From Launch to Million-Dollar Success: Wall Street Memes Crypto Raises $1M – Is It the Next Pepe Coin or Dogecoin?
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From Launch to Million-Dollar Success: Wall Street Memes Crypto Raises $1M – Is It the Next Pepe Coin or Dogecoin?

Every now and then, new meme coins emerge in the crypto market without leaving a mark. But lately, coins like $PEPE have made investors take another look at meme coins as potential buys. Similarly, there has been a new entry in the meme crypto list that has experts wondering if it’s the next $PEPE or $DOGE.

The name of this particular project is Wall Street Memes,” which signifies its potential and ambitions to reach the top. Ever since it launched a highly anticipated public presale, both investors and long-term supporters have been rushing to it. As a result, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) made over $113k in just 24 hours, which is nothing short of a record.

Based on its growing popularity and presale success, it’s time to delve deeper into $WSM to figure out why and how it could be the next $PEPE or $DOGE.

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From 0$ to $113k in 24hrs – Wall Street Memes Is Writing History

If we take a look at the meme coin’s performances up until now, we can see $SHIB and $DOGE going up in price. Many other coins, like $PEPE also made a winning entry into the meme coin market and turned into sensations. But what irks investors is the short-lived success that most meme coins observe, which is overshadowed by newly-emerged coin launches.

Wall Street Memes is one such new meme coin launch that is changing the way people see newly-emerged meme coins. It has already gotten a solid grip on the crypto market, making $113,000 in just 24 hours after the presale went live. For a new meme coin, that is a huge milestone that $WSM managed to reach without aggressive marketing.

If we were to analyze the presale progress of Wall Street Memes, then we must consider the fact that it has a massive following online. This project is aiming to tokenize the Wall Street movement by celebrating the internet’s victory over rampant capitalism. What better way to do this than by launching a meme token to prove a point.

Wall Street Memes early investors and retail buyers are rushing to grab a piece of $WSM while it is still in the early phase. That’s because most meme coins are known to jump after the initial presale phase and experience at least 5x growth. This is also why the team behind Wall Street Memes has made it easy to buy $WSM tokens. 

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$WSM Could be the Next $PEPE or $DOGE – Here’s how to buy? 

Crypto experts are rarely wrong about emerging presales and how they will turn out in the future. This is why it is important to note that various crypto veterans are actually lauding and supporting Wall Street Memes. There could be many reasons for their support, such as market conditions and the past performance of meme coin projects. But one of them is surely its roadmap, which is as follows:

  • Currently, Wall Street Memes is in Phase 1 which is happens to be the one where the team is laying its foundation. During this critical phase, there will be smart contract development and lots of community building. The reason why smart contract devs will be working day and night on $WSM is to ensure the security and transparency.
  • After this, the launch phase of Wall Street Memes will begin during which the token launch will officially come out of its shell. The launch phase will also be a great moment for collaborations and partnerships as the project will reach out to meme creators, influencers, etc. After the stage is set, $WSM will start listing campaigns and level up its value.
  • The third and final stage for Wall Street Memes for now is the community empowerment phase where it gives back its meme community. Firstly, the Wall Street Memes community will be gated so that benefits, updates, and perks are exclusive to the community members only. By prioritizing CEX listings, $WSM will level up the rewards for its community by at least 100x.

There are a lot of other exciting things planned by the Wall Street Memes token team, which can only be unlocked once you buy $WSM. If you’re looking for information as to how you can buy this meme coin, here’s all that you need.

  1. First option is to buy Wall Street Memes token using either ETH or BNB. All you have to do is send it to your wallet address and use any of your preferred blockchain to finish the order. The official website of Wall Street Memes has a presale widget to start swapping.
  2. The other method of buying $WSM is using Tether whether ERC-20 or BEP-20. The swap is easy to process after choosing USDT option. Remember to pick the desired amount before you swap and you’re good to go.
  3. Wall Street Memes is one of the very few meme coin projects in presale that accept bank cards for buying crypto. According to the information available on Wall Street Memes website, people who presale bank cards can order or simply buy $WSM tokens but they need to have a safe crypto wallet address to store the tokens.

Based on the aforementioned, the hype around the Wall Street Memes token continues to grow.

>>>Buy Wall Street Memes Now<<<

Bottom line – this is your moment to buy $WSM in early presale

Wall Street Memes is not just a regular meme coin but an entire movement against capitalism that is spreading like wildfire in the crypto market. The token $WSM is a lucrative buy in its current phase, as a price increase will occur in less than 4 days. So go ahead and buy it using ETH, BNB, USDT, or cards right now.

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