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5 Ways that RobotEra will Change the Metaverse Crypto Landscape

RobotEra is a new metaverse cryptocurrency project that allows players to construct a colorful and vivid virtual reality experience. RobotEra gives NFT owners (gamers) complete authority over the virtual realm. Players may develop virtual worlds, interact with others through games, and gather materials from the land for monetary benefit.

However, in a world filled with metaverse initiatives, what distinct features will the metaverse bring to the crypto metaverse landscape? This article answers this question. But first, let’s understand the concept of RobotEra (TARO).

What is RobotEra?

RobotEra is an interesting metaverse set in the future. Users in the form of robots are tasked with rebuilding the TARO planet. Like Sandbox, users may own land, develop their universe, and earn money through the secondary economy.

The RobotEra metaverse is considered an advancement in the metaverse since it is linked to other worlds and allows pre-existing NFT societies to live inside it. With the amazing features RobotEra metaverse brings to the table, there are a lot of changes it could incorporate into the metaverse crypto landscape. This article discusses a few, so let’s dive in.


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5 Ways that RobotEra will Change the Metaverse Crypto Landscape

RobotEra has some distinct features that have the potential to impact the larger metaverse crypto community in various ways, but here are a few:

  1. Amazing Play-to-Earn Mechanic
  2. Multiple Earning mechanics
  3. Gameplay Features of RobotEra
  4. RobotEra NFTs
  5. Building a Space for Creators

1. Amazing Play-to-Earn Mechanic

Aside from offering the regular play-2-earn feature, RobotEra takes a step forward by focusing on four intriguing factors: mining, exploration, creation, and fighting. These actions will award players with TARO tokens, which they can then sell on cryptocurrency markets to make money.

Furthermore, RobotEra features a complex underlying earning mechanism that involves Cultivating sacred trees, selling NFTs, staking tokens, advertising, and more.

2. Multiple Earning Mechanics

With RobotEra metaverse, earnings are not streamlined, as basically any action could lead to a benefit. Here are some ways players can earn from the metaverse;

  • Staking Tokens

RobotEra has a distinct gamified staking technique that it advertises with a distinct background. Staking or “pledging” TARO tokens to rebuild TARO’s newly “destroyed” planet will let stakeholders earn passive revenue.

  • NFT Trading

Players who own lands can produce and sell NFTs in the virtual world. Land, robot companions, robot components, artwork, and other items are among these creations. Basically, everything a player develops on their property using the RobotEra editor is a tradable NFT.

  • Mining

Every area in RobotEra is rich with resources of different prices. These resources can be mined for use as raw materials in the production of NFTs. The more scarce these resources are, the more valuable the NFTs. 

  • Land Administration

Operating the player continent or mining the independent continents is another wonderful method to earn money.

3. Gameplay Features of RobotEra

The option to design your own territory is a key advantage of the RobotEra metaverse. Players on Planet TARO can do anything they want on their continent. This covers mining, building, energy collecting, production, and recreation. Also, there are no restrictions on the sorts of structures that players can build.

The DAO is another aspect of RobotEra. On Planet TARO, no centralized leadership exists, and all users work together to form a community. As a result, players may now suggest and vote on new implementation tactics for their factions.

Another unique aim of the RobotEra is to create a frictionless play-to-earn experience. On TARO, players enjoy the game’s fun while contributing to the rebuilding of TARO and attracting tangible benefits to themselves. All players will be able to play happily and earn money while being a part of a big project.

These gameplay features will definitely change the metaverse crypto landscape.

4. RobotEra NFTs

RobotEra incorporates non-fungible token (NFT) assets into the gameplay to provide all players with a genuine blockchain construction experience. 

The major NFTs in the game are the robots. The RobotEra NFT acts as the users’ digital identification, and each player has their own identity information within the NFT. Also, Land NFTs are another type of NFT that allows users to construct on land. Players that possess a Robot NFT or acquire Land NFTs from the marketplace can earn land through airdrops.

The final group of NFTs is Robot Companion NFTs. The Robot Companions are created using the machine component workbench, and their appearance may be changed using the editor.

5. Building a Space for Creators

RobotEra will allow creators to display their own digital creations in the metaverse’s numerous museums. Creators can create their own games to be played on their territory, as well as mine for TARO. 

Also, brands with their own Robots may organize events on TARO’s separate continents. These are “public continents” within the Metaverse where brands may promote their products and get global attention. 

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Final Thoughts

While the crypto market has driven interest away from the Metaverse, RobotEra has all of the main components to rekindle community interest in its blockchain-based multiverse. From the distinctive Robot NFTs to the capacity to develop NFTs, RobotEra has the potential to become a paradise for gamers and investors. So make sure to add RobotEra to your portfolio now!

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