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Boxing World Champ, Savannah Marshall Partners with FGHT as presale approaches to $4 million!

Fight out (FGHT) has already taken the international move-to-earn crypto sector by storm as it has raised nearly $4 million in its presale. As investors all over the world are recognizing the immense potential the project has, Fight Out has another piece of exciting news that is sure to excite investors further. It was announced that UK Boxer Savannah Marshall has partnered with Fight Out, which is sure to give the project the mainstream attention it deserves. 

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About Savannah Marshall

British professional boxer Savannah Rose Marshal is perhaps best known for her reign as the WBO middleweight champion between 2020 and 2022. She is also the first British female world champion. Nicknamed the “Silent Assassin” due to her multiple knockout wins, she has been ranked by BoxRec and The Ring as the world’s second-best active female middleweight. 

Savannah Marshall’s involvement with Fight Out

Fight Out has been enlisting the help of elite sports professionals such as Marshall as ambassadors for its Web3 project. Fight Out wants to take health and fitness to the next level and its association with an elite athlete such as Savannah Marshall will definitely help it to achieve its goals. 

When asked about the partnership with Fight Out, Marshall said that the project shares the same drive for excellence which has influenced her to take the decision. By partnering with a brand that stands for quality, innovation, and performance, Marshall is excited to get the opportunity to earn while working out. 

Combat athletes like Marshall are integral to the Fight Out platform going forward. The project has detailed plans in place for creating workout videos, and hosting competitions and challenges. Fight Out will also hold special events at official Fight Out gyms. All of these bode well for investors, who recognize the need to stay fit. 

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How Fight Out is Revolutionizing the M2E sector

The global move-to-earn (M2E) sector has been revolutionizing the fitness industry. It has been addressing some of the plaguing issues that the traditional fitness industry is facing for a long time. For instance, traditional gyms can provide all the equipment space and flexibility in training. However, one-to-one guidance is largely absent. They are also unable to provide social and community aspects that can encourage and motivate. 

Because of this approach by traditional gyms and fitness centers, more than 80% of people quit within five months of joining. The M2E crypto sector aims to change all that by incentivizing users to stick with their fitness regimen. Users can gain value from active lifestyles through gamification. 

The goal of Fight Out is pretty simple – to introduce a mass Web2 audience to the Move-to-earn sector. It will do this by introducing a user-friendly platform and integration with metaverse-based avatars. 

Fight Out will reward users for completing challenges and workouts, who will also earn badges along the way and grow the community. Rather than just recording the number of steps a user takes like in previous projects, Fight Out tracks a user’s complete fitness journey. This provides a better-rounded picture of someone’s overall fitness and goals. 

Fight Out is helping people stay fit

Fight Out was designed to make it easy for users to have everything they need to become active and fit. During the signup process, users have the opportunity to state their own goals, enter their fitness background, the available equipment they have, and the desired workout types. 

Fight Out’s fitness and gym app also allow users to track other essential health metrics such as sleep and nutrition. This helps them further personalize the experience and creates social accountability. Fight Out has another remarkable feature known as the workout builder. This feature creates personalized routines for individuals.  It suggests exercises based on the best practices in fitness as well as the programming of the project’s in-house fight coaches and personal trainers. 

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What makes Fight Out so unique? 

One of the biggest reasons why Fight Out is so unique is its approach to fitness. With Fight Out, each exercise is fully explained through high-quality instructional videos led by their head coach and PT. Users can get knowledge through videos explaining newbies’ mistakes and providing advanced tips. 

Fight Out uses the latest smart technology in its app to ensure its tracking and rewarding mechanisms are working properly. The technology tracks all key effort indicators and then feeds the data into the Fight Out system, which then distributes rewards based on the algorithm. 

How Fight Out is tracking movement and rewarding users

Fight Out tracks exercises and workouts by categories of attributes such as strength, cardio, muscular endurance, mental fortitude, and wellness. This motivates users to achieve all-around fitness growth through the rewards being tapered. By providing an avatar, Fight Out lets users easily track their progress toward fitness goals in an interactive and engaging way. 

Users will also be able to mint the digital NFT avatar once they create their account. It is soul bound, which means it cannot be sold or transferred. Any data points collected through the app are transferred to the avatar, letting users track their achievements and progress in real time. 

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It is clear that the move-to-earn sector is flourishing with the arrival of Fight Out. The project has already raised more than $4 million in its presale. Thus, it is very important for you to buy Fight Out tokens now to guarantee the best rate of return.

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