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CoinPoker Survives Two Bear Markets & Bitcoin Surges – Is 99Bitcoins the Ultimate Winner?

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CoinPoker Survives Two Bear Markets & Bitcoin Surges – Is 99Bitcoins the Ultimate Winner?

Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume shot up 104%, likely due to Donald Trump’s all-in approach to $BTC.

After stating his desire to become ‘crypto president’ and accepting crypto donations for his campaign fundraising, Bitcoin retraced the $66K level.

Crypto Gambling is also doing well, with a $10.2M trading volume and a combined market cap of $245M. The gaming industry is also slated to reach $664.96B by 2033, a 142% increase in nine years.

99Bitcoins ($99BTC) combines the Bitcoin meta and GameFi through its Bitcoin transition and Learn-to-Earn model (L2E), an offshoot of Play-to-Earn.

$99BTC is both a crypto educational platform and a promising project that will transition to the BRC-20 protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has raised over $2.2M so far, with a token price of $0.0011.

Let’s discuss how these all tie into 99Bitcoins’ ecosystem and why $99BTC might be a promising pick for 2024.

What Is 99Bitcoins and What Makes It Special?

99Bitcoins is a crypto project in presale that innovates token rewards through the Learn-to-Earn (L2E) model.

Aside from staking (currently 761% APY), the token lets you earn $99BTC tokens by ‘learning about crypto.’ Here’s how you can do that:

  • Complete interactive crypto courses
  • Take quizzes and assessments and earn certificates of completion
  • Post educational content on the 99Bitcoins platform
  • Offer support to other participants in the forums
  • Take part in community-driven projects

This model follows the success of the Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn concepts, which amassed a market cap of $8.9B in 2023.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) projects that have historically performed well include Rollbit Coin (+1,739%), Wownero (+2,676%), and Hilo (+825%).

The similarity between these projects and 99Bitcoins is their focus on alternative passive income methods. With crypto mining largely forgotten (likely due to the high costs and environmental impact), investors are looking for innovative ways to profit.

$99BTC offers the first-of-its-kind L2E revenue model on an already-established platform of 2.8M subscribers.

99Bitcoins’ presale has already raised over $2.2M, with over 1.4B tokens staked. Our $99BTC price prediction estimates a $0.02 token price by the end of 2025 (up 1,719% from the current price).

CoinPoker Makes a Second Comeback as Bitcoin Activity Peaks

The P2E industry’s resilience is best reflected by CoinPoker’s 22% pump in the last month. The crypto casino made a second comeback following the bear market in 2019–2020.

CoinPoker historical chart

Crypto gambling is also up 31.53% in trading volume, and it’s easy to see why. The crypto industry revolutionized online gambling and offers several benefits.

DecentralizationSecurityPrivacySpeed & AffordabilityProvably Fair Model

Crypto gambling has no central regulatory authority controlling the transactions, so no one can suddenly freeze your crypto account. No one owns your winnings.

Identity theft is considerably less risky because many crypto casinos don’t require a KYC (know your customer). Similarly, your payment information is safer, and crypto transactions are immutable, making your funds secure.

No one knows ‘who’ you are, even though your casino gains are publicly accessible. The public ledger is private.

Crypto casino transfers are near-instantaneous, with cheaper transaction fees, unlike regular casino cashouts. You keep more of your winnings and access your funds faster.

Crypto casinos typically employ a Provably Fair model where players can verify the fairness of casino games and winnings.

Simultaneously, Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume spiked 104% after Donald Trump’s pro-Bitcoin stance in the run-up to the US elections. The SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs and the $BTC halving also played a key part.

99Bitcoins has much to gain from Bitcoin’s spike in interest and CoinPoker’s comeback (indirectly).

$99BTC’s L2E model is a spiritual successor to CoinPoker’s P2E, and the upcoming BRC-20 transition places 99Bitcoins in a favorable position.

99Bitcoins Presale Details

99Bitcoins is currently worth $0.0011/token, a 10% increase from the start of the presale. The next price increase is in less than a week, and $99BTC has already raised over $2.2M

Investors have also staked over 1.4B tokens with a 761% APY. The reward rate is dynamic, so the APY will diminish as the presale advances.

99Bitcoins presale widget

You can stake your tokens immediately after you buy $99BTC through the presale widget. Connect your wallet, specify the number of tokens you want to buy, and confirm the transaction.

Buying 670,000 $99BTC ($747) now would lead to 5,768,700 $99BTC in staking rewards in one year ($6,431).

The project’s $99,999 BTC airdrop ends in 31 days, and 99 lucky winners will get a share of the pot.

It’s currently unclear when you can withdraw your staking rewards but most crypto projects follow a specific vesting schedule. Stay tuned to 99Bitcoins’ X channel for any developments.

Looking Ahead – 99Bitcoins Primed for Success?

The interplay between P2E’s market resilience and Bitcoin’s recent spike puts 99Bitcoins in a great position, performance-wise.

The project’s L2E model should benefit from the attention on P2E, while the BRC-20 transition to the Bitcoin blockchain ties $99BTC to Bitcoin’s success.

With less than a week until the next price increase, $99BTC could shine through the recent bear market and launch successfully.

Remember to DYOR and invest responsibly. The industry is volatile, and macroeconomic developments can unexpectedly change market conditions.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not constitute financial advice. We encourage readers to conduct their own research and determine their own risk tolerance before making any financial decisions. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile, high-risk asset class.
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