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Ecoterra Price Prediction – Sustainable Recycle-2-Earn Crypto Will Hit 200% Gains in 2023!

From P2E games to eco-friendly tokens, 2023 has, so far been a year full of interesting projects emerging in the crypto space, and one such example is Ecoterra. The motto of the blockchain-based company revolves around spreading awareness about global warming and encouraging the community to recycle. This revolutionary Recycle2Earn app is going to explode in 2023, according to market experts. How? Let’s find out. 

Ecoterra, an all-in-one Recycle2Earn app is a blockchain ecosystem that aims to recycle tokens and take ecological actions. The app is all about fighting against global warming by facilitating and encouraging the recycling process. However, Ecoterra not only educates people about the importance of recycling but also incentivizes them for their actions. 

The native token of the platform, $ECOTERRA, is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network. Launched on 29th March, Ecoterra is now holding the first-ever ICO on its website and aims to raise $2,000,000 in the first phase of the ongoing presale. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the Recycle2Earn app and its features, but first, evaluate the chances of $ECOTERRA hitting massive gains through a forecast of how it is going to perform in the coming days. 

what is ecoterra

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Ecoterra price prediction – what does the future hold for the R2E platform?

The Recycle2Earn platform is organizing the first phase of the presale where each token is going to be sold at $0.004000 where only 20% of the allotted coins are up for sale. The presale is divided into 9 stages where the price of ECOTERRA is projected to increase with each stage, which means it is the right time to invest in the R2E program. 

To give you some figures, after the first phase of the presale, $ECOTERRA is estimated to increase the price and reach $0.004750 in stage 2. Similarly, judging by the previous projection of the price, $ECOTERRA is likely to climb up in terms of presale prices, with a hard cap of $6,700,000. Going by the record, there has been plenty of examples in the crypto market where after the presale phase when a certain coin gets listed on CEXs/DEXs, the prices get increased drastically.

This is why, there is no denying that now is the best time to invest in Ecoterra in order to get the most out of your investment and achieve better ROI. Ecoterra not only aims in addressing the ongoing issue related to our climate but also offers a chance to grow our investments with the bonus advantage of earning rewards. 

Now that we have a clear picture of how the R2E platform might perform in the coming days, let’s take a look at the reasons why experts are voting for this token with much assurance. 

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Recycle in an innovative way 

The best attraction of Ecoterra is the feature “Recycle2Earn” where users can use the app to scan aluminium cans, and glass, and plastic bottles in order to recycle them. The app also lets the users to scan their electricity bills to earn the native token ECOTERRA for green-energy-producing technology. The app is backed by an AI-powered database that helps Ecoterra to automatically match the scans. 

Users of the app can earn points for their recycling efforts, and the “Effect Profile” portion of the website will provide all the details of their progress. Businesses can also work with Ecoterra to provide incentives for people to recycle. 

In order to receive ECOTERRA tokens, users must recycle and upload their RVM or Reverse Vending Machine receipts. Afterward, you can donate to or stake in numerous environmental initiatives via ECOTERRA; one such instance would be giving donations for cleaning a beach in Costa Rica. In this approach, Ecoterra and its collaborators are aiming to influence the course of climate change while rewarding the participants at the same time. 

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Ecoterra marketplaces for carbon offset and recycled materials  

The charm of Ecoterra does not end here. Ecoterra is also responsible for developing a recycled materials marketplace powered by blockchain technology where users can connect with companies around the globe to buy recycled materials. You can browse, filter, and find the material types of your choice, post special requests to find unique material specifications and pay right through the Ecoterra app. The blockchain transactions are made either in $ECOTERRA, other cryptocurrencies, or fiat currencies.

Using the Ecoterra app, you can also purchase carbon offset using $ECOTERRA tokens or other cryptos that can help you extend your impact more. Both individuals and companies can take advantage of the feature. 

Users will be awarded NFT rewards based on their overall impact score if they actively participate in backing the environmental initiatives that Ecoterra’s carbon offset marketplace will make simple to access. Not only this, but each user also has the option to continue holding, trade, or selling the NFT. The carbon offsets are fully verified in partnership with VERA and other certified standards. 

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Get $ECOTERRA at a discounted price: presale is live!

As mentioned above, the 9-phase Ecoterra presale is currently ongoing and has already made it to the news. With a maximum supply of 2 million tokens, 1 million are up for sale where in each stage the price increments are certain. 

In order to buy $ECOTERRA simply visit the official website where you can make a purchase using ETH, USDT, or simply your debit or credit card. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or Coinbsae wallet for example and once your payment is confirmed the tokens will be shown in your wallet after the presale event. 

With the increasing hype and demand for greener and eco-friendlier projects, EcoTerra is undoubtedly making its way to the top of other emerging projects in the near future. So hurry up and get the tokens when they are still available at a discounted price. 


Will Macmaster

Will Macmaster

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