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Analysing Solana SOL’s Zero Price Potential after SEC Calls Out SOL Security – Eco-Friendly Alternative Smashes 5 million Milestone!

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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The last week was rough for Solana. After SEC sued Binance for secretly controlling its US affiliate bank accounts, the price of Solana and many other coins went down.

Further, SEC also claims cryptos offered on Binance are also unregistered entities. This includes Solana and coins like Cardano, Algorand, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. 

Unfortunately, among all, Solana is the most affected by the recent events. Some experts claim the coin will hit zero soon. They also tell investors to opt for an eco-friendly alternative to save their money. 

And Ecoterra, Recycle 2 Earn crypto, currently at presale, is the best Solana replacement. According to experts, Ecoterra will jump by 400x this year.

But that’s not all. Experts also agree the coin has a terrific future. Because of the unique rewards system, Ecoterra will have a stable demand and price and secure investors long-term. Before we tell you more about this eco-friendly alternative to Solana, let’s see what is happening to once the most promising eco-crypto.


Solana Facing Multiple Barriers After SEC Accusations

After the recent events, Solana’s price has had a disappointing trajectory. The SOL price has tanked by 30% in the last week. Currently, Solana is trading at around $15.

Even by the standards of the crypto market, Solana is still an extremely volatile token. Even worse, Solana’s price is performing worse than prices of other cryptos also affected by the SEC case. For example, Cardano’s price increased by 8% this week, while MATIC grew by 6%.

Also, Solana’s latest project, the State Compression feature, has a medium success. Created to decrease the costs of minting 1 million NFTs on Solana, this feature has been declining by over 45% in sales in the last 30 days.

solana crypto price 1406

Many think Solana’s response to SEC accusations is the reason for such low performance. Crypto experts rated Solana’s response as lackluster without any strength.

Also, one can notice a rip in the Solana community. Solana has been known as a project that cannot secure users long-term for a while now. And with this issue, it seems Solana needs a more intriguing application system.

Solana to Go to Zero Amidst SEC Accusations and Security Concerns?

In the wake of the recent events, Solana’s price predictions have become more pessimistic. A lot depends on the results of the SEC lawsuit against Coinbase and Binance. If SEC wins the lawsuit, Solana may be delisted from US exchanges. 

Crypto predictions say Solana could go to $13.30 in August 2023 and rise to $19 by the end of 2023. The long-term predictions are different some saying SOL will hit $113.37 in 2025. Others are more cautious, saying SOL will reach $40.86 by the end of 2025.

But unlike Solana, whose future is questionable, Ecoterra is smashing through presale. Experts consider it the best eco crypto currently.

Ecoterra is the Best Eco-Friendly Alternative to Solana

Ecoterra, Recycle 2 Earn crypto project, resolves some of the most burning questions of modern civilization. With its unique approach to blockchain, Ecoterra offers many benefits to individuals and companies. Individuals can earn rewards when they recycle or use renewable energy sources. The prizes are distributed for every item they recycle, meaning the number of coins one can use is unlimited.

Product companies access the recycled materials market to buy materials for their operations. Also, organizations can share their sustainable achievements on the Impact Profile and brand themselves as eco-conscious. 

Owning Ecoterra benefits all parties involved, allowing everyone to create a better future.

ecoterra 1

>>>Buy Ecoterra Now!<<<

Why is Ecoterra a Better Investment Than Solana?

Although both coins and eco-friendly, Ecoterra provides a far better utility for investors. Ecoterra holders enjoy unlimited benefits in terms of ECOTERRA tokens. Also, all payments on the platform are with the tokens, increasing the number of ECOTERRA use cases.

This type of utility will secure the high demand for tokens long-term and ensure a high and stable price.

Also, because of the recent SEC accusations, Solana is in trouble. And while the long-term effect of the situation is to be seen, Solana’s reputation is being questioned.

ecoterra 5 m

Why Should you Invest in Ecoterra Instead of Solana?

  • You earn unlimited rewards by taking simple actions.
  • You help to make the world better and greener.
  • You can achieve all your sustainable goals.
  • You invest in a token with utility that will attract new investors and have a stable price.
  • You have multiple earning options. 
  • You support meaningful and actionable projects.

Exciting Ecosystem Launches to Increase Ecoterra Price by 500x

The Recycle2Earn application and the Recycled Materials marketplace should launch by the end of 2023. Experts think these releases will show Ecoterra’s full potential.  By the end of 2023, Ecoterra should trade at $0.02. This will be a 400% gain for the investors who jumped to the presale in its first stage.

By 2025, the gains will increase because experts suggest Ecoterra will trade at $0.04. The demand for the token will increase because the project will attract new users. With the planned corporate partnerships, Ecoterra could jump to $0.08 by 2030.

ecoterra 7

Final Thoughts

Although available on the crypto market for a few months, Ecoterra has left a tremendous impact. The unique rewards system promises stable demand in the future, locking many gains for investors.

But the best gains are reserved for people who join the presale early. 

So what are you waiting for? Get Ecoterra now and be among the investors to enjoy 400x gains this year. 

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