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Crypto Prices Explode as Banks Tumble – 8 Coins to Buy in New Crypto Bull Run

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What a year 2023 has been so far! Almost makes up for what we went through last year.. Almost. The year started off great as the market experienced a bull run brought on by easing interest rates and other outside factors that suggested it was a good time to invest in crypto again.

The market then eventually cooled off once we got deeper into Q1, but not in any drastic fashion as many projects still enjoyed steady growth based on their own long-term capabilities. Now, we have a situation where the run on banks in the states has caused government intervention and more people are realizing crypto is the real future of personal banking.

So, we are onto our second bull run of 2023 and it’s a great time to be a crypto investor again. Let’s take a look at the 8 best cryptos to invest in right now. 

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Love Hate Inu- 2023’s hottest meme coin 

Although Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is classified as a meme coin it is so much more than that. It is also a vote-2-earn (V2E) platform where people vote on the trending topics of the day, this can be important political news or just fun entertainment like whether or not you like a celebrity. 

The project will employ a stake-2-vote system in order to protect both their polls and their users. The 30-day period that people must stake LHINU before voting ensures that the polls can not be ruined by spamming or any other activity that would jeopardize the results. A voter’s anonymity is also ensured with this method so people don’t have to worry about receiving abuse for their opinions.


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Fight Out- The coin that could change the fitness industry 

The ongoing presale for Fight Out (FGHT) is one of the most successful ones on the market and now has bonuses of up 67% available for those that purchase before its upcoming IEO. The P2E game looks like it could be one of the hottest properties of 2023 as it looks to change the fitness industry. The game uses a train-2-earn (T2E) model which encourages its users to workout and pass goals.

Users will be asked to download the Fight Out app and begin their journey to physical fitness. The first step is meeting your soulbound avatar. This NFT, will be a second version of yourself and will grow and develop alongside you. When you complete fitness goals you can earn the secondary currency, REPs. These can be used to pay for the app subscription, a personal trainer, a gym membership, items in the online store, or even to kit out your avatar. 

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C+Charge- The Eco-Crypto ready to pump 10x

C+Charge (CCHG) is the latest crypto hoping to do their bit to save the planet. In this case, they will be hoping to convert more people into a more sustainable form of driving. Their plan is to reward electric vehicle (EV) drivers with carbon credits everytime they pay for a charging station using CCHG. 

However the project will do more than just that, they also aim to solve problems drivers currently have with the current charging system. The C+Charge app will make EV drivers’ lives so much easier with features like a map that will show live information about all the charging stations in their vicinity and a feature that tell drivers when their EV needs a service. c+charge 4

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Metropoly- The first dedicated real estate crypto 

While other projects may have aspects that lightly touch on the world of real estate, Metropoly (METRO) is the first that will bring real estate investment right to the fingertips of its users. Until now there have been so many barriers to entry into this market but now, for as little as $100, anybody can kickstart their real estate portfolio.

Metropoly have got their hands on some of the most sought after properties from all around the world, these will be tokenized into NFTs, and from there they will be divided up for sale. You can then buy these NFTs and earn passive income from rent just like you would if you bought the physical property.

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RobotEra- The most exciting Metaverse game of 2023 

The Blockchain gaming and the Metaverse collaboration will always make a crypto project attractive to investors and that is certainly the case with RobotEra (TARO). The game takes place on the planet of Taro, it has just been destroyed and players must restore it to its former glory. Don’t worry, no coding experience is required so you will be able to build whatever you want.

The in-game revenue streams come from what you choose to do with your land. You can charge other players when they visit so building attractive amenities is in your best interest. This is a very smart move for the game as it ensures players will always be expanding its universe.


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Shiba Inu- Big things on the horizon for this meme coin

One of the traditional meme coin giants, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has enjoyed steady growth so far this year and will likely be one of the best performing coins in 2023. It is not just the bull run that will help its price either. Shibarium, the ecosystem’s new layer 2 network, is due to officially launch in May this will allow faster and cheaper transactions on the network and opens it up to growth in the future.

Shiba Inu

Cardano- Likely to profit big from the bull run 

One of the cryptos best poised to profit from the upcoming bull run is Cardano (ADA). The coin has been in the news a lot for positive reasons and this is likely to affect its price. At the start of the year A UN representative talked about using Cardano to help refugees in the future and just lately its founder was one of the most vocal in criticizing banks for their double standards.

Cardano Price Cardano Blockchain

Solana- Has already pumped by over 100% in 2023 

One of Etherum’s main rivals, 2023 looks like the year Solana (SOL) could finally establish itself as a top 10 crypto. CoinMarketCap currently has it ranked 10th but as it has already grown by over 100% so far in 2023 it is likely to continue to climb up the rankings after this bull run. 



The next crypto bull run looks like it is just about to begin. We have given you 8 great options to choose from but Love Hate Inu, Fight Out, C+Charge, Metropoly, and RobotEra are the 5 strongest candidates. They all also happen to be going through presale so investors have the chance to purchase at a low price that will likely be non-existent very soon.


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