Discover the Best Alternatives to Buy in 2023 as Pepe Falters by Nearly 10%
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Discover the Best Alternatives to Buy in 2023 as Pepe Falters by Nearly 10%

The Pepe coin (PEPE) phenomenon was one the craziest things the crypto market has ever seen. It also represented, for better or worse, what many people want the crypto market to do for them, which is to make them rich overnight. PEPE came out of nowhere and overnight did just that for early investors.

Since then, the market has been ablaze as every investor has been shot up with FOMO and wants to try to find the next meme coin that will make them rich.

PEPE may be dead as every week it seems to use a little more of its value, but the dream is still alive for many new coins entering the market. The best place to look for the big thing is presales, readers can find a list of the best presales right now by following this link.

We have selected 8 coins going through presale that we think are the best alternatives to PEPE. They include Wall Street Memes ($WSM), AiDoge (Ai), Launchpad XYZ (LPX), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), yPredict (YPRED), DeeLance (DLANCE), and Copium Coin ($COPIUM).

Without further adieu let’s get into what makes them the best alternatives to Pepe Coin.

pepe price drop

Wall Street Memes- Google’s new AI tool predicts amazing things for this presale

Google has recently launched its own AI tool that they hope will be an even better version of ChatGPT. Something the latter lacks is concrete crypto predictions. Well, Google’s AI, which is called Bard AI, has predicted that Wall Street Memes ($WSM) will grow by 352%. Of course, we cannot be sure how accurate this will be, but even the most conservative amongst us must admit that is promising.

Read our own Wall Street Memes Price Prediction here

Bard AI likely recognizes that Wall Street Memes has a huge following across its social media channels which includes over 220 thousand followers on Twitter.

Twitter is the hub of crypto discussion online, and the account is followed by Magic Eden, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces, and Cameron Fous, a renowned Youtuber and crypto trader. Readers will know how important this big community and influential followers can be for a meme coin.

The presale has just begun and has already surpassed $2 million, so we think $WSM is the best bet to replicate PEPE’s success. Find out how to buy Wall Street Memes here

wall street memes

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AiDoge – A more sustainable alternative to PEPE

The success of Pepe Coin is, of course, a marvel but meme coins like this always seem to burn out. New projects like AiDoge (Ai) that add utility to the virality of meme coins could be the future as they are built to last. AiDoge also brings a lot of innovation to the table.

Find the Best Meme Coins Here

The meme generation platform will give its users AI technology that will help them make the best crypto-based memes but also reward them. A voting system will decide who has the best memes, and these creators can not only get valuable exposure but earn native currency. We think it will be very popular once launched, but more importantly, it is built to last. Learn how to buy AiDoge here. 


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Launchpad XYZ- Making Web 3.0 technology easy and then profitable 

We’re moving away from meme coins for now and looking at innovative presales that should also out pump PEPE!

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is one of these. They have realized that Web 3.0 technology can be complicated for the vast majority, and the fact it is always evolving doesn’t make it easier.

Their platform aims to have everything you will need to first learn everything you need to know about the new technology and then make it profitable to you. Whether you just want recommendations on what to invest in or want to learn for yourself, they have you covered. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.


>>>Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale<<<

Ecoterra- If the future of crypto is green then Ecoterra will be number one

A safe bet, if you are looking for an alternative to Pepe Coin, is to look at eco-friendly coins. Your search will lead you straight to the presale of Ecoterra (ECOTERRA). The green crypto goes above most of its rivals thanks to its physical benefits for the environment as they reward its users for recycling.

Simply download the app, scan the item you are recycling, and use the reverse vending machines in partner supermarkets and you can earn ECOTERRA. They will also encourage businesses to do this on a larger scale by buying their own machines. Green crypto is likely the future so the Ecoterra presale is poised to take off anytime now.

ecoterra 5

>>>Visit Ecoterra Presale<<<

yPredict- Get the best trading strategies all in one place

As we said above, looking for presales that have innovative ideas will always be a profitable strategy and in this case, you should find better options than PEPE. yPredict has realized how difficult it is for traders now with the introduction of AI and other technologies that can predict trading strategies better than any human.

The platform will aim to attract all the best algorithm creators by incentivizing them to join and set up a subscription service on their site. This way users of the site can have access by buying YPRED and can pick and choose who they wish to follow.

ypredict presale

>>>Visit yPredict Presale<<<

DeeLance- The solution that freelancers and employers have been looking for

Freelancing has exploded in popularity as a way to work since the pandemic as people realize offices aren’t a necessity. DeeLance has looked at the current platforms that connect freelancers and employers and discovered that Web 3.0 technology can make a much better alternative.

The platform will be able to charge less than legacy sites but will also implement clever solutions to payment issues, disputes, and ownership rights. Basically, another innovative presale that we can see being a better alternative to PEPE.


>>>Visit DeeLance Presale<<<

Copium Coin- Another potential heir to the PEPE throne 

There are so many meme coins popping up now that we think we need to add one more alternative to Pepe Coin to our list, for a full look at the best meme coin options click here

Copium Coin ($COPIUM) has the ingredients to pump like PEPE as it is based on a meme that is synonymous with the crypto community.

That and the fact the inventors have set up the presale so investors will have a cap on how much they can buy gives it a chance to replicate the success of PEPE. Take a look at our full Copium price prediction for full details

copium meme coin

>>>Visit Copium Coin Presale<<<

Ripple- SEC case looks to be falling apart as XRP pumps again

A much more established coin to finish off our list but a worthy inclusion due to recent events. Emails leaked from the case vs the SEC suggest that Ripple will not be considered a security and its price already reflects that as it has started to pump. It could be a good time to get on board before the official verdict



Pepe Coin breathed life back into the meme coin sector, but it looks like its time has come and gone. The 8 coins we have mentioned in this piece have much more promising properties at the moment, and we believe all have the potential to have a big 2023 for their investors.

Will Macmaster Editor

Will Macmaster Editor

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