellent recruitment tool with its extensive features, customizable options, and integration capabilities. While the pricing may be higher than some competitors, the benefits of automation, analytics, and collaboration tools make it a top contender in the recruitment software market.

Customer reviews highlight its time-saving capabilities and robust integrations, positioning Zoho Recruit as a comprehensive solution for streamlined recruitment processes. Despite some concerns about customer support, the overall satisfaction expressed by users underscores its effectiveness in transforming recruitment workflows.


Is Zoho Recruit real?

What are the benefits of Zoho Recruit?

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