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Final 24 hours of Love Hate Inu Presale Stage 3 as Hottest Meme Coin Hits 2.5 million!

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The first quarter of 2023 has been quite an uphill journey for the entire crypto market, which is also introduced the community to the latest emerging projects that are immensely promising for the coming days. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is one such crypto token that is not your regular meme coin and going strong in its presale stage currently. The utility-based Vote-to-earn platform is according to the experts holds the potential to explode 50x in 2023, which means now is the best time to invest in LHINU. 

To give you an idea, this V2E coin has already hit the 2.5 million benchmark in its presale and is soon to be completed. According to the website, 90% of the $LHINU is up for sale and after completing the first presale stage, the price is going to increase to $0.000105. 

This article will look deep into the presale journey of $LHINU, its unique features, and why it is a good idea to invest in this token right now!

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Love Hate Inu – the new V2E coin that rewards for casting votes

Love Hate Inu is a web3-driven meme crypto project that has been turning heads since its inception in 2023. The platform offers a unique perspective on online voting with its primary feature V2E, where voters are rewarded for casting votes on specific topics. To cast a vote on the platform, users need to stake $LHINU for 30 days to get eligible for the voting process.

The more coins one stake, the more voting power that user will get. Users can take part in a huge range of topics from viral memes to even controversial ones and vote on the trending topics of the day. 

But here comes the interesting part of the project: upon casting a vote every user will get rewarded with $LHINU tokens. Since Love Hate Inu uses blockchain technology to keep a track of all the votes, it gets difficult to manipulate the results. Additionally, the staking requirement allows the platform to maintain transparency as only committed people can vote. 

Keeping all that in mind, it is safe to say that LHINU as a meme coin with a real-world application could be the game-changer in recent times. 

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Why investing in LHINU is a wise move right now?

So we have talked about what Love Hate Inu is all about but why exactly you would want to invest in this coin at this moment? Let’s find out. 

A meme coin with utility 

As we mentioned in the article earlier: Love Hate Inu is not a meme coin that we are usually accustomed to. This V2E coin comes with a utility as well, despite being based on the same Doge meme concept that major cryptos like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu go by. 

The primary goal of LHINU is to make new memes whenever a poll is created and additionally, there is a huge change in these polls going viral as they feature the cartoon versions of popular celebrities. Moreover, the results are recorded on the blockchain, which means the results cannot be tampered with nor they can be altered. 

Safe from rug pulls 

The crypto community has seen numerous bankruptcies and scams in the last year itself, which certainly increased the safety concerns when it comes to investing in a new project. But Love Hate Inu says it otherwise. They have made 90% of the 100 billion $LHINU tokens available for the public in the presale. 

This undoubtedly eliminates the risk associated with any potential rug pulls. Here the bulk of the profits is intended to be distributed among the token holders themselves, instead of the project team. The rest 10% is meant to be used for rewards and the IEO listings. 

A promising venture with huge potential 

What sets it apart LHINU from other emerging coins is the reliability and transparency that come with the platform. For example, LHINU has already passed the audit by SolidProof, which means users can be assured of the credibility of the investors in the project. 

Furthermore, the platform is also based on blockchain technology. This ensures tamper-proof results along with the power to vote for the users. Judging by the recent achievements and the success in the presale stage, there is a huge possibility for LHINU to follow the path of another successful meme coin, Tamadoge

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Successful presale with 2.5 million funds: last 48 hours to buy LHINU

The presale stats of Live Hate Inu are commendable where 90% of the 100 billion tokens are up on sale across 8 rounds. While the tokens are now available at a slashed price, with each stage the price is going to increase. For example, soon the first round of the presale is going to be completed after which the price is going to increase and by the 8th round it would increase by more than 50%. 

There is no doubt that now is the optimal time for you to buy LHINU as there won’t be a discounted price like this again.  The project has a $10.068 million presale maximum where the trading volume is anticipated to increase due to LHINU’s scheduled IPO in Q2 2023.

It is no secret that investing from the very beginning of a token presale can have a significant impact. Also, this presale is among the best for 2023, making it a lucrative investment for this year. So hurry up and grab this deal before the prices go up. 

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