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ApeCoin (APE) Price Prediction: APE Stablizes around $1.48 Zone. What Happens Next?

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ApeCoin is currently stable around the $1.48 zone, and there’s curiosity about what might happen next in its price. Since the start of the year, APE has not been the best for investors who need quick gains. This is due to its steady price decline.

According to TradingView, Apecoin (APE) declined significantly by about 28% between August 15 and 17. By August 19, the price was stable, trading between $1.628 to $1.441.

Since the start of November, there has been some positive market sentiment in Apecoin’s chart.

Meanwhile, according to CoinMarketCap, Apecoin has gained more than 32 percent over the last 30 days. Also, in the last seven days, the coin is still demonstrating bullish momentum. It has recorded an increase of over 7%.

Further, in the past 24 hours, the bulls have controlled the market, representing a price increase of 2%. Ultimately, this price movement shows that the bulls dominate the market and the buying pressure is higher. 

Given that, Apecoin (APE) can double its value in the next anticipated BTC halving.

Apecoin Price Analysis: Could the Price Double in the Coming BTC Halving

Looking at the chart, APE/SUDT has been trading on a ‘Channel-Down’ pattern since January 27, 2023. This shows how Bearish Apecoin (APE) was before the bulls tried to stabilize the price.

According to the chart, Apecoin is now above the ‘Channel-Down’ trading pattern. This means the bulls want to take over the market. 

Also, it suggests that more buyers are entering the market. Potentially, this could drive the price up significantly, but the bulls need to sustain the momentum. 

APE/USDT have found temporary support around $1.33 with several bearish attempts to break below. 

However, if the market could close today above this support, it might be hard for the sellers to break it. Also, the Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator (the green and red thick lines) is above the coin around this same support area.

This further validates this area as a strong support zone. It also indicates the current trend is bullish.

Even if buyers leave the market and price this $1.33 level, the next support at $1.07 may keep it from falling. Notably, this level has been tested several times. The MACD is trying to cross the signal line, showing bullish momentum.

Also, the red histogram bars are fading away. This implies that there’s a shift in sentiment from the bearish to bullish.

Generally, this analysis suggests that ApeCoin (APE) is currently exhibiting bullish momentum. If this pressure continues like this, its price could double, touching $2.12, which is the potential resistance point.

One potential factor that may affect its price positively is the coming BTC halving and ETF listing. 

Based on previous price movement, the general crypto market always react positively to this halving and listing. ApeCoin’s price, among other crypto assets, will increase massively.

Binance Japan to list ApeCoin (APE) with other Crypto Assets 

Surprisingly, on November 27, Binance plans to list 13 cryptocurrencies on its platform. After the listing of these tokens, the total number will be 47. 

According to the exchange, the new tokens include Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Near Protocol (NEAR), Optimism (OP), ApeCoin (APE), Klaytn (KLAY), Immutable (IMX), Arbitrum (ARB), The Graph (GRT), Render Token (RNDR), Decentraland (MANA), EOS (EOS), GALA (GALA), and Lisk (LSK).

The listing of these tokens will commence on November 27, 2023. The general manager of Binance Japan, Takeshi Chino, said,

This is another big step towards our ambition to offer 100 tokens in Japan.

We will continue striving to enrich our service offerings in Japan by leveraging our global expertise and our leading blockchain ecosystem,

he added.

The listing of ApeCoin (APE) on Binance, along with 12 other cryptocurrencies, may influence its price. Typically, when a cryptocurrency gets listed on a major exchange like Binance, it can lead to increased visibility and trading volume. 

This heightened attention may attract more investors, potentially causing the price of ApeCoin to rise. The factors influencing the price could include increased demand from traders wanting to buy the newly listed coin. 

Also, the overall positive sentiment generated by being added to a prominent exchange may influence its price positively. 

However, cryptocurrency prices are subject to market trends, overall market sentiment, and other external factors. Therefore, while the Binance listing may contribute to a short-term price increase, the long-term performance will depend on various market dynamics.

Apecoin Price Prediction: Is Bitcoin ETF A Better Alternative

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As the price of ApeCoin shows bullish sentiment today, a low-budget cryptocurrency is attracting more investors. Currently, the coin is in its presale phase and has raised more than $1.2 million.

This may be because the community is capitalizing on the popularity of Bitcoin ETFs.

This new player in the market, backed by successful funding, aims to shake up the cryptocurrency scene. It promises special benefits for holders, especially when regulatory approval for Bitcoin ETFs comes through.

Bitcoin ETF Raises More than $1.2 Million, Proceeds to Sell Out

Bitcoin ETF token is built under the Ethereum network. The team has allocated 2.1 billion tokens for the presale. The presale is organized across 10 stages, and the price of the token increases after each phase.

In this stage 4, each $BTCETF is priced at a low $0.0056However, the price is expected to go up in 3 days, so potential investors should act quickly before the presale ends.

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