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Crypto Twitter Cannot Get Enough of This New Vote-To-Earn Crypto

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Are you looking for a crypto project that would end all your financial worries? Try out Love Hate Inu.

This new vote-2eanr meme coin, opens a new world for crypto investors by offering a way to earn and share your thoughts. 

Most cryptocurrencies focus on increasing their followers on social media platforms as it brings in more revenue. Love Hate Inu has done the same by creating hype on Twitter, one of the most used platforms by crypto traders. 

We’ll be discussing all this in detail, but before that, for those who don’t know, let’s talk about Love Hate Inu a little more. 

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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Revolutionary Meme Coin 

Love Hate Inu (LHINU), a Vote-to-Earn (V2E) blockchain project, is the latest meme coin to be introduced in the decentralized crypto market. With its highly creative illustrations and trending polls, Love Hate Inu has gained much attention from crypto enthusiasts. You’re on the right track if you’re one of those people. 

$LHINU is the native token of this ecosystem which provides voting rights to individuals gearing up to share their thoughts. Love Hate Inu is not a platform where you can share your opinion openly; rather, you get to vote “Love” or “Hate” for the different polls selected by the team initially. 

You’ll also be given a chance to suggest the next polls after a few months of its success. The project has been gaining much hype recently as it has been under two weeks, and $1 Million has already been raised with a current price of $0.000095 per token. 

If you have a good eye for potential gainers in the crypto market, then look at Love Hate Inu, and you’ll definitely buy a bag full of $LHINU tokens from their website. 

The Hype On Twitter Continues With Over 35k Followers

For a meme coin, it’s important to leverage the power of social media platforms to bring in new investors, and Love Hate Inu has perfectly used this technique to bring thousands of investors into the project. 

There are 35k followers on its Twitter handle, who receive live updates from the project. People are commenting like crazy on every post they share and retweeting, which is helping the project grow. Not just that, if we look at their Telegram group and Instagram account, you’ll see over 10k and 7k members and followers, respectively, on both platforms.  

If they keep using the power of social media, Love Hate Inu might raise more capital than the one they had already decided before launching the presale. You can visit their social media handles by searching their name or through the website. 

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Presale Pumping Hard As $1 Million Raised

Ten days ago, the presale for $LHINU tokens was launched, and until now, it has raised over $1 Million with more milestones to conquer. There are very few projects with such a projectile; even Shiba Inu took its time before skyrocketing. 

The price of one $LHINU token is $0.000095, which will increase in the next seven days. The team has decided on a launch price of $0.000145, which you’ll see once the project launches on multiple exchanges. 

Looking at the growth of Love Hate Inu tokens, experts believe it will rally hard once listed on different exchanges. You can become a part of this extraordinary pump by buying your share right now, while the token is still in its presale phase. 

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Things That Make LHINU Worth Your Investment

To make your perspective clearer than ever, we’ve mentioned the project’s main points, which will help you decide why you should invest in this project. 

  • First-ever Meme Polls

Until now, there hasn’t been a crypto token using polling as its main utility. Love Hate Inu has brought on a unique idea to grow the survey industry, already valued at $3bn. These meme polls have creative illustrations that make them shareable without hurting anyone’s honor. 

You’ll see polls related to celebrities, trendy topics, politics, social issues, and more. You can participate in these polls and earn $LHINU tokens as a reward. 

  • Community-Backed Token

As a meme coin, $LHINU is destined to be backed by its community. With over 90% of the tokens going to the community members, there’s no way the team can run with your money. This makes the project all the more secure than others on the market. 

With the power of its community, similar to Shiba Inu, Love Hate Inu will also skyrocket. It has much more utility and comparatively less supply than SHIB, so you can imagine how much it could rally. 

  • No one Can Manipulate The Voting

It’s not just a claim; their team has made the system foolproof. If you’re interested in voting, stake your $LHINU tokens on their website and participate in as many polls as you want. 

This makes every vote authentic and can be traced back to the user, so there’s no chance that anyone can try and manipulate the voting results in any way. 

  • Earn Passive Income Side-by-Side

There are a total of three ways by which you’ll be earning from this meme coin. Firstly, if you buy $LHINU and hold for a year or so, you can sell them at a significant profit. Secondly, you can stake your tokens on their website at a great APY and claim rewards afterward. 

Lastly, if you are interested, you can join the community polls and show your presence by voting and earning rewards. If you choose the last one, you’ll make passive income from all three methods. So the choice is yours. Add these coins and enjoy a flow of effortless income. 

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That’s It…

Now you know why you should invest your money in $LHINU token. The voting and staking rewards are like the cherry on top, as you’ll get them while you remain busy sharing your thoughts on the platform. There’s no excuse for you not to buy $LHINU right away. So don’t wait and close your purchase now.

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